The Composite Chart Of Partners In Crime

In Cold BloodRecently, my husband and I watched, In Cold Blood. I liked it pretty well the first time I saw it. I liked it less this time because I knew that in the future, actor, Robert Blake would kill his wife.

There is a point in the movie that I noted both times I saw it. It’s stated, the two people who killed the Clutters would not have been capable of doing the deed alone. The narrator states that it was the combination of their energy that allowed the crime to happen.

Now that’s astrology! When you put two people together, their energy mixes and creates something akin to a third entity. This entity is shown by the composite chart.

Do you notice how you act or think or feel differently when in close contact with someone?

7 thoughts on “The Composite Chart Of Partners In Crime”

  1. “Do you notice how you act or think or feel differently when in close contact with someone?”

    I have with the crush guy…I don’t really remember doing this otherwise with anyone. I’m kind of literally calmer with him (less naturally fidgety) for some reason. Who knows why.

  2. Growing up I went thru many “ partners in crime” so to speak. That was my type. I call it finding someone to co sign my bull shit. Someone to run wild with me. I never looked at the composite charts back then but I bet it was something to do with fire signs and my Sag ascendant. Always a boy with a winter bday. Every last one of them born in December.

  3. Not to their degree, and not often. Maybe more back when I was a teenager. It reminds me of groups too. In crowds people are very different.

  4. Absolutely, I’m different around every person I generally hang out with. I’m a sponge for other peoples’ energies. I prefer one on one relationships because otherwise it gets too much for me.

  5. I don’t feel like my energy or personality changes when around others or anyone in particular. I may try to speak a bit more in a fashion they relate to – ie with a Tech co worker- I try to use their lingo- but my personality remains the same. I don’t have any partners in crime but I have been pulled into Adventures!

    I also have a good friend at work who is going through Cancer treatments and she loves to laugh. I am usually kind of serious but I try to let go and be silly or crank up my humor to make her laugh. She is a Cancer and I’m a Scorpio. We are like sisters, and though I am 20 years her senior, she searches me out and I her. Maybe we WERE sisters in a past life.

  6. I can be body lazy (Pisces Asc.) and spend too much time in thought when alone. A partner keeps me active mentally and healthier. What I won’t do for myself, I find easier with an extrovert type. I get out of my comfort zone too which my Gem Sun loves.

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