What Planet’s Energy Do You Represent In The World?

Yesterday I had a consultation with a Pisces client. While she identifies with her Sun sign, she is a Capricorn rising. The chart ruler, Saturn, is part of a stellium conjunct her ascendant. Anyway you turn it, this woman is a Saturn figure. She’s a parent / authority figure, plain and simple.

Other people are very Plutonian. You can’t get anywhere near them without being changed on a cellular level.

Others are strongly aligned with Jupiter. They cheer and expand you. They take you places you have never been… encourage you towards adventure.

Neptune types teach you to dream and escape the mundane, Mercurial people teach you think, something underrated, I’d say.

Moon types nurture and Venus types offer comfort, art, beauty and relationship.

Mars is a brave hero and solar types show us how to shine and be vitally alive.

Which of these energies do you feel you most represent?

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53 thoughts on “What Planet’s Energy Do You Represent In The World?”

  1. Hmmmmm… This is such a great article but I can’t decide which one. I feel like we all alternate through different “planetary” figures depending on the synastry at play and the circumstances at hand. Some situations require you apply your Saturn and others, the intuition of Moon. Some require the subterfuge of Pluto and others the vibrance of the Sun.

    Right now, I’m in my Saturn in Virgo mode. Mentoring and guiding. Being responsible for a lot of people. Owning my own sh*t and bearing the restrictions and liberations that come with that. (Freedoms don’t come free! The work is constant!)

  2. I was just looking at a new friends chart this morning and she has transiting Uranus square her natal moon and Jupiter. I laughed out loud bc I recognized myself. I’ve been ISO a boyfriend and my potential beaus often have transiting Uranus squaring natal Venus or the moon. That seems to be my identifying astrological signature. I have Aquarius ascendant, Venus in Aquarius, and Uranus trine the sun.

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