Saturn in Pisces – Missed Diagnosis / Misdiagnosed

Neptune blue backgroundThere’s a crazy cloud around medical issues at this time.  This is affecting almost everyone, if not directly then via a friend or family member. Doctors can’t figure it out, for a long, long, long list of reasons.

This is a common occurrence when Saturn and Neptune (Pisces) combine. It’s a true phenomena and I want to say, it’s not always the doctor’s fault.

Some patients don’t communicate well with their doctors. They omit information, purposely or otherwise, effectively handicapping the doctor.

A person may read on the internet and come up with their idea of what’s wrong with them.  This can subtly and subconsciously alter what they report to the doctor. Things fog up very quickly.

Cognitive impairment is another barrier to a getting a good diagnoses. The doctor can be the one that’s impaired! I’ve seen this myself, when a doctor strolled into a waiting area, to catch a couple on their way out. “There’s a spot on your lung on your x-ray,” he called to the husband. “You should check it out,” he added, as I watched the wife’s knees buckle. This same doctor sent me for a “full body cancer scan” because my back hurt.  He didn’t bother to explain his reasoning.

So now we have pandemic stuff and the shots. Different people think different things about the levels of danger associated with everything involved with this.  This doesn’t help to identify what might be ailing a person. Discerning information from misinformation is a challenge.

Feeling something is wrong, but not being able to isolate it does not stop people from treating themselves. Without fully understanding your situation, it’s easy to make yourself worse or further cloud the information. Marketing provides a huge on-ramp to the path of taking and mixing supplements you heard of yesterday, in order to calm or heal yourself in some way.  Available on Amazon! Various potions can interact with various potions.

Stress affects the immune system and we all have plenty of that!  We’ve also got doctors who don’t want to say anything and patients who don’t want to know anything. You can reverse these statements and they will still be true. Pisces!

I have Saturn Neptune mashed in my chart. I have been dealing with this and writing about it for years.

People Who Have Trouble Getting Diagnosed With (Or Without) Illness

I have some tips for overcoming this challenge. One or more might be applicable to your situation.

Clear communication is key.  Doctors don’t spend a lot of time with patients these days.  If you want a chance at being understood, take the time to annotate your complaints.  This way you won’t miss anything.  I know I’m a puzzle, so I often just hand a concise list to my doctor.  He can scan it in one minute and take it from there; asking me questions to clarify as needed.

pareto 80/20 ruleFind a doctor who likes and listens to you. Again, I have been dealing with this for so long, I came to understand long ago, you need a doctor who sees you. You can help this scenario develop by making eye contact to attempt to connect with this other human being.  Communication is always a two-way street.  Try to be fully present during your appointment.  If you’re working your end and they’re not working theirs, you need a new doctor.

Take advantage of your doctor’s education. I was having a severe problem that suggested I might have had a stroke. I had to get to brain MRI’s (with and without contrast), which revealed nothing but another bad diagnosis. Frustrated, I went to my doctor and asked him to look at everything I was taking and tell me if there was anything on the list that could explain the problems I was having – ANYTHING. He noted he’d heard that a tiny percentage of people had issues with a very common drug I was taking. Good thing I asked because when I went off it, my problems resolved almost immediately. Jeez louise!

Consider prioritizing your problems. If you have something that is literally doing you in, it can make sense to focus on resolving it, by setting the minutiae aside.  The 80/20 rule applies. You want to get at the 20% that is causing the 80% of your problems.

Bottom line, it’s your health and it’s worth taking responsibility (Saturn) for finding your way through the fog, as opposed to leaving to the authority figure who does not have to live with the consequences (Saturn) of a misdiagnosis. And try to be patient because the fog is real and if you get upset, it creates stress which tends to make everything worse.

Are you dealing with undiagnosed or misunderstood illness? Have you ever?  Do you have tips of your own?

If you’re struggling with Saturn in Pisces, check out our guide: Staying Stable As Reality Morphs.  It will help!


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    Shimmering Light

    Good point about the concise list. I do this generally (cause else I forget) and my doctor appreciates it. It saves time and we can go through the list together, step by step.

