Deep Sea Creature?

Avery writes on The Smell Of Oblivion:

“You remind me of those deep-sea creatures that have been wayyyyy down there for eons but we’re only now beginning to discover, much less understand. We have no comprehension of what goes on down there, but you do, and here we all are up in the coves, in the shallows, in the sun.”

You know, Avery that sounds about right. Thanks for articulating that, I would not have been able to. Or perhaps I just have no idea what I am although I am acutely aware of my experience and it does seem I am coming into view. There are just too many tables full of people with their eyes wide staring at me to be coincidence and I don’t know what to say to them except, “I’m from the desert”.

But I am from the desert and I did grow up without a tv and I have never seen an episode of Idol (or whatever it is called), Law and Order, the mafia show, Sex in the City or anything else. And it occurred to me yesterday that perhaps this is why I think the way I do. I don’t have any mass market in my brain but anyway, yesterday I had to tell a virtual stranger who was trying to converse with me, I would not be able to do it.

I told her my life was in crisis and I just could not have a conversation with her at this time. I mean, I am sorry but I just can’t talk to you right now and here’s why. How’s that for Saturn in Virgo?

I also have Saturn transiting my 8th house and Pluto my 12th. This ain’t no joke, I’ll tell you that. And I’ll tell you one more thing:

Awhile back, I had a prominent astrologer write me, he’s very educated. He asked about my background and I didn’t know what to do so I sent him that picture up there, ha ha ha. For the record, he has spoken to me since. 😉

But you get the idea. I have no idea how I got here or why I am the way I am but I do know I am real and this seems to be coming more apparent than it has been in the past. I am thinking in that picture by the way and I am not thinking, “I wish I had a tv.” 🙂

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  1. “By the way, Elsa. That photo is SO compelling.”

    Well, it’s Capricorn isn’t it? That’s a foundation I am standing next too. I am getting ready to BUILD an adobe (mud) house with my Double Capricorn GRANDFATHER. 🙂

  2. ha ha, ’cause you are a nyc girl! Well I grew up out there with no tv, no phone, no nothing really and so I am still like that. I pretty much have nothing and don’t care outside of paying the bills. I am not much of a collector, LOL.

  3. Ha! Things have gotten SO crazy in my life lately, that I keep thinking “I wish I could just sit in front of the TV.” But it’ll never happen. “I wish I could sit in front of the TV” for me, signifies this wish to be one of those people who can seemingly cut off everything they don’t like, not deal, be ignorant, not be introspective, and chat with everyone about the latest episode of whatever. Yeah, right. Ain’t never gonna happen.

    By the way, Elsa. That photo is SO compelling.

  4. It’s so beautiful. It’s mesmerizing. And does make the desert feel like the wide open sea… What a great skill to be able to build an adobe house. And fun! (Cap in 5th!) Wish you would teach a class 😉

  5. Well, I live close to London (UK) and don’t have a TV even now. I am on TV, last week the last time, but visit friends to watch myself. My ex works in the movies behind the scenes and when we split five years ago, I threw the TV in the trash. The garbage men took it away and after a brief period of cold turkey, I don’t miss it. I have so much time to do other things, when anything I want to watch is on YouTube anyhow. Also during my life I have spent lots of time in Namibia in Africa and Outback Australia, which looks pretty much like where you’re from, only less built up…

  6. I think growing up without a tv had an impact on how my brain works….Growing up we did not have any TV on our 60 acres of woods and hay feilds, that is until my great aunt died and left us 3…. So from the age of 10-17 I watched a lot of TV, but one day it occurred to me how empty it all is. Bad input for my nervous system…. I delve into TV when I am around it, can’t help staring at the screen if I am in the same room with it. I think the most telling visual of the power of TV is watching a young child geek out in front of the tub. The glazed over eyes, I have even seen them drool….

    I don’t have time for TV. It’s poison to my nervous system….

    Now building a house out of dirt and grass is a great way to remind yourself your alive!


    Everyone, Im new here, my name is Isaac, a.k.a. copperweaver I was born November 13 1974, in Cleveland Ohio. 1:21 pm

    I am an artist, weaver, student of life….. I have studied my own chart for years and had spurts of study into astrology, I am trying make it all gel, but I am still learning subtlety’s and and foundations of astrology…

    Elsa, Your observations of human temperament and interaction are brilliant. I am an explorer of the depths myself….

  7. i want to know how to make an adobe house.
    my grandpa knew all this stuff and my father’s siblings learned tons of it (well, dad did too. but he wanted to get the heck away from the farm and he never taught us any of these things because he never did them.)

    i find myself sad that i never took shop in high school because the boys would have been horrible to me. nowadays i wonder why i cared so much but it was a struggle for psychological survival at the time so i can’t get too upset with myself.

    i’ve said… there’s not too many people out there (in this culture at least) who don’t seem scared to be who they are. you’ve always seemed pretty good at that. maybe because you haven’t been spoonfed manufactured reality (a collective illusion) but i couldn’t say for sure. maybe it’s just you 😉

  8. As a child of the 70s, I was raised by a 17-inch color Zenith. I am alarmed by the number of old TV references that come out of my mouth. But four years ago, I canceled my cable subscription because I didn’t want my daughter raised by Dora the Explorer, and we haven’t looked back. I let her have two hours of Saturday morning TV, but that’s it. Life is so much richer writing ones own script, choosing the characters and living the plot rather than wasting time watching someone else enact another someone’s fantasies.

  9. I grew up without TV as well. Hell, I grew having to explain to my Dad in Sears: ‘That’s not a TV, that’s a microwave.’ I used to be totally ashamed of how backwoods my parents were but the benefits to this are waaaaaay more than I could’ve ever forseen (yes I have Capricorn!)

  10. O…and I’m glad you write about Pluto/12th and Saturn/8th. I’m coming out of both currently and these are things I’m infinitely grateful for…those transits are motherfucking crrraaaaazzzzzyyyyyy

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