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planet girlPluto in Capricorn’s transit through my 12th (Saturn too), dissolved my boundaries on a deep level. This allowed me to merge with nefarious forces.

I’m on the ground now, working to leave what happens in “Vegas”, in Vegas! Basically, I have to wrestle to reestablish my own authenticity (Pluto transiting 1st) as well as my self worth (Saturn transiting 2nd).

I also have Uranus squaring natal Uranus.  Of course, I want to break out, but not without considering these other concerns.

I appreciate the support I received on the blog pass post. Your material support made a big difference. Thank you! I’m operating as if I have your material support now. I have some questions.

What should a modern astrology blog look like? Feel like? Most importantly, what should it cover?

I’ll share what I think I know about this, understanding it’s flawed and incomplete.

First, my newsletter is very popular. People tell me how much the appreciate my forecasts. What I don’t know is if they want the letter to be exclusively “forecasts”.

There’s also a big decision around what type of forecasts. People are very interested in world events but they are also sick of them. Further, there are also A LOT of astrologers doing this work. I am not to keen on writing about the shoe nearly dropping, five days a week and I figured out WHY.

It’s because I do a lot of consulting work and actual people almost always want to talk about their life; the issues and challenges they face. If I’m not going to worry about search engine ranking, it seems the LIFE tips should be a main feature.

I’m suggesting that worrying people is the basis of most industry at this time.  Do you have your iron bomb-proof underwear on? Aren’t you afraid of hackers and horribly rainy days?  Have you stockpiled enough supplements?  Do you know you’ll never get a man unless… etc.

This is everywhere, but my actual customer wants to do human things like keep their marriage strong, cope with the stress of life’s stresses (job loss, empty nest, illness), find a partner, hone their skill for some purpose, overcome a past trauma, make a good life decision, overcome fear or addiction. etc.

Note these are HUMAN problems to be addressed and overcome. My idea is to heavily focus on this area at this time.

What do you think of this? What should the modern astrology blog (and newsletter) focus on?

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  1. Personally,l think this blog, lead by you, IS a modern astro. blog, Elsa. You cover big world and small world issues (or from the macro. to the micro: the one in the many) and input from others expands topics and can send them off in new unexpected directions.The world will give us the rest. You are doing a lot atm…l remember Uranus squ. Uranus (myself). l hope your new computer doesnt give you any more issues. This blog is unique and has been honed over time. A kind of living art work…yep, it really is.

    1. Thank you. My computer problems are in hand, though they have to work on my astro program. I’m told it could take some time. Workarounds are in place.

      Physically, I’m doing well. My advice? Don’t get hit by gravel trucks!

      1. Elsa, as far as i can see your macro and micro Work is excellent. Just by the decisions macro organizations make i think the macro folk have their own astrologer(s). What effects that has on peon lay masses hardly ever seems good. So, for whatever it’s worth, if i were you i’d focus on the issues of micro folk, those who need help dealing with the things they face. That’s just my opinion. It comes from someone early on in my path who seemed to make sense telling me not to work for the government using my skills.

  2. I love the way you look at the world and astrology! You’ve helped me more than I can say! Could you email me? I tried to but a birthday package and I think I may have two user names so I couldn’t complete the package.

  3. I love your newsletter as is… I always look forward to it. I think it’s very different from what’s out there and i consider you my #1 source for top quality astro perspective

    1. I agree 100% with this. Your newsletters are way better than all the other ones out there. Your mix and style is perfect as it is.

  4. I love the blend of newsletter, real life astrology depicted in your posts and edified meaning the related older posts flesh out meaning. That’s what your long view blog offers: textured soup… ask any good cook what that means? It’s not just colored water 😜
    Satori’s forecasts are prime astrological prose. No other place like this one-two punch or kiss! The content is evocative and that means thought provoking at many levels. Education vs Persuading. A powerful difference. I like what and how you serve. I learn here. I like to share here. Thanks to you and Satori many people grow. And it’s fun! Surprising as hell or heaven too😎

  5. hello Elsa!
    So many good insights after having read your articles, after so many years of following you. You don’t go about beating the bush, you talk straight from your mind/heart and plenty of intensely lived experiences and meanings.
    I agree with the posts before mine, I like your nutshell posts and the various interesting topics we can read to give substance and further insights while reading you. I also love the images…the questions and titles for your articles.
    I don’t care if it’s modern, what does it mean? being less original and creative? Astrology is a powerful tool to pierce through the veils of our own ignorance…it’s the Language of Energy being manifested through us.
    I’m working from Barcelona, Spain, and I thank you warmly for all of these years of impeccable work you’re sharing with everyone! Bless you!!