  2. I have Neptune in Libra in the 6th, known for difficulty of diagnosis as well as sensitivity to drugs and usual dosage. Its always been a crap shoot.

    1. I have Neptune in Libra as well but in the first house.
      It wasn’t until I was diagnised with cancer n receiving subsequent chemotherapy that I came to realize how sensitive I am n have been all my life to whatever I ingest in my body.
      The chemo reaction was swift n effective allowing me to reduce the length n kinds of treatment suggested.
      This Neptune thing is very interesting but subtle.
      I’ve found the only person can figure out how I feel with this Neptune placement is me.
      Lately my relationship with Docs – well one doc in particular – is somewhat adversarial.
      I work diligently on myself in terms of diet n exercise. All will be well

      1. Avatar
        Miguel Melchizedek

        LP. Treat it like Ascendant in 💦Pisces♓️💦, same thing. Exercise (🔥Fire🔥) will dry your excess 💦water💦. You need to live close to a large body of 💦water💦, preferably the 🌊Sea💦. By the coast. To 🚶🏼walk👣 along the ☀️👙⛱beach🏊🏼‍♂️☀️ and wet your 👣feet, feel the deep power of the 🌊Ocean💦. This brings you 🕊Peace🕊 and harmony (Libra♎️).

        LP, Wanita. Your mission in life is definitely to embrace SPIRITuality as the Root-Cause and solution to *everything*. Only then you’ll find 🕊Peace🕊 and Harmony. Libra♎️ is caring and kindness and harmony therefore Healing is definitely an expression of Libra♎️, its highest expression: Neptune in Libra♎️ = 💅Venus exalted in 💦🐠Pisces♓️🐟💦. Altruism. Selflessness. ✨Grace 🕊✨. ✨Forgiveness✨.

        You are the Healer, not the white coat, and you didn’t know it. All you have to do is start remembering what you already know. Asklepius. Dr. Sousa Martins. Bezerra Menezes.

        Asklepius/Chiron the wounded Healer. There’s a connection to Ophiucus and Serpens => Caduceus. That too was abducted by Staff of Hermes => commerce💰💵.

        The white coat$ (priesthood/religion) as a class are defined by the 6th House/👱🏻‍♀️Virgo♍️ thus their mission in life *should be* to Heal through 12th House/💦🐠Pisces♓️🐟💦 /SPIRITuality — something which they once did (witches too) using Astrology and herbology, this until the turn of the XX century when their profession was snatched, killed and usurped and the body started being treated like mechanics treat cars, removing parts, replacing parts, etc. All you have to do to know and see this ✨Truth👊🏼 in action is to move East, in Asia infirmities are not dealt the same 💀way⚰️ and 🦀Cancer💀 is not incurable at all, to say the least.

        Many times, if not every time, people need trauma to wake themselves up. It’s the wounded Healer thing. Once you get it and Heal yourself out of it/anything then you’ll be able to do that for others.

        🦀Cancer💀 is really a simple thing, in my humble opinion. So many people get out of that trap, more and more do every year because Humanity is waking up.

        This awakening process is inevitable, unstoppable and irreversible, because of the motion of the Solar System entering the ⚡️Aquarius♒️/🦁Leo♌️ (Age) sector where there’s a much higher frequency light — look up Photon Belt — that we, Humanity, the 🌍Earth, the Solar System, at sub-atomic level, are immersing in more and more. Unavoidable, inescapable. Thus the violent desperate reaction of the system controllers that we are all watching happening in one last desperate attempt to herd Humanity into their fences.

        Last time the 🌍World entered the Photon Belt was the 🦁Leo♌️ Age which the Sphinx signals — and archeologists found out evident signs it was a long long time under 💦water💦, signaling the last 🌊Deluge💦 and fall of Atlantis, read “Edgar Cayce On Atlantis”.

        I know you’ll simply know this to be ✨True👊🏼. A knowingness you don’t know how you know but you know without a doubt, you simply know.

