Venus Dignified in Taurus – Possession

Adonis paintingVenus has entered Taurus, the sign of its dignity. This is Venus on her home turf, ruling from a position of strength. When Venus is in Taurus, we can relax and be fruitful. We possess all good things, and we are able to truly enjoy that which we possess.

But did you catch the key word? Possess. In Taurus, even Venus can become single-minded in pursuit of the sweet, sweet security that comes from knowing that which you desire is really, truly yours.

It reminds me of the story of Aphrodite and Adonis. When Adonis was born motherless from a myrrh tree (the reason why this happened is, uh, definitely its own story), the goddess of love was immediately taken with the boy. His cherubic cheeks, his pudgy little arms, his sweet smile, they all reminded her of her own son Cupid. Knowing that his beauty would cause him problems (the chief of which being other women falling for him, which Aphrodite most certainly considered problematic), she spirited him away to her niece Persephone in the underworld for safekeeping. Problem solved.

But when Persephone got a good look at bundle she was meant to protect, she immediately claimed him as her own. Aphrodite screamed her fury to the heavens, and an impartial judge was brought in. Adonis was to spend four months on his own, four months with Persephone, and four months with Aphrodite. Persephone, used to such arrangements, accepted the outcome. Aphrodite most certainly did not. But Adonis, now grown into a gorgeous and quick-witted young man, recognized a good thing when he saw it and opted to spend the four months of his own time with Aphrodite as well. Now having primary ownership, she was satisfied.

And on it went for several years. With the exception of his winters with Persephone, Adonis and Aphrodite spent every moment together. They lolled about in the gardens, tasted nectar on their tongues, and generally experienced every delight earth had to offer. Aphrodite was even smitten enough to accompany Adonis on his many, many hunting trips, which he loved most of all. But Aphrodite couldn’t entirely enjoy herself. She saw the way his young ego yearned to prove itself, to snare the biggest and most dangerous game he could.

She had felt compelled to protect what was hers. She begged, she pleaded, she COMMANDED Adonis to confine his hunting to small game, to does and hares and small birds, and to stay far, far away from any animal that Providence had seen fit to supply with a weapon. No lions with their murderous claws, no bucks with their deadly antlers, and most of all, no vicious boars with saliva and fury dripping from their tusks.

wild boarAdonis, of course, agreed. There was really no reasoning with Aphrodite when she was like that. Goddesses, am I right? But the moment that Aphrodite had left to tend to her divine business, flying away on her chariot pulled by swans, Adonis threw caution to the wind. He went into the deepest, darkest, most dangerous part of the forest, and there he found his match. An enormous boar, with foam on its mouth and death in its gaze stood staring back at him. It was an epic battle. They chased, they lunged, they parried, they dodged. Finally, Adonis had the upper hand. He held the beast by the neck and fished for his knife. But at that small moment of distraction, the boar saw his chance. He thrust his mighty tusks into the young man’s guts, and that was the end of Adonis.

As he lay writhing in his own blood, the life swiftly fleeing his body, the boar began to transform. It revealed itself to be Ares, god of war and Aphrodite’s lover.  At least he had been before she became besotted with Adonis. Ares couldn’t bear the shame (being spurned in favor of a mortal? How humiliating) and decided to take back what was his, thus completing the cycle of possession.

Poor Adonis. Aphrodite wanted to possess him so she hid him away. Then Persephone, his protector, wanted to possess him as well. And when Aphrodite got what she wanted, she so feared losing him that she chose to keep him on a short leash and failed to truly enjoy him while he was there. And finally, Ares, incensed at Aphrodite’s rejection, chose to lay claim to her by destroying her most prized possession, Adonis himself.

Let this story be a lesson. Had Aphrodite simply chosen to enjoy Adonis in his youth, the conflict with Persephone would never have manifested. If she had chosen to relax and appreciate what she had with him later on, he wouldn’t have been driven to hide from her and she could have been there to protect him. And if Ares could have accepted that love comes and goes and that no one can truly possess another, he would not have needed to go to such lengths to soothe his wounded pride. Venus is dignified in Taurus, but there is a right way and a wrong way to go about making the most of its pleasures. Relax, enjoy, and delight in what you have. Tomorrow is never guaranteed. But today? Today is sweet.

Do you have a story of possessiveness gone wrong? What Venus in Taurus lessons do you have to share?

