Weekly Forecast: May 6-10, 2024 – New Moon in Taurus

The status quo is not easily disrupted, particularly with a stellium in earthy, fixed Taurus. But there is that possibility with Uranus in the mix. A building Sun-Uranus conjunction flanked by Venus and Jupiter is in fact no joke. Or maybe it’s a giant joke.

I suppose the difference lies in how seriously you take yourself. But what does it take to shake the unshakeable? The perfect opening in the armor, the perfect point in that opening. Remember Achilles?

Monday’s Mercury-Chiron conjunction in Aries is the perfect metaphor for both the weakness in the armor and the wound itself. If you need to pick your moment of advance (got to be starting something, need to be starting something), now is the time to brainstorm. If you’re seeking the gap in the armor, now’s the time to look (all the senses really).

We get a chance to figure out what needs shoring up and the way to learn from it, as well as how to either protect or eliminate that weakness. We’re looking at ourselves and others, as they look at themselves and us. If you’re looking for a way in anywhere or with anyone, be ready to act when you find it. Install patches immediately and keep going.

That sounds militant. Maybe. It can also be simple and common sense! Just do the thing and move on. No need to get worked up over planting wildflowers in a bare spot!

Monday’s Taurus Moon squares Pluto in Aquarius and goes on to trine Juno in Mercury-ruled Virgo (exact overnight). The mood clash in the collective sets a volcanic tone, but the real power move is in keeping your eyes on the prize.

That’s not always easy when it may seem as though the prize is ever changing. But if you (metaphorically) squint, you’ll see a through-line of solidity. Its essence remains the same. As the Taurus Moon perfects its trine to Juno, the Taurus Sun finishes its sextile to Pisces Saturn. Hold your conclusions lightly but steadily. This is it, this is the one. Ego certainty is steadying: Don’t seek it, let it happen.

Tuesday morning, the Taurus Moon conjoins Venus then spends the rest of the day closing in on its new moon conjunction with the Sun. The new moon sextiles Saturn and heads into conjunction with Uranus (Moon-Uranus exact overnight, Sun-Uranus exact after the weekend). This is a new moon beginning with hidden structure and endless opportunity.

In your wishes, hopes, and dreams for this one – include a lot of wiggle room. Lean on faith in goodness. Don’t expect a particular outcome, but lock in a grip on the dream itself: unshakeable faith in real-world stability and benefit.

Early Wednesday, the Taurus Moon sails through Uranus and Jupiter then finishes up in the sign with a final degree sextile to Neptune in Pisces by afternoon. That new moon energy splits its focus like a prism, increasing its spread into every corner. This carries through the Gemini Moon with a trine to Pluto in the afternoon and evening. It sinks in and fans out. The impact is deeply felt but lightens the heart in diffuse curiosity.

Aries Mercury (and the Aries stellium of Mars-Chiron-Mercury) indicates a straightforward, action-oriented approach to interpreting the events of the week. Sun-Uranus lends itself to openness to a more novel path and experimentation with a fresh self-image. Try new solutions; they lead to other new solutions. Continue to upgrade your new moon enterprise.

Thursday’s Gemini Moon sextiles Mars, squares Juno, then squares Saturn. If you want to make an omelet, you’ve got to break some eggs (at least two). This is definitely a “just do it” day, even if you hit some barriers (you will). It’s all part of the learning process: learn more, plan better, do better with less.

On Friday, the Gemini Moon sextiles Chiron and Mercury then squares Neptune in the afternoon/evening. Follow what’s interesting and engaging till you find the mystery at the center. We go from the fathomable to the unfathomable… and the challenge is to enjoy all parts of the ride. Both sides of the coin create currency together.

Late in the night, the Moon moves to Cancer and the point of a yod with Pallas Athena and Pluto (both retro). Feel your feelings (about the week, the new moon, about everything). Do you know the difference between intellectualizing your feelings and actually feeling them? I know I struggle with that. Consider it, go inside and feel it. Your personal power is locked until you figure that one out, so give it a go.

The new moon takes place at 18 Taurus. Where does that hit your chart?

5 thoughts on “Weekly Forecast: May 6-10, 2024 – New Moon in Taurus”

  1. 5th House Taurus for this dark moon. My granddaughter’s 6 month baby blankie arrived just on time, 5/4/24 she could cuddle up in it for the New Moon as if I was there too🥰

    Great navigation clues for the week, thanks thanks thanks👍🏽

    Love the drawing Satori: yours or Emma’s?

    1. Thanks! That’s my doodle! I made blankies for my kids, and it was so sweet to see them cuddle up in them.

  2. Thanks Satori, as always. Its sextikeextil my Sun/min conjunction in my first house) so hopefully something better then the recent relentless onslaught from Saturn, too many doctors visits and days in bed these days!

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