        1. Bro. Miguel
          The Bible says:
          “Those that have ears, let them hear”
          (One of my favorite verses).
          Trust n believe I have ears.
          Thank you so much.
          This is da best elucidation of my – and Wanita for that matter – Neptune placement in Libra. 🎯🎯🎯
          Sometimes I need to see it at least hear all which you’ve explained.
          (That water thing whether ocean, stream, river or creek has always called out to me. Now and in the last 20yrs more than ever)
          What you’ve lain on me is like a kickstarter and helps immensely.
          Peace ✌🏿

          1. I hear you, LP & Miguel. Many years ago I had acupuncture that allowed me to not miss weeks of work if I’d gone the surgery route. I asked him what he was doing, why and to recommend the best book he knew of to understand further. I was Earth deficient. Disaster for a Taurus rising, Virgo Moon. Neptune in Libra squares my MC/IC. Saturn in Scorpio sextiles and trines MC/IC. I know my limits, when to pull back and what to do.

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    JoAnn Bentley

    If it was anybody else, I would not take the time. Cardio doc for 3 years been diagnosing high BP as just need-another-drug. Piled on the drugs. Summertime BP is down. Winter it’s up. Tried to explain to him the phenomenon of my condo is in downtown Long Beach, 100 years old, steam heat from basement boilers. When they kick on, I smell something cooking (my unit doesn’t even have a radiator). In the morning, after the heat’s been going all night,
    I wake up dizzy, BP soars, ears ring & I wobble till afternoon. I’ve called the FD, PD, Gas dept, Health dept…nobody responds without an “event” (death). Cardio doc laughed & said, “let me know when you’re on nightly news”.

    Finally, this winter, a neighbor & I went to bat to figure this thing out. Turns out that Long Beach, NYCity & Dubai have the same thing in common…old bldgs, steam boilers, high humidity.
    Bingo! After months of relentless data collection on spreadsheets, turns out it’s VOC’s, Volatile Organic Compounds, leaking out vents from old, rotten, unflushed steam pipes going up 12 floors. Humidity strikes the VOC’s as they enter thru walls & ceilings & they explode into gasses that float around which is why they’re described as “wafing” by quickly.

    So, buy a dehumidifier…easier said than done…bought 4, all scams, don’t perform, sent back to Amazon.

    Bottom line is, next step, buy a dehumidifier made in the US. And – BP has been declining as weather warms up & boilers are on less & less.
    This has been hell.
    Thank you for listening♥️

    1. Gad! And the frustration of people saying “well, no one ELSE has complained”…😑 i am one who is often picking up on things no one else notices (non-physical, too), and that’s usually the response I get. Your body talks to you! It knows, even though supposed experts don’t.

    2. 1) You are my ✨💪🏼Hero⚔️✨!

      2) Get out of there. Move. Time to leave the cities anyways so you better do it. For you, your survival, your health.

      3) Where in your chart do you have that humidity hell?

      May you be ✨Happy✨!

  4. Write down everything you eat !!
    So the ingredients are yours !
    Did or didn’t affect you??
    Oh I eat salad, oh maybe I had only one this week?
    Oh sometimes I eat salty fried stuff?
    Oh I guess I eat chips twice a day!
    Lists tell all!!
    Might not need doc
    Maybe can increase fruits vegetables
    Maybe can include more water
    The list may help people be honest with
    The facts oh yeah I don’t eat till 11
    Ah maybe that’s the reason I feel anxious
    Most of day??
    I never eat sugar oh maybe 36 grams of sugar is in ever drink I get?? X6!!!!!!
    Honey is sticky collects stuff like pollen
    Also natural antibiotic as it
    Suffocates viruses bacteria pathogens?
    Nothing can grow in it,Lists good to see
    With no one commenting but little
    Voice inside
    Banana/ dopamine good for brains
    Even good for neurological problems and
    Thyroid problems and hormones being absorbed.Go get better!!start with pen and paper , miracles happen
    With patience and determination

  5. I agree with pretty much all of that, Elsa. My Dr. and l are growing old together–this is useful for womens’ healh issues esp.

    I manage ME/ cfs/Fibro.M and use no drugs. Why? Because they dont work and often have side effects which require other drugs to manage them…there are no ‘cures’ yet for this or Long COVID — a very similar condition. There are plenty of people ‘trying’ things…l keep an eye on the research, esp. the test subjects.

