Voice Of Taurus: “I’m Clean As A Peach!”

“I’m clean as a peach,” the soldier said, brightly. “I had a bubble bath and a shower,” he added.

“You had a bubble bath?” He is at an Arizona truck stop with Indians who have large bathtub for 2 in their truck stops.

“Yep! They said, do you want some soap and some bubble bath? I said, yeah. I’ll have some soap and some bubble bath!”

I snorted.

“Yep, so I went in there and soaked in the bubble bath until I was prune-y.”

“Did it smell?”

“Yup!  Smelled like bubble bath.  It was perfumy all right, that’s why I stood and took a shower and now I am clean as a peach!”

6 thoughts on “Voice Of Taurus: “I’m Clean As A Peach!””

  1. I hate taking a bath, who wants to soak in the crap they washed off. I guess a bath is acceptable if followed by a hot shower. Then again why bother go green shower and forget the bath, unless perhaps there is therapeutic value.

  2. LOL Dan that is what my husband says about baths. I love them though I haven’t had time to indulge lately. The baths seem to ground me before bed, and boy do I need that with all the air in my chart.

  3. That is so funny, hey Dan, the idea of a bath is enjoy, like a cow on a hot summer day hanging out in a creek, so take a quick shower before the bath, (takes care of the dirty bath water part) then one after. Do you want to guess what my husband says every time we get the water bill?
    I LOVE a long soak and i have a big soaker tub.
    (I save water other places to make up for my environmntal footprint) Just planeted ecolawn grass seed that doesnt need to be watered. its great.

  4. hahaha! i love these taurus posts! they are such a pure energy. so simple. its all about the basics food, water, bath, house, sex… what! you look at my woman! ok, now, i Have to kick your ass!
    they just roll happily in, and thrive on the basics- and this is their beauty. i am surrounded by this energy!

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