What Planet’s Energy Do You Represent In The World?

Yesterday I had a consultation with a Pisces client. While she identifies with her Sun sign, she is a Capricorn rising. The chart ruler, Saturn, is part of a stellium conjunct her ascendant. Anyway you turn it, this woman is a Saturn figure. She’s a parent / authority figure, plain and simple.

Other people are very Plutonian. You can’t get anywhere near them without being changed on a cellular level.

Others are strongly aligned with Jupiter. They cheer and expand you. They take you places you have never been… encourage you towards adventure.

Neptune types teach you to dream and escape the mundane, Mercurial people teach you think, something underrated, I’d say.

Moon types nurture and Venus types offer comfort, art, beauty and relationship.

Mars is a brave hero and solar types show us how to shine and be vitally alive.

Which of these energies do you feel you most represent?


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  1. I’m definitely Plutonian. People change or go away quickly because it’s uncomfortable for them to stick around me and stay stuck. There’s a healthy side of Mercury mixed in ala pink poodles making you question reality and so on. 🙂

  2. Yesterday when speaking to a client, I was Saturn, last night, teaching class I was Mercury/Jupiter, and today?

    Maybe Mars. 🙂

  3. Venus first, Saturn and Jupiter alternating between second and third. When Jupiter is running way out in front, Saturn is calling ahead saying, don’t trip over that rock! When Saturn is doing his the turtle always wins the race thing, Jupiter is following along with a knowing and confident, smile on his face. Either way it is all about Venus. Relationships, with loved ones, firends, coworkers and of course the relationship with myself.

  4. Mixture of Mercury and Earth. People either find themselves talking to me about stuff they never tell ANYONE, seeking comfort.

    Or else they find themselves thinking about things in a new way because of me. “I never thought about it that way”… I want this phrase stitched on a t-shirt, I hear it so often. It can be very isolating, actually. I mean, when will I find someone who already thinks the way I do? 🙂

  5. lots of mercury; highly mutable. also got a hint of scorp in the mix.

    ewinbee, people tell me things, too! and it can be anybody, friends or strangers alike. i’ve had cashiers and the grocery store and people working in the drive through window tell me stuff I’d consider personal at times…i don’t mind and i’m glad if it can help them feel better, but sometimes it puzzles me a bit.

  6. in thinking about this, i also realized it plays out in my family. my daughter is leo/cap rising, but she’s got lots of pluto energy and it comes across strongly. people project onto her and often see darkness. while she’s interested in the shadow, she doesn’t live it out with her personality…she’s very sweet. my sd is a cap but with leo rising and a packed 5th house; she’s a performer and clown. her cap is there but it’s fairly hidden to people that don’t know here well. my husband is a double virgo with scorp rising…his practical, logical orientation is hard to miss, but the scorp gives him an intensity that sometimes intimidates others…

  7. First is definitely the sun. With four planets including the sun in Leo, I am definitely solar. I think for second there’s a tie between Jupiter and Pluto. Pluto is on the descendant, and Jupiter is in harmonious aspect to every planet I have except two.

    “Go deep inside yourself andd transform so you can find your real identity/joy and shine!”

  8. I love this post, mostly because it gave me a big confidence boost. I feel like I can embody any of these things at any given time…I can talk like there’s no tomorrow…dance all night…I’m the keeper of secrets and seem to be the launching pad for many when they begin to talk about death or sex.

    I actually can’t pick a planet at all, but in a pinch I’d pick Neptune.

  9. I come across as very Uranian. I have a lot of nervous energy. I’m edgy. I’ve been called an iconoclast, and also anti-social. I intuit things in an electrical way. I’m impatient with social ceremony and pleasantries and can come across as rude. I can detach and see things from very far above. If you put me in a group of people, and we’re trying to accomplish a goal, my role is always to cut through the bullshit. I’m open-minded, I can argue either side of any issue, but I’m inflexible & stubborn regarding my need to come and go as I please.
    I have Uranus in my first house, opposing moon, mars, jupiter & chiron.

  10. Alma, I so get what you mean. 🙂 I think of Uranus as the ADD planet, and my ADD side? Definitely Uranean. I cut through the bullshit in group projects, too… my random side hates to waste time working when I can be wasting it in so many other, better ways. 🙂

  11. I’m quiet, have been a Buddhist for over 20 years, but I have been told by people that they were intimidated by me (before they got to know me). I find this bewildering (and hilarious). So maybe it is my 12th house Mars conj asc?

    LOL: “my random side hates to waste time working when I can be wasting it in so many other, better ways.”

  12. I have 7 planets in Gemini and Virgo–people tell me everything and I’m often told I bring up things they never would have thought of. But I can really relate to what others have said re: Uranus. Mine sextiles Sun in late Gemini and my colleagues see me as independent, creative and a loner leader. I can’t tolerate bullshit and will rudely plow through people and pleasantries in order to get things done. Yet I get away with it (my rudeness) most of the time–must be my Libra rising mask. Hard to get angry with a person who smiles all dimply while snarling get the frick out of my way!
    –Anna the Gemini

  13. uh. mercury. or neptune. or pluto. though it’s hard for me to grasp my pluto. apparently i do it. (i sure as heck should considering all the eighth house….)
    as far as other people interpret me.

    or the aquarius/aries, but that’s less what i present than the direction of my focus and actions.

