Venus In Virgo Opposite Neptune Effects

virgo artWhen Venus in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces, sacrifices are made.

You may find yourself disillusioned with others as the veil lifts and you see that no one is perfect… including you.

This aspect is exact on September 24th.  Your level of self-esteem can ebb and flow as the tide goes in and out on your love and money.  It can cause anxiety.

You think you’re popular but maybe not!
You think you’re UNpopluar but maybe not?

Virgo likes to know things but under Neptune’s influence, edges are undefined.

What are you seeing out there with Venus opposing Neptune?

10 thoughts on “Venus In Virgo Opposite Neptune Effects”

  1. A lot of confusion and I just left the house the other day to go shopping and right on the next corner some people were exchanging info due to a car accident. This is just one incident and could have been a coincidence but you had mentioned Elsa previously that accidents could occur due to the Mars in Gemini (people driving too fast, distracted) squaring, I think it was Jupiter. So this is in the mix too? But in general there is also just a lot of impatience.

    The veil has lifted for me in many area but I am still looking for clarity in others.

    My 9th house is ruled by Jupiter, in the sign of Virgo and houses Uranus in Leo. I am amping up my Spiritual practices, doing self exploration to heal some issues too.

  2. Hi Elsa,
    Thank you for your writings and videos…these transits have been working overtime for some people in my life…for me they have been beneficial mostly…
    I appreciate your insights and you have been spot on everytime and have helped me to direct the energies…
    There’s the old saying ” good things come to those who wait “…

  3. I got turned down for a job today that I thought I was going to score for sure. Just a minor disappointment since I mentally started planning my life around it. Then I applied to over 20 jobs today. Let’s see where this goes.

      1. This is so funny. Last night I got a text message from my new 2nd job telling me to not come in because there’s no work. It was supposed to be my first day. Must be something about Virgo Venus opposite Pisces Neptune affecting my work life somehow. Late Cancer Rising here.

          1. It’s no big deal. I already have a full-time job. The 2nd job was just for more fun in my downtime. I do floral design. 🙂

  4. Im retired, for now, but I just had a crazy nightmare. I was at my old job and had to sort and deliver important documents and phone messages (handwritten phone messages-who does those anymore??) and as I was just about to start, an old friend from work stopped by. She talked me into going for a walk. I told her I had an important job I had to do and she said it won’t be long. On top of this, we had just gotten lectured if anyone ever left early for lunch or was late again, we’d be fired. Well I went on my break but she and I ended up in a trolly that took us all over San Francisco and before I realized I was more than 10 minutes from my work, I was far away and even a bus ride would not get me back in time, I panicked and said I needed to get off. We got off the trolly and I started to hike up a hill. I was too tired to keep going. On the way, we passed an ambulance that had removed a woman from an apartment my friend was renting to this couple. The woman in the stretcher had blood all over her face and head. Her boyfriend came out on the stoop of the apartment and told my friend as we passed, “It was the ghost that did that!” I looked at her and asked “They have a ghost?” “Yes! Come on!” She said grabbing my arm and began pulling me further up the hill. Then we came across another trolly, and he took us closer to my work but we had to go through a large hotel first to get to the other side. We got lost in a maze of stairs and rooms and just as I thought we had made it through to the front lobby, a Security Guard said, “No you have to go that way” pointing to where we just had come from. I was so panicked and frustrated by then I did not know what to do. “Please don’t convince me to do something like this again!” I said to my friend. “Okay!” She replied. I don’t know if we ever found the entrance to get out because I would up in a panic and feeling completely frustrated.

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