Do You Have An Extraordinary Quality?

Gemini stained glassThere are people out there who have an some extraordinary quality about them.  Whatever this thing is, everyone who know the person is aware of the phenomenon.

My husband’s, laughable bad luck is an example of this, but I have another example.

I’ve worked with a young man over the last year or so, he’s remarkable in a lot of ways. He’s a pain in the ass, he wouldn’t mind me saying so, but he always winds up on top.

It’s more then just luck. He winds up on top, because he elevates everyone he interacts with. His energy is buoyant enough, a person can’t be around him without lifting off the ground, at least a little.

“That’s why you get what you want,” I explained.  “People feel good around you. And if this gal (his current flame) doesn’t realize it yet, it doesn’t matter. Eventually she’ll realize it and ultimately, you win.”

Do you know someone with an extraordinary quality?  What’s the astrology?

20 thoughts on “Do You Have An Extraordinary Quality?”

  1. wow, sounds great for him 🙂
    I wonder: what natal aspects produce this effect- lifting people around you off the ground?…

      1. I have Jupiter in my first house in Capricorn – I do lift people off the ground, even if they don’t really want to be lifted off 😀 – but I think, they might not see it exactly as a lifting off…

  2. …good to hear elsa!! I have jupiter conjunct sun in 5th- trying my best to lift my fellow friends with me:)

    1. Probably. But a person like that could also just stay home and read a lot.

      I would have to see evidence of the effect a person has…feel it myself, to actually say this about someone.

      A lot people have attitude that they never develop. It’s sort of like muscle. It’s there, but do you use it?

  3. 7th house sadge moon is super buoyant. That’s how I think of myself: buoyant.

    But I think what I’m really known for is having things under control – being very capable even in trying circumstances. I think the sun-Saturn in the 1st is what shows through and I am content with that. 🙂

  4. I understand what you mean Elsa.

    Me gots loads of Jupiter, I’m fairly annoying, chatting, laughing and bouncing all over the joint. People think I’ll never get there, then BANG! I’m there. Why? I just bet on myself and win. 🙂

  5. Challenge accepted! Sun conjunct 3rd cusp, Jupiter conjunct Uranus and 11th cusp, Moon in Sadge conjunct Neptune in 1st. He has many friends & acquaintances, everywhere, some since childhood. He can only work jobs that are out and about (no desk job for him!). Very much a people person. Extraordinarily good at sales! 7th cusp is Taurus, ruled by Venus in 4th (knows a lot of people based on similar heritage – Greek). This is my husband.

    (In contrast, I have an 11th house Saturn, 4th house Sun – I work from home, limited circle of friends that are almost always older. 7th house Jupiter though…there are my 3 engagements: 2 philosophy majors and 1 Greek American!)

  6. This is a great way of framing a person’s magic … the thing that is as the indigenous people describe “original magic.” Jupiter and Venus conjunct in my 11th house of associations and friendships. I have a diverse connection with people, have traveled away from my home of origin and bring that indigenous perennial wisdom to the new associations in unique ways. I keep ‘showing up’ in spite of the obstacles. Scorpio-Saturn Stelliums square up over time!

  7. Resiliency. Maybe it’s my Taurus sun conjunct saturn (or maybe that’s what’s giving me the life events i need to be resilient about!). Dunno. I do know that my jupiter is unaspected; im not lifting anyone up 🙁

  8. Yes, my middle son (age 20) has an extraordinary ability to attract people to him. Females and males alike. He has six planets in his 3rd house. Mercury conjunct Venus (1 degree orb), Sun conjunct Moon, Sun in wide conjunction Pluto (so wide the moon and Pluto aren’t conjunct. So in his third house Scorpio he has mercury, Venus, moon, sun, Pluto and mars, and north node. You would never peg him for a Scorpio his ascendant is in Virgo. All of my five children have a Virgo ascendant. The aspects that really interest me are his 6 Quintiles. He has a beautiful chart really and I look forward to seeing how it unfolds for him.

  9. Avatar

    from what i’ve experienced, the extraordinary people have a strong (aquarian?) north node (nnode in a grand trine mixed with air, fire or other fixed signs). i have it and i know two others. all three of us stand out (when all three of us don’t want to, oddly enough). we see shit others don’t. we ‘walk the walk’ and set an example. the three of us respect, above all else, ethics and intelligence. then again, i have pluto/uranus both retro in the 12th and those two planets truly make me what others call ‘a transformer; no one can be around you and not transform. if they don’t want to transform they fight you.’ my pluto/uranus retro in the 12th battles them down. haven’t lost a worthwhile fight yet. however, i have lost worthless fights.

    one last thing, we three share knowledge to help others grow and evolve. we get angry and effect change. that air/fire/fixed thing i think. i mean, one can’t be ‘extraordinary’ and be a risk-less all earth or muddled all water element. so strange but something about the air/fire/fixed people. mars and saturn i feel also plays a role in “structuring the supreme court fight”.

  10. I see a Jupiter in the 5th and a Jupiter in Cap in the replies above. I have Jupiter in the 5th at 0 degrees. I have been bummed for years about this cause someone said it’s really malevolent in Cap and 0 degrees. Is this a truth? Sometimes I think people really don’t like me, but it could be my imagination, with all that water going on in my chart, and mars and venus in the 7th.

    What does anyone think?

    1. Hi, Dreamer. Questions like this get more responses if you post them with your chart on the forum here:

      More people will see your question. Also, people are visual. It’s hard to interpret a chart based on just a piece of it. 🙂

  11. I have Venus and Jupiter conjunct in Sadge at 3 and 4 degrees in the second house. I have been told that means I will ALWAYS have enough. Maybe not fabulously wealthy, but always have enough. And that should be enough, right?

  12. My 9th House Jupiter is conjunct the MC, so I’m super “lucky” in my career, of course it helps that as a mega-Capricorn I also work my ass off!

  13. I am good at making people feel good, I know this from talking to friends; not just pep talks but inspiration to take charge… 5H Jupiter Leo? 7H Libra Moon? Packed 8H (psychology, counseling, healing?)

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