  14. oh, and, yeah, i think… personally… that ADD is a diagnosis invented by the control freaks who can’t stand uranian energy.

  15. Caring, strong-willed and always there to help close ones see the truth. It’s the Moon/Pluto/Saturn conjunction. However I’ve lost Neptune a long time ago.

  16. Well that’s a good question. I know that I expand people, exponentially. It’s one of the core things about being close to me – your world will expand, and you will develop new appreciation for things you may never have even seen, much less enjoyed. So for all the Mercury in my chart, I gotta say Jupiter on this one. As to the chart, I have Jupiter in 8th house, Cap, opposite Mars and Venus in 2nd, Cancer.

    That’s one way of looking at it, anyway. 😀

  17. Alma, so you never thought about it that way before? (Sorry. See my first comment. I’m laughing, but I promise it’s not at you.)

    wyrdling: ADD people hear this kind of thing an awful lot. Almost constantly in fact. Just today I was informed that my ADD diagnosis is a) a side effect of the fact that I’m smart, b) an excuse to get illegal stimulants, c) a shortcut taken by overworked teachers.

    As a result of all of these well-meaning remarks, I am cured. Hallelujah. *waves hands about*

  18. I identify strongest with Uranus I guess. I feel like I’m here on Earth to shake things up. Most people I know might not know it yet, but someday they will. I’m electric too.

    I’m a Pisces with Cancer rising so most people most likely see me in those terms. Boy are they going to be surprised someday. Wham! lol

  19. this is a great blog. i also have enough uranian energy that i can zing around the room from time to time and laugh at my own foibles. i think that this helps me to appreciate and support this energy in others. but venus still trumps with her relationships, comfort, art and beauty.

    kashmiri! is that your jupiter expanding to fill the room? much applause!

  20. I think and I’ve been told that at first meeting I am a bit Plutonian. Pluto conjuncts my Sun. But, once I let people in, Jupiter and Sag come into light. I have a lot of Jupiter’s energy and often express myself to others this way. I just don’t get it though, I have 5 planets in Virgo, and still waiting for some of those Maiden qualities to surface. I am however, and most people don’t see it, very introspective and self critical.

  21. undoubtly I identify myself with my overintellectualized and crazy geminnii moon, that moon receives a litle taste of the other planets for good or for bad. The crazy portion no doubt>Uranus

  22. I’d say Mars on first impression (I’ve heard “intimidating” and “arrogant” a lot over the years), then Mercury and the Moon as you get to know me better.

  23. Based on what I’ve been told by people I present a combination of Sun/Mars/Pluto.
    I understand all three. Sun, because I have Leo rising, Mars because it is in the house of groups and friendship and Pluto, because I got lots of it in the chart. Plus Pluto squares my ASC, and people have told me more than once that I look very intimidating and dead-serious.

    I also think I’m quite Mercurial. I think my Mercury is in fact stronger than Sun/Mars/Pluto, but I don’t display it so much or something. I think in a few years I’ll get something completely different like Venus or Neptune…

  24. I’d say Saturn and Uranus with mars underneath. I’m also cap rising with Saturn near my stellium. At the same time I have Uranus tightly conjunct MC and all my life have been known for being smart in male-dom areas. I added Mars because I recently realized that Mars is my most aspected planet…tho I don’t always publicly show it.

  25. Well, you know..I fluctuate. I’m mostly Neptune. But, I also have strong plutonian and uranian influences. And then there is the moon and venus. But yet there is Saturn as the anchor of my chart aspecting every freaking thing.

    (I’m a Libra..can you tell)

  26. I have no idea, I know there are times when I can see myself as jupiter(cheering & expaning their outlook). Other times, it’s merc and how to communicate, still others it’s mars and how to just take action. If I had to guess, I’d say that nurturing others (so the moon) is what comes across the most, in whatever form that needs to take,

  27. This is a really interesting question.

    People come to me for their Saturn Returns or Saturn transits (Cap Sun/Merc). I guess in that sense others relate to me as embodying Capricorn.

    But with Leo Rising and Jupiter-Neptune-Sun-Mercury in the 5th, I relate to the world as a Leo. 🙂

  28. Sigh. I’m Plutonian, but if I had my choice, I would love to project some Jupiter or Mercury energy.

    @Jilly “I have been told by people that they were intimidated by me (before they got to know me). So maybe it is my 12th house Mars conj asc?”
    I run into the same situation all the time, and have the same Mars placement as well.

  29. Uranian first. And secondly bc of my angles, Mercurial and Neptunian- I have chart ruler merc, with merc in the 7th; pisces midheaven with neptune in the 7th.

  30. Pluto is by far the energy that I embody and also project because it’s near my Ascendant and also square to a stellium of Sun,Moon and Mercury (and exactly square my Sun/Moon midpoint, down to the minute).

    It’s not easy, but at least I’ve come to understand why some people react the way that they do. Coming up a distant 2nd would be either Saturn or Neptune, they both have about the same weight after Pluto.

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