Aries Square Capricorn

To a client (a young man) with a stellium in Aries square Capricorn:

“…You have a lot of tools and skills. I have scratched the surface here. You are not going to know what all you can do until you begin to meet some of these challenges and deal with whatever comes, even if this means defeat. If you do not set out, you are already defeated, yes? You have let your fear paralyze you and defeat you and you know that’s not acceptable.

If what I just said is true, considering making yourself a rule. The rule can be that you do not kick your own ass.” 🙂

Can you relate?

14 thoughts on “Aries Square Capricorn”

  1. Yes. Still have fabric and patterns i never used. If I had started cutting, even if I had put together some garments that didn’t fit, I might have finally learned to alter a pattern to fit me. Saturn conjunct sun, sun square moon

  2. i know a guy who has sun,venus, mercury in aries square saturn in capricorn. ”strategic” is the first thing that comes to mind when i think of him

  3. as a mars square saturn.. i relate to this so much!! fear has held me back from a lot. completely irrational crippling fear.

  4. Story of my life…signs involved with me are all the cardinals, except Aries. But Asc, Saturn and my sun are involved, in squares and an opposition, all less than a degree in orb. Oh, and they are all sitting on 3 angles in my natal chart. I have overcome much, but I’ve missed out on a lot too. 🙁

  5. Yes I relate. With Cancer Mars/Saturn, both Rx and squaring my Jupiter, I mostly have to FORCE myself to act, to make the attempt: and it always involves facing down fears.

    Fortunately with the majority of my planets in Cardinal inc a ‘builder’ Cap stellium, there is always the urge to action, to kick-start me, and that need for self-respect which all Caps have when true to themselves…

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    Amethyst josephine

    I’ve got the opposite. Pluto is squaring my Libra stellium in the first house. I’ve got Virgo on the cusp, and he’s hit my Saturn, Jupiter, and now moon and Venus. Next, the Pluto square.
    The changes are big and intense.
    I can’t do all this dying for nothin’.

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