What Are The Repeating Themes In Your Life?

My husband has a habit of running into people in his past in the strangest places. He  tends to collide with people who have done him wrong, long after they’ve forgotten him. They’re always surprised how acute his memory is. (Taurus / Scorpio)

I haven’t had the same experience. But you get to a certain age and you figure out that some things are true for you even if they’re not true for others.  He takes care how he treats people since he has every expectation he will see them again.

It’s interesting, trying to figure out what is true for each individual. Repeating themes are bound to show in a chart and surely we can learn from them.

For example I’ve been dragged to court many times. I never lose but I never win either. There is either nothing to win (except for not losing). In some cases I might be able to counter-sue but I don’t bother. So there’s no benefit to this outside of coming to understand that I’m an credible person. If I weren’t could I write this blog? Probably not.

What do you call the opposite of collateral damage? Collateral benefit? I have that.

Can you a signature of this type in your chart?

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  1. Collateral benefit? *lol* Great!

    I´ve always had that in connection with administrative authorities. I´m a sloppy jerk in filling out forms, always forget due dates and stuff, but seeing how others are getting harassed by the officials for no reason, especially in the unemployment agencies, I seem to have a longterm lucky streak in that that saves me from disadvantages. Never had any of the trouble so common for many, though due to having had to raise two kids on my own on practically no money, I have kind of a long history in being dependant on some kind of social welfare and stuff.

    So lately I realized that compared to so many people I know and what they were sent thru, I was really fortunate in that matter without even “wanting” it or doing anything about it, like consciously taking advantage. It just turned out that way. People in offices seem to like me… though to me administration is a strange and impenetrable world, a law jungle I feel completely lost and foreign in.

    So when I came across this pattern lately, I tried to find it in my chart, but I´m not sure yet. Usually Saturn is related to authorities in general – and my Saturn trines Venus (8th house cusp), so that could be like “being liked by the authorities”, I figure. I´m not sure though, it kind of feels more jupiterean to me. The “spoiled brat” thing ;-)even, at times, though I know I´d do no good in relying on that, so I still never expect the benefit but marvel and say thanks to the powers that be when it comes.

  2. I have periods of extreme social activity and then periods of complete withdrawal from society. I have a stellium in 7th and lots of retrogrades.

  3. I find money. All the time, it’s stupid. Never big amounts, just $10 and $5 there, it makes my SO crazy…the thing is, I work outside downtown with 2 other people who are big money finders and it’s made pickings slim, LOL! I’ve even thought, hmm it’s been a few months now…lo and behold I find a fiver. I like to pretend it’s because I am due to be rich at some point in my life…
    another pattern is that I travel a lot and always run into someone I know, no matter where it is. Last time it was an old party friend in Thailand. He lives in England, me in Canada..weird.
    No sense of what the astrological pattern would be.

  4. The only pattern I’ve noticed is that I’m oblivious to ~lots~ of things. 😛 Oh! And people like to steal my stuff for some reason.

    Warning! Amateur out on a limb! About running into people when you travel, do you have any goodies in the ninth house or strong Sag influence? It seems to me that would be tied up in there somehow.

  5. oooh I do! Sag ASC (being sat on by Pluto at 26 degrees–whew), Pluto and NN in 9th House Libra.
    Any thoughts on what the money finding would be? My 2nd House is empty. 🙂

  6. I notice patterns all the time and very quickly (Virgo stellium). However…in terms of difficult relationship patterns…what they mean, what to do about them and then to learn the lessons from them, have come ever so excruciatingly slowly with much trauma. Natal Venus oppose Saturn?

    At least there has been much growth in that department in the last 5 years…maybe due to some heavy duty Pluto transits, but definitely due to astrology in general. As I’ve said before, thank goodness for astrology and my birthchart!

  7. Kashmiri,

    Just my two cents (which you’ll probably find on the ground)…

    Your ‘luck’ sounds Jupiter/Sag. Maybe you have a Venus/Jupiter aspect?

    By the way, my ASC is Sag 27 degrees and my SN is 9th house Libra. Transiting Pluto crossing ASC…what’s it been like?

