Weekly Forecast: January 29 – February 2, 2024 – Sharpening The Point

skyMonday morning the Virgo Moon finishes up its earthy grand trine with Mars and Mercury in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus, then goes on to oppose Neptune in Pisces. It’s a mood of rapt attention to detail, one that prompts core planning and takes the outcome to a higher level of imagination.

As Virgo-ruler Mercury heads into sextile with Neptune all week, feel free to zone out a bit to zero in on that sweet spot in the ideal. Daydreams are A-okay!

Monday afternoon, Mars perfects its trine to Uranus, and it’s time to try something new. Overnight, the Moon moves to Libra and a delicious trine to Pluto in Aquarius: sealed with an airy but potent kiss… surprise!

On Tuesday, the Libra Moon passes through a yod with the Jupiter-Saturn sextile, on its way to a square with Venus and a trine to the Aquarius Sun. Libra balance is not inherently flexible, but we’re reminded that sometimes to give without a promise of getting is a compromise that pays off. The prize is not the point, staying on track is. Not too much, not too little.

Wednesday’s Libra Moon opposes Aries Chiron, widely forming a t-square with Venus. The Moon is past its square to Venus, but Venus actively squares Chiron. The Moon goes on to square Mars and Mercury. Again, we’re pressed to focus on the point rather than the lack of comfort. Satisfaction can come from denying oneself in the short term, but be sure you’re not harming yourself in the balance. Direct harm is not the point either. Hurts so good can be habit forming if you’re not careful. Conscious monitoring as you go takes care of that.

On Thursday, the Moon finishes in Libra and heads into Scorpio, squaring ruler Pluto. It’s a feisty day! Luckily, it also trines Saturn in Pisces: a balm on the waters and ballast for the moods (exact overnight).

The Scorpio Moon opposes Jupiter on Friday morning, then heads into sextile to Venus and square to the Sun in the afternoon. The emotional stakes are high, but satisfaction may be found in generosity without expectation. The challenge is “without expectation”. Gratitude is not always obvious, but that doesn’t mean it’s not present in another form. If you give what’s needed, that can be its own reward (not a platitude, but for real). All boats rise.

In fact by Friday morning, Venus picks up a trine to Uranus in Venus-ruled Taurus, so you never know when your just rewards will be delivered, or how. And if you think you do, that’s unlikely. And again, Venus continues in square to Chiron, so we’re learning to be gracious and carry on as we wait.

Friday night, the Moon moves out of square to the Sun and into opposition with Uranus (exact overnight), but it still has the makings of a t-square as the Sun heads into square with Uranus. Now is when the Pluto-ruled Moon makes the most of its power. This mood has the intensity needed to weather the unvarnished truth. Loyalty to your own best interest can be a great reason for pragmatism.

Be wary of responding to political baiting: knee jerk reactions could be momentarily vicious (before you even realize).

Alternately, this could herald passion that lifts an otherwise ordinary Friday night into the ride of your life (in a good way).

5 thoughts on “Weekly Forecast: January 29 – February 2, 2024 – Sharpening The Point”

  1. Hmmm, methinks the trine from Venus to Uranus does not take place until Wednesday, February 7th (even though I would like it to be taking place alot earlier and for a long time!).
    But there is a sextile between Mercury and Neptune Friday morning – is that compensation?

  2. I just read this and decided not to jump too soon, Satori. I have Mars 19 Cancer (Moon Leo 24 6th)…running amok is tempting…but it will get me no where fast and will do no good.
    Inside work is exhausting.

    1. PS l throw an I Ching each day. Today 34 The Power of the Great…”there is a danger that one may rely entirely on one’s own power and forget to ask what is right. There is a danger too that being intent on movement, we may not wait for the right time.” I can wait a bit longer.

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