Weekend Love Forecast – Vivacious Full Moon In Virgo

fox faceFriday night, the Mercury-ruled Virgo Moon opposes Mercury in Pisces. Are you looking for responsive feedback? Actually, are you needing it, craving it? I hope so. You’re either getting it, wishing for it, dreading it, or wondering when it’s coming.

In other words, reality aside, there’s a heightened expectation or awareness around communication and others. Your personal reaction will reflect your own situation. What are your options? It’s likely you have too many competing options or they just don’t match up with what’s practical. This is complicated by the fact of an impending Moon-Sun opposition, a full moon Saturday morning, already making itself known.

Virgo is a mutable earth sign and such things are felt ahead in the body. With Mercury in Pisces heading into conjunction with the Sun (and ruling Virgo), the senses are activated but possibly not straightforward. Communications, perceptions, and attitudes are coming from both within and from the outside. And they are not necessarily clear or obvious. They may, however, be blessed or seemingly magical in some way.

So Friday night’s mood illuminates how you feel about what you suspect, for good or ill. It’s a grand time to get perspective on how you’re doing personally. It’s simple: are you satisfied? What’s you, and what’s… everything else out there? Do you feel alone, or do you consider yourself supported? Do you believe help will come when you need it? Do you feel you can trust the universe?

You don’t have to have everything all figured out in order to understand on a gut level how you FEEL about it all, to discern your situation. You don’t need specifics; just consider and put in order what you already know and take note of what you don’t. Let it be what it is, just clean it up a bit.

Saturday morning, the full moon in Virgo perfects its opposition to the Sun then goes on to oppose Saturn and trine Jupiter in Taurus. The mood favors optimism and growth but is stiffened by realistic considerations. Not hindered, necessarily, but we’ve got a healthy regulation between pessimism and optimism. And there’s plenty of emotional drive available!

Venus and Mars in Aquarius continue to square Jupiter (with Venus-Jupiter exact Saturday night), so our preferred options may not be currently available. That doesn’t square up with a full mood that’s cleared the deck and is ready to proceed. That’s not to say you can’t, just that it won’t be seamless so don’t expect it to be. If you’re prepared for something to spin out or stall, there’s no reason to expect a bad time.

Saturday night, the Moon finishes a quincunx to Venus and a trine to Jupiter, then goes on to conjoin Juno by night’s end. Venus and Mars continue in past-exact conjunction, with Mars actively squaring Jupiter for the rest of the weekend. This sets up an “if you play your cards right…” kind of situation, and the mood might just support your poker face.

What kind of cards are you holding? Mercury, Sun, and Saturn in Pisces heading into sextile with Jupiter means somebody has a great hand. Is it you? If so, commit. If you can’t tell, watch the other players. Bluffing is hard to spot tho! Your best bet is your own well-informed certainty.

Sunday morning through midday, the Virgo Moon heads into trine with Uranus in Taurus. Excitement is palpable, but satisfaction is found in engaging the practical in meaningful experimentation. It doesn’t have to be the same old thing, but a concrete goal is more inclined to success.

The Virgo Moon then moves into opposition to Neptune in Pisces, exact by night. Flights of fancy are favored, but they’re even more satisfying if you’ve gotten all the have-tos out of the way first. In that case, something truly creative and purpose-bonding can emerge (like a butterfly).

The full moon takes place Saturday morning at 5 degrees Virgo. Where does it hit your chart? Do you have any weekend plans?

7 thoughts on “Weekend Love Forecast – Vivacious Full Moon In Virgo”

  1. I am looking for responsive feedback; I do trust the universe but not all human constructs; your post plucks my heartstrings and my naturopathic doc added some info I need.
    It’s an 8th house full moon 🤞

  2. Vivacious Virgo full moon, indeed, and it hit me all at once just now. All I was doing was going for a short 5-minute walk to the mailbox to post a birthday card for my niece, and on the way, I bumped into 6 different neighbourhood friends and had all kinds of conversations with them, ranging from my ex-landlord recovering from cancer at 86, a chat about my mom’s death a few weeks ago and a friend’s recent lifelong partner’s death, invitations to a jazz show, a craft fair, condo building maintenance issues, etc. Definitely a “heightened awareness around communication” for me this eve of the vivacious Virgo full moon. Thanks Satori!

  3. This vivacious moon is my lunar return. I have been crushing my new years resolution..physically, mentally and all of it. I have been on a helluva roll…then, boom…two days ago I start feeling like crap. Stomach issues, brain fog, drained. Time to rest. Not…I have to tend to my family’s ill -health as well! Good thing I have been working out. Honestly I haven’t felt this strong in years. So, in true Virgo Moon fashion, I’m healing myself while tending to others. I was supposed to go to full moon yoga tonight, but I think I need to stay in, light some candles and say a prayer for everyone.

  4. It has been a bit stop …start. Problems with banks and their crappy not fit for purpose systems. Jobs got set up, then didnt happen. Strange undercurrents with a friend, who can be undermining. I warned him. I told him not to…but he did. Now he thinks ‘l know the future’. Yes, l looked at astrology but it was also about human nature. He has No water. This moon sq his sun with Trns. saturn.

    Best thing, and l know big 6th hse and Virgo people will get this:l finally cleaned out the useful cupboard. 3 shelves. Tools. Nails. Screws. Jars. I found lost things! All in order now. I got great satisfaction out of it.
    I dont think l am a fit as Poppymoon, but l can relate. My diet is excellent. Fitness could be better but l can walk. Bend. Stretch…evenso, l really shouldnt get up on a ladder.The other thing my peach harvest came in. I grew this tree from seed and almost lost it to disease. I shared with the ringtail possums. Made chutney. Poached some. Delicious. 7 left.

    And l cured the weird foot rash with rosemary oil after throwing out the stuff from the chemist. Small mercies but l will take them gratefully.

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