Waking Up To Your Shadow Mars

Mars symbol red“It’s in my personal relationship with my husband where I can be quite mean and aggressive on a regular basis, not as much with other people. People wouldn’t describe me as bitchy (I have a strong angular Venus that is well aspected too) but my husband would and he would be right!”

– CrisLondon on The Unconscious Mars

This is a beautiful comment.  It’s astounding. I feel like Cris pulled the riches from yesterday’s posts.  The one I mentioned and this one as well: New Angle On Venus Pluto Aspects.

These posts are about patterns in relationships (Venus) that a person acts out (Mars) sub or semi-consciously (Pluto).  These planets are conjunct in Uranus-ruled Aquarius right now. Uranus the Awakener.

I slow how Cris states her finding. No excuses. No projection. It is what it is and she the instigator. This realization can easily change her life. Her husband’s too, lol.  It’s exciting!

Have you ever woke up to such a thing?


5 thoughts on “Waking Up To Your Shadow Mars”

  1. Yes. I notice that I bitch at my husband when I feel bad about myself or have failed myself in some way and haven’t come to terms with it yet.

    It is such a pattern that when I catch myself getting ready to bitch at him now I think, “How have I let myself down?” Most times – but not always sadly – that can stop the attack.

    1. Exactly.
      For me it has a lot to do with space, space, space – physical, and in thoughts, freeing self and other. It took years to have compassion for my young self & understand how she was constructed inside through family programming as well as her nature described by the Natal Chart. Losing respect for self & taking it out on my man colored the days dark. Nothing better than to feel love for him, self; the work is worth it.
      I am seventy-seven going on seventeen sometimes, still in love after 21 years. Best to you!

  2. Yes, I’m experiencing a lot of ‘inventory items’ of my character defects. A unemotional view of patterns, both mine and others. It seems so freeing to me as I watch others make excuses like childhood or even astrology to justify their behaviors or lack of character. When I can be honest and regulated in my emotions I’m unstoppable, or at least on the right path moving forward with no prisoners.

  3. Relate!
    Spontaneous combustion Mars-in-Leo, Sun-conjunct-Uranus regardless of planetary positions. Make self apologize asap for icky words or even just energy. Mars humbled. It only takes one to change a relationship. We doing much better! like self more, respect him more.
    It’s been my most harmful trait, requires tons of micro-awareness & desire for healing, maturity, wisdom, contentment, love.
    Thank You for pulling our covers.

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