Waiting For The High, Wild Card To Be Dealt

Wild cardWe’re in a strange lull, waiting to be disrupted. There are no planetary clashes coming for nearly a week. Only the moon will ping various bodies in various way over the next six days. However, we all see the news.

The Jupiter Uranus conjunction sextile with Mars and Saturn in Pisces, can be interpreted in numerous ways, but it can’t be predicted, because of Uranus.

In plain terms: Will the Iron Dome be defeated?
Who knows?
And what about money?

“Like any dealer he was watching for the card that is so high and wild he’ll never need to deal another…”
– Leonard Cohen in 1968

Many are right here, right now. Bitcoin? Gold? Gamestop? Etc.

If you think in terms of gambling (Jupiter) with funds (Taurus), it starts to make sense. There could be shocking (Uranus), very harsh (Mars Saturn) stories come out of this.  There would also be out-of-bound gains.

As for when, I don’t know. But the Jupiter Uranus conjunction and the full moon in Scorpio are the events I have my eye, in the near term.

I can’t see that the average person has much to say about world events, but we can apply these energies in our individual spheres.

If you take this option, it’s quite positive. This is because the planets are supporting one another. You just need to not be undone by fear.

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5 thoughts on “Waiting For The High, Wild Card To Be Dealt”

  1. Whatever is currently going on, I need to say, technology, specifically google, is totally garbage now. Specifically, the very ordinary human reaction of, “wait, what?” is obviated by the bots that take for granted that we also are bots, and saw what they saw.
    I’m so sad… one of my own nephews believes this is “progress” ::sad::

  2. Full moon is scorpio sounds to me like some kind of crime, blood, emotional blood. I think Saturn blocks Mars, which is addition is in exile in Piscis. Uranus in Taurus is air power on the Earth, the age of chemtrails and climate manipulation, a gruesome crime, since for me, there is no bigger crime than the crime against water. It could be some kind of air attack against an important individual, but it wont probably be in Israel. On the other hand, the Isrealis are waiting for a response to their provocation in Damascus. If they dont get one soon, they could launch a false flag atack on themselves. Then some kind of financial havoc could be triggered too.

  3. Paraphrasing Elsa, it’s time to be brave in our personal lives, to effect change – personally – where it matters, and where we can. I for one am very much heartened by her message.

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