Differences Between Venus And The Moon

Spencer Tracy, Katharine Hepburn“Lust is what keeps you wanting to do it even when you have no desire to be with each other. Love is what makes you want to be with each other even when you have no desire to do it.”
                                                        –Judith Viorst

The meaning of Venus was recently brought up in the forum. It can be daunting to distinguish the line between the attributes of Venus versus those of the Moon. I see it as the difference between esthetics and emotion. Venus is what we like. The Moon is what we need, what we feel. Venus is attraction what we are esthetically drawn to, while the Moon is the embodiment of our emotional needs.

If the Moon and Venus placements agree, are in complimentary signs, house placements or aspect, these similar attributes overlap. There’s no need to understand the delicate difference on a personal level because what one likes also feels right. When Venus and the Moon positions challenge each other it is easier to see the distinctions. In a Moon Venus square a person can be in the position of attracting and being attracted to situations that don’t feel good. Conversely, a situation that satisfies their emotional needs may not be attractive. In this case the challenge (square) is accept the subjugation of one or the other, to consciously choose to like what satisfies or to learn to be satisfied with what one likes.

How is this accomplished? There are two ways, Saturn or Neptune, practical or magical. You can use your Saturn judgment, “this is what is best for me and I’m going to work at accepting it.” Or your Neptune illusion, dreaming one position up and the other down, “He makes me feel so loved; isn’t his leprosy dreaaaaaaamy?”

How do your Moon and Venus placements interact? Is it easy or hard?


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    I have the “near” square… Venus in Pisces 11th, Moon in Cappy 8th… Not an easy “near” square to deal with regarding emotions and comfort zones…

  2. I’ve got great trines from my Taurus moon to Venus, also to my Sun, Saturn, and Mars. My Venus is conjunct my Sun – feelings do rule me (as do aesthetics: I don’t do ‘ugly’; that’s absolutely visceral).

    I’ve had a great love life in many respects thank to my Venus / Moon! Very memorable… But I still get into awful trouble, emotionally: I’ve got Moon square Pluto as well… it seems I’m a ‘natural born loner’ in order to control the resulting extremes of emotional intensity

  3. I think I might be starting to *get* this. My Venus is unaspected, however it does share the same house and sign as my moon. So I am starting to think that when my moon is happy, my venus will be satisfied too. Sorta kinda like by default or association.

  4. I’ll have to think about this. They sit next to each other, moon in Gemini, Venus in Cancer. The moon does trine Neptune, though, so maybe that’s a clue.

  5. “In a Moon Venus square a person can be in the position of attracting and being attracted to situations that don’t feel good. Conversely, a situation that satisfies their emotional needs may not be attractive.”

    That’s certainly true in my case. Venus-Moon square, oh wait, let’s make it a T-square with Pluto to make it even more trouble.:)

  6. Sag moon in the 2nd house opposing Gemini venus in the 8th,both planets squaring uranus/pluto.Very disconcerting

  7. I don’t have them in aspect but in next-door signs. My parents both have the opposition, so I tried to parse what this meant a few months back. This makes it clearer! :] I think my placement is easy due house placements and other aspects, which result in overlapping interests, but it has it’s challenges as well.

  8. Mine are inconjunct but both Venusian – Venus in Taurus and Moon in Libra. The Taurus is sensory and delights in the here-and-now goodies, while the Libra is cerebral and wants to partner while seemingly on a continuous cleanup crusade. They’re not best friends, but they don’t seem to bicker much, either.

  9. Just to elaborate on the comment i left above.The ways in which i feel these aspects have played out in my life to date.firstly i’ve always attempted to fill an emotional void with things.I do consider myself a “shopaholic.”I’m deeply attached to my belongings,it can get quite unhealthy at times.I do experience a sort of euphoria while at the mall etc.I really enjoy purchasing gifts for other people as well.i have spent myself into debt on countless occasions.there are the inevitable regrets and returns(never throw away a receipt!)as far as my romantic life is concerned,i’d categorize it as rather ruinous.i didn’t marry until the age of fourty.My husband is a beautiful man,and yet i’m still unhappy in the relationship.i’ve never felt pretty ENOUGH.No matter what others thought.i’ve always been obsessed w/ femle beauty and mystique.

  10. Moon in Cap in the 10th squares my Gemini Venus in the 2nd. I’m attracted to perky, chatty, youthful women but I need mature, stable women with jobs. LOL Pretty accurate.

  11. Venus and Pluto can be like that, obsessed with female beauty.

    Venus in Virgo (conjunct Uranus Pluto) trine Moon in Capricorn. Thank goodness I have at least that with all the aspects my Venus has (there’s more).