  8. What’s it been like? Well I never knew it was actually happening for the longest time, my atrological studies were focussed elsewhere, Saturn in Leo being my first SR.
    This transit really picked up when I began having recurring water-themed dreams–waves, storms, rivers, you name it. I was then forced to move from a home I loved because of a flood and a landlord who refused to fix the roof. I spent 3 months stepping over buckets before snapping when water started coming through the light fixtures.
    Luckily, I found a home I liked better. Some of my relationships ended, in particular a ‘friendship’ that felt like torture.
    No Jupiter/Venus Aspects.
    I think the money thing is a sign that I’m going to be alright financially my whole life (though I am, by the books, poorer than a lot of people).

  9. I have Mars in Taurus opposing Pluto in Scorpio in 1st and 7th houses. And Moon in Taurus in 1st. I understand your husband’s good memory.:) Treatment is very important for Taurus. And Taurus likes avenge by earthy methods: to push “accidentally” or first pass, say. But collision with money, property is more Scorpio’s, I think.

  10. People have a tendency to track me down and repay my “kindness” years or months later in overly generous ways. Which is weird because I don’t see it as a big thing at all and I find it uncomfortable and undeserving to receive something so disproportionately large in return for something that should just be a normal thing. I had that happen, actually, three times in one week here recently. And yes—it was the same emotion. Very uncomfortable. I attribute it to my Jupiter in Leo in the 12th? I’m happy with doing/giving the thing in private and seeing people flourish later. But I don’t necessarily want lots of attention called to it.

    And yet, in my inner circle and in my family of origin, nobody appreciates me in even the smallest ways. They just want more. (Jupiter sextile Venus while Venus squares Saturn) It’s so imbalanced. I’ll never understand it. But maybe that’s the universe’s way of compensating for years of being overlooked. I dunno. ??‍♀️

  11. I don’t know what the astrology is perhaps chiron opposite pluto, but I am the type of person who would walk through a gun shootout, not realise it was going on and not get killed. What do I mean by this? I seem to be forever in social situations where there’s an agenda,not mine, one that I’m not aware of,but I get pulled into it, or blamed for it, sometimes battered, sometimes praised and I haven’t had / don’t have the foggiest what it’s all about. I’m the foreigner here with a reputation ( a responsible one) and so I think I’m a scapegoat, a kind of shield that others grab to fight their own corner. it’s all very neptunian (mine is in scorpio 6th, sextile natal chiron and pluto)I seem to have amazing protection although I have been targeted for all sorts of things, the latest being demon possession. well, it all irons out but it’s very elusive. Now saturn in Capricorn and on my sun I am able to fortify my position. I realise it’s them / out there as I am not doing anything different than I’ve been doing for the last 20 years. I am very careful about what I say (merc in 8th house capricorn)and spend a lot of time away alone,happily. (Moon in 12th)

  12. Yikes, I have the same experiences as your husband. Over the holidays I was contacted by a woman who wronged me 35 years ago. She had no recollection of it and I had the letter to prove it. It was ironic because I was in one of those getting rid of it phases but I held on to that and two days later she contacted me. Another issue that is a constant theme in my life is what you term Corpses. I have no clue what’s in my chart that causes it though. That’s why I have you Elsa.

        1. Avatar
          corinne pettrone

          Sorry, I am typing without my magnifiers. That should have said while there are no Venus/Pluto aspects in my natal chart. my natal Venus (1st house in Libra) has been squared by my transiting Pluto (3rd house in Capricorn)

  13. My comment will pertain to my boyfriend of almost 8 years.
    He has a 6th house Cancer Venus opposed his 11th house Jupiter.
    He is constantly sued. Constantly. By what I see as the 6th house/11th house axis of people who work with him and where those people operate in his life.
    My boyfriend founded his own company, so all the suing is work related. He has never lost a case against him, but the frequency and duration of the lawsuits is mind boggling. I had no idea until I met him how frequently independent business owners are sued and how much is at stake.
    My boyfriend ended up selling his small company to a man who had not experience in the particular business. This man kept my boyfriend on in order to run things. So my boyfriend just did what he has always done, just no longer had to make payroll.
    And guess what? The new owner immediately got sued. By a man who had worked closely as a sales consultant for my boyfriend for several years. This time, the new owner lost the case and was forced into bankruptcy. They are still operating the company. Venus does trine my boyfriend’s MC, so maybe that has something to do with it.

