Volatile Relationship: Scorpio With a Cancer Moon

cancer crab needlepointDear Elsa,

I’ve been involved with a woman for nine years. It’s been a stormy, volatile relationship. We have a child together. I love her, but I take her for granted. She feels like I don’t love her. Then when she leaves and is with somebody else, I’m hyper-focused on getting her back.

She thinks I only like the challenge of getting her back. Do you have any advice astrologically?

Sleepless in St. Louis

Dear Sleepless,

Yes I do. Grow up. What you are doing to this woman is not cool and if she were writing me, I would tell her to leave your ass high and dry and not look back.

You’re pushing 40, you know. How about learning some impulse control, hmm? How about taking some responsibility for this bullshit pattern and the pain it creates. How about getting your ass to therapy!!!

Look. You’ve got a child. That’s a cue to stop acting like a child yourself. And you want the astrology? Fine. You have a freedom loving Venus in Sagittarius square Pluto – clear the decks. So you have a freedom urge, a surge that is and you throw your woman under the bus.

But in reality, there’s a lot of Cancer in your chart and you are dependent as hell on her. So in effect you are acting like a little boy having a tantrum:

“I don’t need you Mommy!!!”

But the whole world looking on knows different.

Embarrassed? I hope so. You are way too old for this shit.

As far as I am concerned you should make this up to her, starting today. For your sake not hers. Saturn is coming to square your Sun in Scorpio. Grow up, grow up, grow up. Work (Saturn) on your psychology (Scorpio). Take responsibility for Godsakes. Start today.

Good luck.


9 thoughts on “Volatile Relationship: Scorpio With a Cancer Moon”

  1. Dude, Elsa is on the money. Listen, if you really do love this woman, you gotta do as Elsa says. Because one of these times, she will walk and she won’t look back. Good luck!

  2. :O
    This is the first time since I started reading here that you’ve thrown down on someone like this, and it. Is. PHENOMENAL!
    Go Elsa!

    I’m so sad I missed this when it first posted…

  3. Avatar
    Shelley St Clair

    Elsa, I see that every post here is a positive feedback. My take is a little different. You see, I am a Sag. sun with MY moon in CANCER,
    with Venus 8 degrees, and I can tell you this is a difficult moon placement to have, esp since it is squaring Saturn in my first house(Libra). You can’t butwhip a guy like this into action-his sensitivity level is most likely too high for this tactic. Dictating to someone to “JUST GROW UP!” ,as if that is something they can do overnight. I personally have the same problem- I am a fairy-like archetype who really has never wanted to grow up either, and I am 63! I have been with a man (a little boy really) for f’ing
    16! years who will NEVER grow up- He is now 75. I am planning on talking with him this very day about his obsession with younger women and flirting with them at dances (We dance together). He is a Scorpio with a Virgo moon-, Venus in Sag. Best regards

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