Venus In Pisces Opposite Saturn In Virgo: Defining Your Tastes

Getting beat up in many ways by Saturn’s opposition to Venus in Pisces however I can see how some things are getting straightened out. I have Venus in aspect to Neptune which would indicate tastes that morph. The relationship I am in has a lot to say about the direction this takes.

I have changed relationships in the last year, but my wardrobe has not caught up. Venus Neptune is notorious for confusion and under the current sky I feel pressured to focus on this and figure it out (Saturn in Virgo).

“Well I have no need to look that good anymore. I was walking around like I belonged in a painting all the time and while I am glad I learned to do that, I just don’t have the need anymore.”

“I understand.”

I was talking about my days with the AMF who was a painter. He really taught me how to put clothes together.

“Yeah, because what am I doing these days? I am going to court for one thing and first time I had to do that I found out I had very little I could wear. You just don’t want to go to court looking like you should be in a painting. It’s… distracting,’ I said with a chuckle.  “What is she doing here?  You really don’t want to draw attention in court and in fact you should probably try not to look good at all.”

She laughed.

“Yeah, it’s no good to look good in court. You have to dress but you’ve got to… you should dress humbly I guess I’d say.”

“Yep, that’s what I was thinking.”

“Yeah, plain. So I found out I have little I can wear to court and have it seem right. I just don’t have court clothes. I have be-in-a-painting clothes which make no sense in court so basically I came up with something in crisis and have just kept wearing the same thing for the most part. I haven’t had time to do anything more but I am starting to have time now so I am trying to figure this out. I have been lost for awhile, a year I guess.”

Feeling any pressure to define your (nebulous) tastes this week?

7 thoughts on “Venus In Pisces Opposite Saturn In Virgo: Defining Your Tastes”

  1. And for the first time since college I have unloaded clothes. Literally I got rid of bags upon bags of clothes which I donated as quite a bit were in good, unused or near unused condition. I am a clothes horse and at 35 still wore clothes from when I was 18yo…mind you I never dressed faddy…but there were some fun things that were hard to let go.

    I’m going for flirty, new and fun.

  2. remember that old brownie song, ‘make new friends but keep the old’? i’m totally deep in ditching the old 😉 am purging my closet. everything just seems tired and taking up space. it’s been surprisingly easy to let go of those ‘old friends’. think it’s pluto sitting right on top of my 11th house capricorn chiron for the last month or so. *sigh*

  3. I *hate* shopping . . . but I’m buying new clothes. Something’s forcing me to. Not sure what, but I’m ordering and out there trying stuff on (and I hate it) but I like the results. I like looking well put together.

  4. Well I’ve been hitting up my local thrift store and by the looks of things there are a LOT of people who want to get rid of perfectly beautiful amazing clothes. Thank you, I’ll take that! Italian cashmere? Brand new Clarks wedges? Designer shift dress? Done done and done.

    Thanks for everyone cleaning out their closets! 🙂

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