  6. Your practical life advice is why I still read your blog after all this time and still read your newsletter each time it arrives. It’s valuable! You’re excellent at giving advice that’s solid no matter what world events are going on. It’s because life has a way of going on despite world events.

    1. Thanks, CT. This is what I’m thinking; but I also don’t want to ignore to the worldwide situation, which impacts the personal situation, greatly. I’m looking for balance, I guess.

  7. You probably should keep doing what you do best, which is personal/psychological astrology..I personally would like to see some analytic work on mundane astrology, but recognize that isn’t what interests people most….

  8. I look forward to receiving your newsletter in my inbox every single day and I’m very happy whenever I find it. It has become my point of reference for what the planets are up to, and how that may explain the way I feel as well as what to expect, say, tomorrow when I have that important conversation taking place.
    I like the fact that it’s succinct; at times I wish it were less so, but when I need more I schedule a reading.
    I enjoy the balance between the current and the worldly events, as well as the occasional personal story thrown in.
    In short I think it’s perfect and I do hope that you will continue your work regardless of AI intervention. As an interpreter/translator I’ve been using CAT tools to simplify and fasten my work but, just like with AI –GPT Chat for instance — the nuances are lost: How do your translate proverbs? Idioms? etc., each language has its own. The same, I suspect, applies to astrology calculations. The expertise, knowledge, insight, instincts, and empathy of an astrologer — as well of those of a translator — cannot and will never be able to be replaced by AI.

  9. I SO agree with you! Elsa’s blog is only one of 2 I have consistently followed for decades…& I’m an astrologer! I can’t tell you how many times I have thought (with a bit of envy🙃) how she has found the perfect formula…an amazing mix of useful, insightful commentary on the current state of the sky that she has not only obviously sat & actually THOUGHT about (instead of just plugging in the aging textbook boilerplate) but that is also infused with not only her years of experience, but a genuine connection with her readers. & the comment community…not forcing them to some social media platform that may or may not be working tomorrow & sucks up & sells every word they share.
    Lastly, the whole concept of “modern” “ain’t what it used to be”. Like everything else careening toward ? on this planet right now, it is out of control, on steroids & changes everyday….& people are exhausted. All the constant newest iteration & innovative everything in every area of their lives is becoming unsustainable on the human level.
    The point of this long blat is: Not everything is so broken it needs to be fixed…some (actually many) things, we are finding out, are not only fine as they are, maybe they just need a little touch up on the external form😉

  10. You keep it real Elsa, the whole world keeps tumbling along into the future but yet real authenticity is rare. Keep doing what you’re doing and stay passionate about helping others. I just hope that you can sustain your energy for those of us who need your help and invaluable insight. It truly is a great gift for us. Thank you 🙏 Let’s all continue to enjoy this crazy ride together.

  11. I found your blog after my favorite guy in Australia died. He focused on history and big picture astrology; Mundane. Connecting, for example, Pluto through Cap current circa 2008 -ish to the last time it transited Cap. I miss that mundane astrology but you include it enough to satisfy my need to know even thought you typically don’t do a ‘look back’.
    I do appreciate the current transits and how you put more meaning to it. I swear I have tried all my life to understand Astrology, read it for myself, and even after taking your class in Sept I can’t do it. I rely on you.
    When you do post like this: Mar (power) Venue (love) etc it helps me understand the energy we are under. (My examples are probably wrong, btw.)
    I am not at my most eloquent today so please excuse this rather disjointed comment. I’d rather stick my head under my pillow and make the world go away but because of your posts I basically know why! People often here in the comments say my blah blah planet is so and so’d to my other planet and I’m a cardinal air person. Means zip to me. Zip. I don’t care.
    I care that you keep this going just the way you are doing it. The art work is great. Your posts concise and mostly I understand them. When I am truly at a cross roads or completely at a loss I get a consult with you. I’d like to do it more but, well you know, money!
    So Elsa, if you can, please keep going. Just they way you’ve been going. If I had a suggestion it would be comparing current transits (outer planets) to the previous time they transited this way.