    1. Did he ever consult an attorney before being sued? There are ways to make yourself personally and your business more judgement proof.

  14. Losing and obstacles; I can’t seem to get anything to go right no matter what I try. For instance, I spent thousands of dollars in my own money to go back to school for my paralegal certificate but still can’t even get the time of day from an employer about a decent job. Now I’m looking at going back for more school.

  15. Before age 30, I would tend to attract people who treated me like crap. Now, this doesn’t excuse their actions, and I don’t want to ever see their faces again. I do see that all of that was a painful lesson in self love.

    I was a gay male, in the closet, full of self-hate, and it only makes sense that I attracted hateful and dark people. I love myself now, even when I’m being a total a$$hole.

  16. Cats, I somehow am able to attract the neighborhood cats to my garden and home. You know, the kind of cats people lets roam outside as “outdoor” cats. In the course of 10 years I have had 5 different cats “move in” into my home! You know, cats thats left to roam may often choose themselves a new family? Thats me! Once a homeless cat found me in my garden in the middle of the midnight (I was letting my bunny run in the garden), and he was soo hungry! I gave him food and some days later he moved in with me, since it was November and so cold, he had lost his voice!

    The other 4 cats had families and owners so well, I had to tell them their cat was visiting me etc. Some does not like it so I have to stop letting the cat in. Some does not mind.

    For now, I don’t have any cats visiting.

    I can’t get my own cat, because I live with my parents and my mother can’t stand animal hair. But she loves the visiting cats haha. I bought a Cornish rex cat ones, a breed that has a special coat, like a lamb and won’t shed hair and fur all over ones house. Due to some personal stuff I had to place him with an other family. Now, I wait for getting my own house so I can get myself a furry cat friend <3

  17. Both I and my father are also good at attracting wild birds in need of help. Just 2 years ago I Common golden eye duckling had fell into a pot in our garden. It was a baby hatchling. The nearest lake was 1 km from our garden so dunno what it was doing teher. Long story short, after 3 hours of searching a fount its mother and siblings! I couldn’t give up until I could reuinite them!

    Also I how 2 rescue budgies now. A family friend gave them to me, I had to save them from being locked in a cage 24/7!
    They have lived with me for 3 years now and they are cage free <3

    So yeah I'm good at attracting cats, birds, sometimes lost dogs aswell, the last one this summer, a golden retriver who had run away from home! She was leash and collar less, but I managed to find the owners!

    I love animals and I looove helping them <3

    Dunno where on the chart this can be seen?

    I'm Virgos asc, Taurus sun and merc. Plutonic, saturnian but also highly neptunian with sun and venus aspecting Neptune.
    I guess the neptune energy attracts the lost animals in need,
    And the plutonic energies in me, helps me to never give up helping them!

  18. Lost dogs find me.
    My own dogs find lost dogs or dogs on the run.
    I always find the culprit, thief or villan in the “act”.
    I see people cheating on their spouses.
    Total strangers tell me their deep childhood secrets.
    I seem to happen on grieving men sitting on park benches and nature places, crying over a dead wife or similar.
    Large vehicles park next to my car if there is ever a space; fire engines, search and rescue vehicles, huge cranes etc.
    I notice youth in trouble in public places, find myself warning them that they are about to get caught by the police or caught on camera; doing drugs, carrying weapons, rage, break ups etc.

    I see it as being an active humanitarian who sees suffering and “acting out”, sees the griever and the one who is “lost” somehow, including animals.
    Sun Aqua 10th, Neptune conj Jupiter in Scorpio 6th.

  19. My husband of 34 years has water and gas leaks. When I first moved in with him his house had a gas leak. Three of his cars have had gas leaks. We have had numerous water leaks, washing machine floods, hot water heater flooding and under the house slab water line leak. Had to have the water line diverted through the attic. He has a stellum in pisces 12th house with cancer sun. I have 3 planets in pisces and cancer rising. Maybe it’s a recurring theme with both of us. But I don’t have the gas leaks, just the water leaks.

