Weekly Forecast: February 26 – March 1 – Leap Year!

libraI was running through the aspects of the week and got myself confused. What the heck… we get an extra day this month! An extra day this year: It’s leap year! How did I miss this? There’s a Mercury, Sun, Saturn conjunction brewing in Pisces (exact on Wednesday). Yeah, that’ll do it!

It’s possible to miss what’s right in front of us; but thanks to Saturn, we get a wake-up call before it’s a disaster.

On Monday, the Moon finishes up in Virgo then moves to Libra with a trine to Pluto in Aquarius. If you’ve been putting off a phone call or waiting for just the right time to broach a subject (that takes some personal power or schmoozing), Monday works.

Late Monday, early Tuesday, Mars in Aquarius perfects its square to Taurus Jupiter. While Monday’s mood is rich and powerful, the pace to get things done can be hit or miss. Forewarned is forearmed.

Early Tuesday, the Libra Moon trines Mars, and Pisces Mercury picks up a sextile to Jupiter. The collective mood is good to go, and there’s an eagerness to communicate that results in plenty of fresh input… all over the place! It feels fresh, it sounds GREAT (and it’s valuable). Stay alert!

The Libra Moon goes on to trine Libra-ruler Venus in Aquarius and to oppose Aries Chiron by nighttime. Venus picks up the leading edge of a sextile to Chiron. It feels like things are coming together, and they are. We’ve gotten to the point where what we’ve learned is reflected in what we’re getting back. It’s lovely when “just desserts” are pleasurable (if erratic).

Venus perfects its sextile to Chiron on Friday, so we’ve got some time with this lovely opportunity. The smart money doubles down. You’ll do even better if you continue to invest in your lessons.

Early Wednesday, Mercury moves over the Sun in Pisces, then goes on to conjoin Saturn as well. All three closely conjoin, maintaining their tight formation through the afternoon when the Sun makes its exact conjunction with Saturn. Slow down and pay attention. In Pisces, revelations may require a bit of quiet contemplation or openness to access. If you can’t get any quiet or can’t quiet your mind, have faith that you’ll get your own revelation in time.

The Moon spends most of the day moving through the end of Libra, a pleasant mood and one ripe for grabbing the brass ring (if it comes around). Venus still sextiles Chiron and it also squares Uranus. By nighttime, the Moon winds up in Scorpio and a square to Scorpio-ruler Pluto. With the triple conjunction (Saturn-Sun-Mercury) in sextile to Jupiter (the Sun exact early Friday, Mercury early Thursday), it’s good to remember that what goes down, must come up. Don’t let a temporary condition blind you to a chance to enhance your position, either your standing or your long term plans (or both).

Use a powerful mood to motivate toward a giant realization. Soften your outlook, but commit to your joy.

Thursday morning, with Mercury and the Sun in sextile to Jupiter, the Scorpio Moon goes on to oppose Jupiter and trine the triple conjunction (Saturn-Sun-Mercury). There’s likely to be a lot going on and the inclination may be to hang back and enjoy the show. However, soon the Moon will square Mars (and square Venus overnight) so don’t waste time if you spot a shot at grabbing that brass ring.

Early Friday, the Sun finishes its sextile to Jupiter, and Venus perfects its sextile to Chiron. It’s a lot, and it can feel like something positive is waning. But it’s not: it’s built into the fabric of our lives going forward. Big things, valuable levels achieved.

Also early Friday, the Scorpio Moon squares Venus then goes on to oppose Uranus, a slightly wide, fixed t-square. Do we pout? Rage? Tantrum? We could shock others by taking another tack entirely, by taking a sharp turn to let another wind take our sails.

It’s an exciting turn of events (possibly). So it’s a lovely surprise when the wind dies down a bit and the mood mellows with a trine to Neptune. Soft seas, enchanting breeze, but never forgot the power of water. We can travel miles and miles in toe-tingling satisfaction and never notice the bonds we’re making together… have respect for that power and appreciate it.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Forecast: February 26 – March 1 – Leap Year!”

  1. Not liking the Sun/Mercury/Saturn Pisces conjunction. I think I’m being crystal clear with everything I am saying, yet other people seem to be hearing an indecipherable dialect of Chinese from me 🤦

    Maybe when Mercury makes the exact conjunction and passes the combustion stage, then the penny might drop 🙄 Until then, let’s play charades! Might as well, it would make better sense.

    Nope, not a movie. Guess again! 😃

  2. I would add, the Sun/Mercury/Saturn Pisces combo is a great time for divination techniques, such as Tarot. Did some readings earlier, and they were VERY crystal clear! Never had such clear readings for a while.

    So whilst other people may be talking gobbledygook in the real world, the esoteric and ethereal will, ironically, be a lot more straight talkin’ 🙂

    1. I hear you Mermaid. I do the same.
      Time to move some things around.
      I will run something by you about this after today…that trio in my 1st hse. 38 degrees today. Lunch with my cousin Robert (Aries) at the pub. It has air-con.Be well. Take care.

  3. Everything fell into place. An alignment. My cousin, 13 Aries, conjs my Sth Node, Venus in Taurus conj my sun. His Jupiter in Leo conj my moon 21 to the degree…his Pluto 26 Leo. Both Mars cardinal sq to the degree. There is more…l made a shift. Everything shifted. Something fundamental. Tower Hierophant 3 swords. I have been preparing for this.

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