    I am not anti western medicine–but it is a business.

    I also dont want my life to be ALL about health and going to appointments to look for ‘something’ else …

    I pace. Avoid stress. I dont live with anyone. I eat according to the seasons. Grow a vege/ herb garden. Eat few processed foods. Use herbal meds. Spend time in nature connecting with ‘the great all that is’. Make art or write out my feelings…have one or two good friends and try to support my niece and nephew and my community in small ways.

    Saturn is conj my Asc. atm. Sadness is part of this too.

    Everything pared back …

    1. I understand….I deal with many things and in the past ended up with the “serious side effects” so no solutions. Hang in there!

  6. Yes! I was just misdiagnosed but mostly because all the intel was not in-so after x-rays, which started the problem off, next MRI’s (2), then a CT scan the two more MRI’s with contrast-I’m in the clear…I hope…for now anyway. I will continue to except that. But while it was all going on, I was making ALD arrangements just in case!
    My doctor was very forthright at the beginning (we can’t rule out X) and apologetic at the end and explained to “that’s why we needed to go down this path.”

  7. This is great advice, Elsa, thank you. I’m in the UK and we have to wait for four weeks to get a five minute telephone appointment with a GP (an NHS local general practitioner doctor) who then may or may not make a referral for further treatment. There is still very good care and treatment available but it is now harder to access and it takes longer.

    I have my IC, South Node, and Pluto in Virgo in the 3rd house, so I am always worrying about the little health problems. 🙂

  8. Avatar
    Susan Steffen

    I am going in for a hip replacement 8 years after a pseudo chiropractor destroyed my right hip. I had a little stiffness for my entire life, but had also been running 10 laps every other day for over a year. I just could not accept that some a-hole that I specifically told to stop pushing so hard on my hip actually caused me non reversible damage. I limped, I suffered, I endured, I waited in the car. Finally I couldn’t sleep more than 2 hours at a time, and told my hubby I gave up and was going to do it. He found me an excellent surgeon that day, and I knew this guy was right for me. He didn’t confront me on my stubbornness- he simply said that nobody could convince me. He didn’t criticize me for waiting, he simply said it would have been easier to recover from had I done it sooner, but here I was now, and that was okay. But I did invent reasons to see him 3x before the scheduled surgery 3 weeks from my first visit. Luckily he asked for a second xray made where we planned the surgery because when he saw it he realized my damage was largely from the cradle(mom was violent while changing diapers), and would require a different prosthesis and a new quote(+2k). Mercury rx has made getting the money out of the bank a huge turmoil but still a good deal, but I am going with the mercury retro because it is sufficiently urgent to not wait. Considering how yesterday I was left dangling from a tall metal gate after the step stool below me collapsed, I think it is a good idea not to wait any longer.

  9. Oh man! This is my life. Something I’m definitely supposed to learn though. With Saturn conjunct sun square Pisces moon natally, it’s kind of in the books. Right now the transit Saturn is conjunct my natal moon which it will retrograde back over in the coming months – my digestive tract has decided it’s going to grind to a halt, haha. I’m going through the process you’ve detailed so well Elsa. What’s crazy is I’ve run into a couple of friends this week who are having the same problem. Digestive tracts that are seized up (saturn) and Doctors keep piling on the meds to no avail. Both of them were on digestive enzymes at that point. I’m now on a super weird diet that’s oddly totally helping. Anyway… interesting times. Thanks so much for writing about this!

  10. Avatar
    Miguel Melchizedek

    Saturn🪐 in Pisces♓️ here!

    I have got *only one* advise for everyone, even “hip replacement” Susan and other doomed/fated cases:

    — Go 100% for SPIRITuality and leave everything else behind, especially the OCD with the white coats alchemist sect — now, that’s a pandemic if I ever seen one. And by SPIRITuality I mean Spirits as in Angels, demons, Entities, deceased relatives, etc., and I don’t mean all the 💩BS💩 running around within the New Agey that mainly focus on emotions, mind stuff, 🦄Unicorns mandalas etc. SPIRITuality is called that because of Spirit, not mind, not emotion, not chemistry, etc. otherwise it would be called Mentality or Emotionality or whatever.

