Virgo With Saturn In Pisces

Virgo girl glitterI worked with a Virgo client today, who has natal Saturn in Pisces.  She’s headed for her Saturn return. I got an early idea how Saturn in Pisces will work for Virgo; what’s the job here? I think this gal’s situation is highly relatable and it has some key pieces.

The client is currently in an oppressive job. Sound familiar, anyone? She’s going to get out early, thanks to Uranus transiting her Jupiter. Surprise!  A door opens.

So she is leaving this job and moving states to live somewhere she’d rather be.  She’s fixing (Virgo) the structure (Saturn) or her life.  She’ll be putting herself in a safer situation with more job security where her energy will be less taxed having to deal with garbage. Once this is done, she will be able to address the next thing – partnering.

Note the methodical (Saturn) nature of this operation. No sense going on a date if you’re moving. Move, then go on a date?


Find a job.
Get the job in hand.
Go on a hunt for a man… or maybe he just shows up.

But you see there is a path here… all doable.

Her Saturn is @ 15 degrees so she’s ahead of this thing, thanks to Jupiter Uranus. But if you’re also a Virgo with Saturn in Pisces, or if you’re just set to deal with Saturn’s transit through Pisces, this may give you some ideas.

You may have to serve but you have a lot to say about who and how and when you offer your support, Virgo. How’s the structure of your life? How about the balance?

Get ready to tinker with this stuff, so you can get or get back into a work situation you like. If you can get this done, you will thrive and everyone around you will benefit.

Are you a Virgo with Saturn in Pisces? Or are you just facing the transit?

4 thoughts on “Virgo With Saturn In Pisces”

  1. Sounds really good. That part about finding the job and getting her ducks in a row and then looking for the right partner.

    I read somewhere that you can only find the right person when you believe that you are deserving of finding a great partnet.

    It seems like this person has understood the basic premise of this.

    I wish her great good fortune.

  2. Avatar
    Gabriella L Garlock

    I am–natal Saturn at 1° Pisces opposes my 7° Virgo Sun and squares my 9° Gemini Moon. Birth trauma? My 2nd Saturn return will therefore be just the beginning as it moves into aspects to my Moon and 4-planet Sun conjunction.

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