  12. I’ve got Venus in Aries – in midheaven, conjunct Jupiter, sextile Mars, and trine both Uranus and Saturn. I have quite a lot of going on with my aesthetic sensibility- it can be confusing and slightly overwhelming but it’s what I am/love, and people love me because of it, and there’s no escaping it. *Takes deep breath*

    I’m an artist, but I really want to be a doctor, and might possibly join the air force to be a surgeon 😮 Does that sound right or like a really bad idea??? I’ve got a bachelor of fine art, and recently began pre-med courses… trying to make sure I’m on the right track. Well, I’m struggling (mars opposes saturn and uranus in my Sadgie 6th house HA, and those two square the midheaven), but the way things are unfolding, it looks and feels pretty damned good anyhow. I donno.. I’m taking my sweet time…

    Moon in Sadge blends well with Venus (totally feel by seeing), but opposes Mercury in Gemini. So I have major problems SAYING what I FEEL! (Does not help when feelings continually polarize) It doesn’t seem to matter what I say though, because my appearance is way more powerful than my words. I’m better at expressing myself verbally when I have time to write. I’m improving my public speaking skills (eek- instant stagefright) as a spokesperson for a nonprofit, so I know it’s just a matter of practice.

    The person I’m in love with is what makes me feel AND look truly insane. 5th house Libra is my biggest distraction right now… OK that’s all for now, but Taurus/Cancer rising, Venus and Moon are HUGE for me!

  13. Mine is really hard with
    6th house Aquarius Moon
    9th house Taurus Vênus.

    my Moon ∆ Jupiter…

    So its quite hard to get satisfied, making easier to be a loner.

  14. Near-exact trine (1 degree orb).

    *takes it and RUNS!!!*

    The “hard” part comes in with the Pluto contacts (conjunct Venus, trine moon), but I rather enjoy that, too. It adds weight. I think without that anchor I’d be living in a shallow, cerebral puddle. Happily, I might add, but completely infathomable to how I am with that anchor.

  15. Oooooh do I have a pea soup!!

    Venus Neptune conjunction which trines Moon. Pluto Uranus conjunction which is in opposition to Moon. Chiron conjuncts the Descendant, which the Moon also conjuncts.

    Obviously my Venus agrees with the Moon. But Venus is preoccupied with Neptune, and the Moon is all alone fighting Chiron, Uranus, and Pluto.

    *Sighs* Had a consult with Elsa about this. In a nutshell: “I gotta do some serious thinking, decide if the effort to roll all this up….. is worth trying to establish a serious relationship.” Elsa did say it would be worth it, but it’s gonna take allot of effort on my part.

    Hmmm…… I’m still doing the thinking / evaluating, but I’m leaning towards going ahead.

    *Sighs* It would probably be a whole lot easier if I weren’t so darn picky & selective about who tickles my fancy.

  16. You know, I’ve got both in Scorp so yeah they do overlap…but I never considered sticking around with anyone until the day I met a guy who made me feel emotionally secure. I was able to throw out a lot of things that my Venus/Uranus found a little heavy in exchange for some home cooked Moon food.

  17. thanks for another fine text, Satori 🙂

    moon is in leo, in 3rd, conjunct uranus: i’ve found i “need” “drama”, but more of the acting-on-stage-of-life-kind than emotional turmoil. & i need a woman who both inspires me & whom i do respect.

    all that corresponds well to venus in aquarius, in 8th – opposing my mars in leo, in 2nd. i’m attracted to fair-minded women. who’re strong enough to blow my mind 😉

    nonetheless, there’s a root problem: venus in aquarius can be too “airy”/detached – & _that_ doesn’t suit the nourishment needs of my leo moon & cancer asc 🙁

    i definitely enjoy the romantic game – but if emotional flow is inhibited…; it just doesn’t work. we can be exciting friends 🙂

  18. Satori Im loving your posts soooooo much. My moon and venus are square so I like things or attracted to people/things that cause tension for me a emotionally Im trying to deal with it better but I like a better of tension. Lucky mars and venus a sextile that helps 🙂

  19. Awesome post! This makes so much sense! I have both Moon & Venus conjunct in Aquarius. In thinking about it, I actually do tend to be attracted to the people or the things that I need. Makes life a bit easier! But I have a friend who has Venus in Taurus & Moon in Scorpio (not in opposition, though). And yes, I see the disparity there – he attracts and is often attracted to things that aren’t what he actually needs. Then he’s miserable!

  20. thank you everyone! Skye, that’s a great way of dealing with it! “I like a [bit] of tension.” realizing you actually like it. I like it.

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    Great article! Stuff like that always makes me think. Anyway, so we got the square… but what about an opposition? My Venus is in Taurus and Moon is in Scorp… an out-of-orb opposition but they are in opposing signs nevertheless. How would that be different from a square?

  22. Quite an accurate insight. I have venus and moon sextile and for me, lust is a prerequisite for love. Can’t jump on love if I don’t find the guy aesthetically pleasing no matter how nice he is or how compatible we are, or how much he fulfills my emotional needs. They go hand in hand.
    That works vice versa, If I lust for the guy then that also means I can imagine myself being with him, even if we’re not totally compatible. I don’t lust just for lust’s sake.