    SPIRITuality is at the Root-Cause of all things, period.

    I mean Beings. From other Dimensions. Where we came from and have Parallel Lives in, etc.

    3D is ridiculously small compared to all other Dimensions put together, like 1 grain of sand in a big beach. What happens “on the other side” is the Root-Cause, here we have symptoms. And that’s what people play with and fret about and then do stupid irreversible things over.

    Why do you think SPIRITuality has been ridiculed by $cience and why does it scare people so much? So that people don’t look into it.

    The ✨Truth👊🏼 Shall Set You Free.

    You cannot find the ✨Truth👊🏼 in the superficial, in symptoms. Go for the Root-Cause.

  11. Yes I have a misunderstood illness called SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) most doctors haven’t heard of it, even a lot of gastroenterologists haven’t heard of it or won’t treat it. It’s not a matter of just taking antibiotics, sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. The reoccurence rate is very high, so you can treat it and it will come back unless you get to the root cause of it.

    I’ve been battling SIBO for over 3 years now and it goes away after I hit it with some herbal antimicrobials, then it comes back. I finally think I identified my root cause: constipation plus using probiotics for over a year, slow digestion + adding bacteria (probiotics) caused bacterial overgrowth in my small intestine. If you are bloated all the time, constipated or have diarrhea look into SIBO. There are tests that diagnose this, use the Triosmart breath test to see if you have SIBO and what type you have. I think a lot of people have this illness now, some doctors will call it IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) which is just a trashcan term for we don’t know what is causing your digestive issue so we will just call it IBS. Do the breath test to see if you have SIBO, then look up treatment options.

    I would also advise not to indiscriminately use probiotics because the overusage of probiotics can cause SIBO, also use of PPI’s which slow down digestion can lead to SIBO. Unfortunately, I’m now dealing with Gastritis and have to go on a PPI which is slowing down an already slow digestive system. I have no choice but to go on a prescription antibiotic and hope it can take care of the bacteria but know that it will come back unless I can increase gut motility.

  12. I’m also going to warn people about taking too much B6, which can result in B6 toxicity. Something doctors don’t know about or deal with. Most B-complexes have way too much B6 and there is a myth that all B vitamins are water soluble and so are safe. B6 can build up in your body and be stored in your muscles and is neurotoxic. I didn’t realize this.

    I read that B6 helps with Sibo and so was taking a B-complex with 24mg B6 which is way higher than the RDA of 1.5mg for me plus I took B6 in the form of P5P at another 50mg, so that is 74mg B6. I only knew about this because I was looking for answers to some weird symptoms my body was having and looked into everything hormones, thyroid, had labs done etc and then I started looking at all the supplements I took over the previous year. This was the one thing that stood out and I researched B6 toxicity. There’s a good FB group and website that talks about this.

    At any rate, natural supplements and even vitamins can cause health problems. Always do your due diligence and research. If we eat whole foods, organic foods and eat a variety of foods then most of the time we don’t need all the supplements and vitamins. I wish I had known this earlier. It’s very hard to get over B6 toxicity, can take months or years.

  13. ^^Very important point. I came here to write this before I saw your post just above, Elsa.

    2 weeks ago I saw a doctor who could NOT belive I’d never been tested for Immune issues, never tested for a rare type of Cystic Fibrosis that doesn’t kill you young, never tested for other issues. It was a relief but also very upsetting to think that doctors didn’t care enough, or pay attention enough or have enough intelligence and insight to see what they needed to test for. I’m still awaiting results which should come in a week or so. I’m not sure I can get help or a cure, but it would have been nice to have this possible diagnosis and/or information FAR sooner.

    1. I went through 7 different Optometrists and Ophthalmologists before I was correctly diagnosed with Meibomian Gland Dysfunction which caused me so much eye & eyelid pain. I couldn’t believe that all those doctors did not correctly diagnose me. The 8th optometrist did the Meibomian Gland Testing and then I went to a specialist to treat me.

      The medical training doctors receive is laughable, once you get a chronic debilitating illness then you can see how shoddy the training is and that most doctors don’t know how to think outside the box and they don’t spend enough time asking you questions to correctly diagnose you.

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