Weekly Forecast: November 13-17, 2023 – Expanding The New Moon

moon-sunMonday begins with the the Scorpio new moon conjunction, conjunct Mars and opposite Uranus. Anything can happen, but it’s also a chance to grab onto the motivation of the moment and make something happen.

Mercury in Sagittarius moves in sextile with Venus in Libra all week, exact Wednesday morning. Through late Wednesday night, the two form an active yod with retro Jupiter on its point. SO, this shoot-for-the-moon, new moon action bears the added bonus of right time, right place energy – the culmination of good ideas/info/inklings on blast.

Monday’s new moon goes on to trine retro Neptune and sextile Pluto, a powerful indication our fresh, new path is taking shape in the ideal as we take the first tangible steps to meet it. Evening takes the Moon into Sagittarius and a square to Saturn: a jarring slow-up but not unlucky (as it reflects well in the retro Jupiter yod).

On Tuesday, the Sadge Moon highlights the yod, conjunct Mercury, sextile Venus, and quincunx retro Jupiter. It goes on to trine retro Chiron in the evening. The senses are popping. Pay attention where things are coming together to make sense. Crazy idea, big plans? Maybe. Maybe you should keep listening and see what you can make of it. Timing is everything, always; so take another look if it warrants one.

Wednesday the Sagittarius Moon squares retro Neptune, fire to water in mutables. It’s a bit of a foggy fizzle; but if you take that as a given, it’s possible to make your own little oasis wherever you find yourself. Overnight, the Moon moves to Capricorn and a sextile to ruler Saturn. Finding your oasis is an ideal set-up to find your feet when the opening in the fog makes itself known.

Thursday’s Capricorn Moon goes on to trine retro Jupiter and square Venus as the Mercury-Venus-Jupiter yod perfects then recedes. Put on your own mask first (as they say), and elevate needs over desires for now: first one, then the other if you’re lucky. Get what you need. Climb.

In effect all week long but exact early Friday, the Scorpio Sun and Mars trine retro Neptune. By nighttime their conjunction perfects. We all want our fairytale, and all want it made real. Well, that’s not going to happen if we just keep pushing it ahead of us as we move forward, hoping it will just work out somehow and we’ll walk into it.

This week if you see the chance to make a move on your dreams and get into the flow of setting a habit and taking a first step, DO IT.

Friday morning the Capricorn Moon squares retro Chiron and goes on to trine retro Uranus. It’s a productive mood but not a comfy one. Take a chance, keep at it till something lands. In the afternoon, the Moon transits the midpoint of the Sun-Mars/Neptune trine. It then conjoins Pluto overnight. Persistence pays off and lends a tangible focus for bringing the soul of our dreamy fairytale into mundane existence.

The new moon takes place early Monday at 20 Scorpio, conjunct Mars and opposite Uranus. Whatever begins has an element of surprise. What are you hoping for?

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  1. trying to sort out the scorpio/aquarius moon dynamic. this new moon highlights an aspect i’m processing a lot right now between two people.

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