    Sometimes I think it’s easier having the moon and venus in square. At least one of them gets fulfilled. With harmonious aspect, it’s all or nothing.

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      You must be kidding me!!! Harmony comes easy. With square it’s like you like someone but don’t feel emotionally vulnerable enough to open up to them… And when you feel emotional comfortable.. Bam! There is no attraction?!! For the square it becomes almost imperative to make a hard choice between one. Either get bored with someone but feel safe or get attracted to someone… But try to fulfil your needs elsewhere… Like with friends.. Etc. So attraction comes at the cost of no intimacy or sloooooooowwwww intimacy :((( I feel best way to deal with this is just to stick to those you are attracted and compromise along the way…OR OR OR… At the later stage of life where inner peace is more importantly.. Go with a friend you get along with…and hope to find flings outside primary relationship… Jstill figuring out how to find a balance…

  23. wow, intriguing thought… scorpio moon/neptune squares leo venus/mars. tend to attract complicated relationships. also, i, too, need to feel the ‘lust’ first before i even know the possibility. something at a primal level recognizes potential and hence the lust which can spark into intense passion once the man is known.

  24. “He makes me feel so loved; isn’t his leprosy dreaaaaaaamy?”ahahah been there!
    not with the square but with the inconjunct.

  25. Moon conjunct Venus at the end of the 7th/beginning of the 8th.
    Trine Pluto (11th), sextile Jupiter (5th)
    square Mars (4th), inconjunct Uranus/ascendant

    I’ve mostly avoided relationships, because I need someone who really wants to get to know me and be with me, not mess around for a while. I’ve been pretty isolated, so I rarely meet anyone – that didn’t bother me for a long while, but it does now, looking back.

    I’m a huge romantic, and also hugely practical whe it comes to them. I tripped up with this one guy, but he really got to me – I would pull myself back to the right place emotionally, only for my control to ease off again – the control being there, because of the guy’s own behaviour. Once a guy gets past my defenses, and I *really* like him (and the feeling is mutual), I’m all Aries/fire fun and sexiness, ready to go, but I need stability, I need romance, I need for it to be *real*.

  26. ” i, too, need to feel the ‘lust’ first before i even know the possibility. something at a primal level recognizes potential and hence the lust which can spark into intense passion once the man is known.”

    I can relate to this, but I also like the sweetness of something that builds slowly (the whole “friendship set on fire” thing, which is perfect for my air + fire). It’s rare for me to feel lust at first sight, but I know what you mean by recognizing the potential…

  27. and what if saturn and neptune are fighting in the same manner? i have venus loosely conjunct saturn square the moon conjunct neptune.

  28. It also shows how one does with female friends too. Moon Venus trine, other women probably love you. Moon Venus square, maybe not so much.

  29. Moon Pisces 1st. Venus Aquarius 12th conj Saturn. Moon opposing Uranus Pluto Virgo 7th. Venus Saturn Square Neptune Scorpio 9th.

    Up until now, I’ve given boyfriends the benefit of the doubt. We all have faults and who am I to judge them? I have always been about being okay with what I have.

    It’s sort of like a different kind of mutual reception – Venus Aquarius being in the 12th naturally ruled by Pisces and Square Neptune, and the moon being in Pisces opposed to Uranus by 1 deg, and being in the 1st where my ASC is Aquarius.

    This time around, I feel it’s my last chance. I’m either getting the depth and security I need, or screw it.

  30. @SaD, @Glenn, and @redro, do you feel that your venus moon trines have made you popular (‘popular’ in that social sense when you were younger, like in high school, among schoolmates, etc.?)

    I ask because 2 of my ex boyfriends had that; they had lots of female friends, got a long with everyone, and was even more accepting of my shortcomings than I think most men would’ve been.

    On the other hand, I used to attract a lot of attention (and a lot of that was jealousy, too!) but I didn’t necessarily get along with as many people (like back in the day when everyone was the same age and attended the same school, etc.) – and this, I guess, is where the venus trine moon would’ve stepped in and bee the differentiator. Pls [humbly] let me know!!!!!

  31. They’re not aspected. Moon is in Gemini and Venus is in Scorpio. I want a mixture of deep feelings and good conversations. I want to be amused and loved deeply.

  32. Thanks for this post. My FGC involving Venus/Mars&Moon/Saturn/Pluto. I used to try the Neptune approach of making the undesirable piece “dreamy”, it always came back to repulse me. I think I will now try the Saturn, practical approach. Well at least I will give it a try. These things can be complicated and of course with a FCG never easy.

  33. Scorpio Moon (2nd house) square Venus in Aquarius 5th house…subconsciously avoid commitment. 21 and have not yet fell in love/ had a long term relationship..

    Very artistic placement. Obsessed with dark and unusual art. Wish choosing art for galleries or museums could be my career ’cause it certainly is my hobby.

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