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I just heard from a gal who said my blog has been excellent lately. I thanked her for the comment because this is not something I am able to track because I just post the stuff and move on, Jupitarian always looking ahead. Once posted, whatever it is just falls from my psyche like a crate of zucchini might fall from the back of a truck as it careens around a corner.

But as I mentioned I am getting ready to make studied changes around here starting next week and it occurred to me after reading her mail I might ask you guys what you like here and what you don’t before I go throwing the baby out with the bathwater or some such thing. Here is the question:

What would improve this blog?

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  1. well, personally, i’d love to see y’all using one of the plugins where visitors can have avatars and the ability for regulars to register and sign in.. – *you don’t have to give them access to write posts or backend functions to do this* it would help with the comments being popped into the spamfilter and i’d like to have the icons popping up to give me a visual connection to the various regular posters, since there is a community here.

    but that’s not like a major thing and doesn’t detract from the experience by not being there. i’d just like it and you asked. 🙂

  2. goddess, I have asked for that too… do you happen to know a good plug in? Last time this came up I think the inability to find one was the reason we don’t have this..

  3. I agree with the others in the sense thazt I will read whatever you write. My favorites, though, are examples of astrology in real life and your stories. I just can’t get enough of your storytelling style. I also miss the advice, but I know that’s more sparse because questions are. I just love your blog and can’t thank you enough for all the energy you put into it. It is truly astounding and admirable.

  4. It would be nice if there was a thingy that sent you back and forth to where you are commenting, to the page with the daily blogs listed on it. Don’t ask me what that would be technically speaking, I have nooo idea.

    Other than that as long as you are the person writing I don’t care what you do…except please don’t alter the font type or colour…please!
    It’s one of the easiest for people with crappy eyes like me to read. Some websites are filled with tons of text in white on dark background, or stupid fancy fonts and I don’t even read them because they HURT LIKE HELL.

  5. I really like the astrology in real life. I am learning astrology and the more ways to think about something the better. I find your thoughts heartfelt and concise and I am greatfull.

    In response to something you wrote a while back, you wrote is it ok to be happy, while people you love are dying/hurting? This was a good question, and one I have a lot of experiance with due to my share of family and friend insanity.

    One of the things that helped my father die, when he needed to die: he had liver cancer and he had been alive without food or water for more that two and a half weeks, he was at home, with his four children and a slew of ex girlfriends and wives…(smiles).

    My little sister was 13 and my father just did not want to die and leave her. My older brother and I started making jokes, stupid jokes, and getting my littyle sister and little brother to laugh, hard. For about 15mins.

    I could feel my father in the other room gathering his strength to die, if that makes any sence, and it is my very strong impression that he needed to know we would be ok. We all came in and were present for his death.

    I do think that people who love you do not want you to be sad for them, they want to feel your strength and life . It does not always feel ok to manifest this, but I do think it is ok to to honor others with your happiness if you can.


  6. Elsa I enjoy reading your blog and love your frank writing style.
    I like it when there’s a call for specific signs/houses/conjunctions to come and comment on how it may manifest in your life. As you have with Virgo lately. Like who’s got conjunctions to their Mercury – come and comment. Or who has a Grand Trine? A Yod, A T Square, who has Pluto transitting their 11th house, 12th house etc and of course a great story from Elsa to illustrate. I guess the possibilities are endless, but it would allow your commenting community to see who has what in common.

  7. Elsa-I really liked it when you were featuring songs and correlating these to something current in your life and/or astrology. You still do this now and then, but for awhile it was fairly regular.

    Ooops… i guess there is no and/or where astrology is concerned.

  8. PS- This line, ‘Once posted, whatever it is just falls from my psyche like a crate of zucchini might fall from the back of a truck as it careens around a corner.’, is a thing of beauty. Kind of reminds me of Tom Robbins.

    The fall fair on Saltspring Island features the Zuchinni 500. Participants race vehicles that are made from zucchini’s.

  9. Sex tips based on astrology. And also how to make a lot of money and where and how you attract the most luck. Like not just understanding who you are, but how to use what you’ve go to accomplish stuff.

    Did that make sense?

  10. I’m perfectly content with the way it is. But since you’re asking…I’d love a segment for beginners, i.e. descriptions of the signs, the houses, what a transit is, etc.

  11. I started reading for “Eye on the sky” and still log in every morning to do so. I think that’s one of the best parts.

    The insights on men do suck me too 😉

  12. I like all of it, but I wish there were more advice letters. I liked reading those but I don’t see too many anymore. That might not be something you can change (they’re other peoples’ letters after all)… But if it stays just the same I like that too.

  13. I’d like to see more beginner/intermediate stuff for those of us who are slow learners from time to time.

    I love the way you make astrology click with real life examples! It is the main reason I refer so many over here; there are a lot of us out in the world that want to “get it”, but just can’t make it happen on our own.

    I like what PixieDust said up there as well; I want to go beyond understanding myself and learn how to put my gifts to work for my betterment.

    But I’d read you regardless.

  14. Hi Elsa,

    I especially love:
    * multiple entries in one day
    * the amazing images you post that are so different than the images that most people think of adding to articles.
    * a variety of perspectives and topics that you cover
    * ur personal stories that teach about astrology
    * 1-minute videos (more pls!)

    I think it’s interesting that you post:
    * articles from 1 year ago, etc. that’s not something that most websites do…
    * peoples’ questions with your answers

    I could request:
    * something like a quick lesson or “how-to” on astrology, for people to learn the about the background of the astrological work you do… ie. what’s your system of looking up stuff? what are some of the interpretations of what’s happening in the sky? (maybe I should just look at an ephemeris too while im reading your site); to learn how what’s happening astrologically would apply to people?

    … but for the most part, I think people come here for your unique view and really appreciate your personal stories… you offer a lot to learn. i think the site is great.

    I post a link to facebook, but it’d be great if you were on there too, perhaps as a group or other. facebook is a really aquarian crowd!

    blessings to you,

  15. I love it all. I eat it up every day. Lately your posts have been so compelling and deep. I just love that you’re not afraid to be deep.

  16. Good point, Shannon, the occasional comment blips are kinda annoying. I know it has to do with the spam filter, though, so I don’t know if tweaking it to be less aggressive is a good thing. =/ I like not having to read “Hey, look! Boobs! V1agra! CHEEP!” every other comment. And I suspect it’s somewhat of a time-saver, too.
    I could be wrong. 😉

    I have to respectfully disagree with the people asking for a tutorial-type section. There’s plenty of that out on the web already and Elsa pulls up her “where do you go to learn/what books can you recommend” posts on a regular basis. I think it would be too much time and energy taken from what we all agree is the best part — the storytelling!

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