  12. Elsa, I really appreciate your newsletter and blog because of the mix and how you keep it all so real. I looked forward to seeing it in my inbox. I agree that at this time, some of the worldly things are having a huge impact and would be a positive thing to include here and there as needed. With that said, I love what you’re doing now, how you’ve evolved your writing and experience over the years, and how you incorporate revelations from the past. Your writing and consulting has impacted my life in so many positive ways. Keep doing you!

  13. I agree with just about everything everyone wrote. I understand your wanting to find balance between world events and personal,and have found your instincts good on these.
    A wise mentor of mine once said,”it doesn’t matter what happens outside of you, it matters what you do with it.” I would sum that up as, change yourself and it does change the world.
    So practically,yes, be aware of world events as much as possible, to the degree possible, but people’s energy is best focused on “inner” work. I have found this to be because whoever you are, you’re more of it now. If you are aware of who you are, then you can direct this as much as possible. If you are not, then life tends to happen to you, at least in your perception. So the more personal life tips you provide, the better! But really that all just translates to please keep being you, and trust your instincts. The results are showing they’re great! Thank you!!

  14. Thanks, everyone. Truly, I appreciate this. I honestly didn’t know this sentiment existed. I mostly hear complaints, so it’s helped me a lot. THANK YOU.

  15. Many, many moons ago, back when the forums were new and I was a daily fixture, I remember there being a HUGE discussion about potential upheaval you saw coming. I remember thinking, “Here? In ten years? NO WAY.”

    Ha. Ha. HA!
    Color me abashed. *lol*

    Anyway. That’s been on my mind lately *grins* and that’s kind of a snapshot of what I expect when I read the newsletter. How to navigate today, next week, next year, all delivered with the signature Elsa humor and honesty. I’m definitely part of the “old guard” now, not the vanguard, but if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. 😉

  16. Useful astrology is a combination of both reading the tea leaves AND reading the writing on the wall; it’s intuition paired with knowledge and experience, and that is uniquely human. This is lost on a great many, particularly younger people, in a society conditioned by social media, google, software, and basic malfeasance. Nevertheless, people respond to authenticity (a concept that has been badly overused and misrepresented in the 21st century).

  17. I didn’t read through all of the replies, so forgive me if this is repeat information. I like your stories and your advice. Both help me to see and remember humanity. I like how you tie in the astrology in both.

    I’m one of the people who is fatigued from world events, but I do like to know how the sky aligns with what is going on.

  18. I’d be very sad to come to your site one day and find it being turned into something ‘modern’ like the sleek boring templates with pages and submenus…and reading your advice columns without the text frazzled around the picture would also annoy me…even it the content is the same.
    Your blog is like a super rare vinyl record, no digital copy can replace that.

    Regarding content, I agree that mundane astrology is interesting but at the end of the day I want to understand how it may affect me and you deliver that absolutely, nothing missing here.

    Sometimes I want to read only advice you’ve given, one after the other, I think these are the best astrological meat and entertainment…and I grumble because your tag system brings up all sorts of related posts and I have to scroll through to find the next advice post. But I’ll gladly continue to do that… no problem.

  19. The newsletter ALWAYS sparks me. I ALWAYS click at least one link, and then I am in for an hour, most of the time. No other newsletter ever does that for me. I bet that’s true for most of us.

    The other day I actually woke up thinking about the site and how a person with can build a deep understanding of their chart just by searching their own planetary positions and aspects. Look up any single thing and there is absolutely a ton of information – but more important, a ton of different ways different people experience it. Where else can you get that?! Hugely valuable for newbies but also for old timers like me who think they know their charts.

    I love the newsletter: nobody like you Elsa. I don’t know how you consistently get your quirky essence into that short format, but you do and it’s completely unique.

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