15 thoughts on “Venus Dignified in Taurus – Possession”

  1. Yes! Great writing style! I appreciate it very much.
    Also the story makes it easier to understand the dynamics of the Aphrodite/Persephone/Adonis & Ares situation. They sound like humans…

  2. It is so fun to get reacquainted with mythology again and love the relationship lines you draw to Astrology to illustrate the value and morals of these stories for deeper meaning. Thanks for all your great writing!

    I was in a bit of a triangle (unknowingly at first until much later) with a woman (with Venus in Taurus) who had her claws, or should I say hooves, in a man I liked a lot, but when she caught wind of our communication and spending time together, she intervened but quick to ensure her possession would not be usurped by another woman. She became jealous of me even though he liked, if not lived her more. She was also an Aries. I am a Scorpio with Venus in Capricorn. He had Venus in Virgo. She won. But it’s fine. She had been with him first, but the cheater never told me of her, or at least that they were still together.

  3. I had to post this one thing cause I found it funny. Chris D’Elia is a comedian with Venus in Taurus and I’ve been listening to his podcast and he said that the sexiest thing he can listen to while he’s having sex is the sound of a lawnmower outside 😀 that got me..
    I also totally don’t get it…

  4. I had to post this one thing cause I found it funny. Chris D’Elia is a comedian with Venus in Taurus and I’ve been listening to his podcast and he said that the sexiest thing he can listen to while he’s having sex is the sound of a lawnmower outside ? that got me..

    I wanted to transcribe it cause the clip is long and so funny ..

    ‘You know what I wanna hear.. you know what the sexiest thing to hear when your having sex is? The daytime. Nothin sexier than like if you’re having sex and you hear in the distance.. a lawnmower. Bro, I’ll immediately have an orgasm if I hear a lawnmower in the distance. That’s it, that’s the realest shit. Or some bird in the back cawing. Be like this is so real, I’m a real person. You hear kids playing in a pool three yards over? Forget it. Looking somebody in their eyes while you hear a fucking garbage truck.. while you hear your garbage robot armed up.. and you’re looking in a girls eyes through her soul?’

    I don’t understand it, but it stuck with me cause it’s so hilarious. Not as much when I type it out..

  5. @ Kri. I have venus in Taurus and what Chris is talking about is how we enjoy the simple everyday sounds that people take for granted – that people don’t even notice. that are really beautiful and simple and cost nothing. (except for the garbage truck – maybe the manly taurus venus gets that but not me. lol)

    1. Ohhhh hahaha

      Part of his rant was why it’s dumb to play music while having sex. That’s how it started 😀 in that rant he also mentions how you shouldn’t be thinking of how you’re doing or about your partner but you should be thinking about nothing and just in the moment or else you’re not really making love

      Maybe for me sex is not so visceral and easy. He often talks about how he’s not into certain kinks (he calls Eyes Wide Shut orgies a dick nosed fuck party 😀 ) and he likes certain really simple things (iced cafe americano)

  6. I absolutely can see the huge differences with venus scorpio vs. Taurus venus. Venus is truly dignified in Taurus. pleasing and loving and treating people with kindness and forgiveness. Much like Pisces venus (Exalted) while I love venus scorpio, it really has a a lot of difficulty in that detriment. of loving and acceptance of flaws & forgiveness.

      1. @Dawn, sometimes Scorpio venus acts like the descriptions of Virgo venus, very very picky and too much analysing to the point of it’s detriment that it blocks true loving of flaws.
        although virgo venus is in the FALL. I don’t know how that works to be honest. My sister is married to a venus virgo, but she’s a stellium I pisces so I guess she really needed it. lol xD

  7. I know a couple of Taurus Venuses that are borderline hoarders or hoarders just not the extreme kind. Same for Taurus Moons. These two placements can be prone to hoarding.

    1. yes, my mother is Taurus rising and she is a big time hoarder. my sister is Taurus moon and omg wow. her house is beautiful but her two rooms that are empty are filled to the brim with just possessions, and they are usually of good quality. but it’s just so overwhelming. Whenever I stay there I end up leaving with nice extra things I really don’t need. I’m Taurus dominant in my chart and I can’t even say no to the nice things she gives me 🙁 when honestly I don’t even need it. But later I hope to just give it to someone who does need it.

  8. One of the few songs I heard and thought, yes, here’s my Taurus Venus hidden in it.

    Who owns my heart
    Is it love or is it art
    You know I wanna believe that we’re a masterpiece
    But sometimes it’s hard to tell in the dark

    keywords- OWNs, love, art

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