  20. Melinn,I smiled to read of your talent at attracting creatures in need. I believe Neptune aspects are very helpful. It’s my guess that your good actions are known and shared among the community of cats and dogs and other creatures in need. What a good thing for them you are there!

    Gabrielle B has Sun in Aquarius in 10th. She tells of her actions, kind of like being a Friend of the Moment. Both of you have insight into people and situations. You offer effective kindness.

    When I worked at various places I was good at figuring out who was stealing food from the common refrigerator. It was luck in timing primarily and understanding of human nature. When I put a lunch bag labeled “FREE” with things like apples, crackers, tins of tuna, etc., the stealing coworker did not avail herself of this bounty. She continued to steal people’s microwave dinners.

    Two times someone tried to break into a storage space (two different storage companies, decades apart) but the door stuck and at this apartment building the laundry room locker assigned to me had the lock cut but the door stuck. Wow! What nice karma. There was a troublesome family here at that time. (I left them a big bag of rice outside their door to help.) When a landscaping guy tried to break into my place by jimmying a window the lock held although he used his hip to knock the stick at the bottom out. I was ready to defend with a frying pan (a cliche, eh?)and he was unaware that I was able to follow his outdoor effort from inside the house. The obstruction luck seems to be a Saturn energy. Defense, boundaries.

    A coworker sent an email to someone she thought I had a crush on using my work email for return address. Signed it with my name.(Impersonating someone is something she could have been written up for.) She does not have the gift of grammar and she does not have the same writing style at all. This email somehow failed to get to the intended target and bounced back to my in-box. Hahaha. I am not sure how many of these got successfully sent out of course. She did not know that when some major smoothing out needed to be done or something important needed to be said that I used actual handwriting and very nice business stationery.

    So although I have had 12th house actions to deal with I have had some luck in learning about them. It surprised me that someone so invested in creating trouble through gossip and speech did not have insight into matching writing styles. I am sure that there are now artificial intelligence programs to help one simulate the writing of another. Alas! Let’s give a cheer for face-to-face interactions! Handwritten notes! The pony express! Smoke signals!

  21. The oyster pattern of hiding from large groups repeats itself. It started when I was a girl, I’d burrow under piles of clothes in the closet when people came to visit. My parents would ‘explain’ my behavior as shyness. The pattern repeats itself when I disappear out of self-protection. My husband used to try to explain until I asked him not to. When as a girl I didn’t have any other ways to handle the emotional overload, hiding in the closet was my only escape. Now as an old woman living a very public life with emotional and physical limitations, my 12th House Capricorn Moon uses my 10th House Mercury and Chiron in Scorpio to communicate. Through writing (those depth of words become a third-person) I find the form of expression to manage the tenderness and the recurring Chiron hurt.
    About the collateral damage vs. collateral benefit: My husband does collateral damage in spades. Cancer Sun, Virgo rising, Libra Moon at the 29th degree. I see how our partnership is a balance of collateral damage and collateral benefit. He benefits from my Capricorn Moon because what he can’t sort ‘out there’ is sorted with me in the Bat Cave. Collateral benefit. He doesn’t try to or need to explain me; I can write/right that myself. It works for us. With lots of practice.

  22. Lovers dying, so many more have died than are living. Now I am 62 but there are just so many. ( I am from the 70s generation ) I am starting to feel like the kiss of death , no pun intended.

    1. Opalina, sending hugs. Someone I know with a grand cross in fixed signs has suffered the loss of many friends. It is hard to lose a loving presence. Enjoyed your comment about 70s generation.

  23. Opalina , I’m so sorry. I can feel your pain. I have a niece by marriage who is maybe 4/5 years younger who is a pisces/aries sun on the cusp. she thought she was pisces but my mom always thought she was aries (mom was an astrologer) .She has also lost so many spouses, lovers through death. She has an awesome sense of humor and wit and does very well (maybe better?) on her own. It would take a very special person to handle this. Sending a warm hug to you.

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