What Signs Are Insatiable?

zodiac purse vintageDo you have an appetite that cannot be satisfied?  Scorpio is the sign associated with insatiability, but it’s understood via the Taurus / Scorpio axis. Hunger. Desire. Desire to own! Greed.

There is also jealousy that’s insatiable. This brings, Leo and Aquarius into this. What about an insatiable need for attention?

It seems this is a Fixed sign phenomena but the other signs have their potential pitfalls.

What about Sagittarius’ insatiable need to move along?  Cardinal signs may have an insatiable need to be in control, etc.

Are you insatiable? How does this show in your chart?
Also, how do you feel about dealing with someone’s continual discontent?

11 thoughts on “What Signs Are Insatiable?”

  1. so interesting about fixed signs never satisfied. I remembered listening to Prince’s song, “When Doves cry” and it was said that the lyrics were about his mother, when he sang, ” Maybe you’re just like my mother
    She’s never satisfied” … and i looked her birthchart and she’s a scorpio sun, cap venus/ sagitttarius mars and virgo moon with jupiter libra.maybe its combination of cardinal/fixed. control and stubborn thoughts.

    1. i mean its reference to his mother, the song itself is about his relationship with a woman. ^^ but he also makes reference to his father who is” bold” and his father was a Cancer sun/ virgo mars, stellium cancer.

  2. I can speak to this as it pertains to insatiable attraction and Pluto placements. My husband has Pluto smack dab conjunct his Ascendant 25°Virgo. I have Pluto in Virgo 27° in my 7th house (obsessed with my relationship) in opposition to my Mars in Pisces 24° which is conjunct his AC/Pluto. *AND his Venus 9° Virgo is opposing my AC at 5°Pisces. We also have this opposition energy with our suns too (He’s 27° Cancer I’m 26° Cap.) So obviously transiting Pluto has been wreaking havoc conjunct my sun and opposing his for a few years now, making it stronger thru transformation as we move from parental focus to empty nesters. This connection which has been going on for nearly 30 years is, to say the least, insatiable attraction. Our relationship is the center of our lives. We spend every day together and yet, he drives me crazy chasing me around for sex but even if I’m not interested at the time ,he’s so attractive to me that I just give in. I joke that I must play hard to get or else he’ll get tired of me but the truth is, he is OBSESSED. He never gets tired of it and would take every opportunity to get some action with me. He is already thinking about when we’re gonna do it next as soon as we are done with a session. He seriously pouts and gets crabby (Cancer sun) when one day goes by without getting laid. I know absolutely no one who has as much sex as we do at our stage in life.(53 yrs) It can be overwhelming for me sometimes as I don’t have the equal drive to his(menopause 🙄) but we respect each other and make it work for the most part…but yes, it has taken a lot for us to get on the same page regarding sex. I think his Pluto conjunct asc is INSATIABLE need to satisfy the self. He is also very motivated and goal oriented. He still goes to the gym and it’s quite obvious.(looks 30 yrs old from the neck down) Maybe Pluto/Asc makes one very sexy as well as obsessive? Certainly the case with him. He has worked on oil rigs in harshest conditions for nearly 20 years. He is a master at his workplace. His need to perform there is just as “insatiable” as he strives for faster and better ways to drill the well and personally holds several speed records on his rig. He just cannot accept anything less than success and expects his crew to perform at the highest level along with him, or they can find somewhere else to work. He is extremely confident and dynamic and never backs down from any challenge which explains how he went from trailer park childhood, to prison, then to the oilfield where he makes really good money. He has completely transformed himself from poor kid on food stamps, slinging dope on the streets to being the boss at the oil rig and respected leader, husband and father. Pretty sure the drilling into the deepest parts of the planet is Pluto energy too. Heck, I may actually be the resident expert on this insatiable Plutonian energy from my lifetime of experience with him! LOL!

  3. Yes, fixed Sun ASC but then I relate to the latter points… with my stellium in Aries including Moon Jupiter – an insatiable need to move, to seek, to do.

    Interestingly, it’s quite conflicting with my Taurus Scorp insatiable qualities haha.

    1. Fortunately my Taurean greed mostly comes out with food 😀 … reminds me of an article you wrote about this Elsa, because you mentioned Taurus’ Venusian grace… which is true. I am appalled by own food greed LOL

  4. I can totally relate to this – Jupiter in my 8th house! When I’m learning about something new, I have an insatiable need to know it top to bottom, inside and out. All the better if it’s an obscure matter. I also have Pluto conjunct my Sun, but as it’s in Libra, I feel that balances the intensity somewhat, like ‘yes, I’m watching your every move and determining what kind of a person you are, but a great smile will distract me’!

  5. Sun, Venus, Jupiter and Mercury conjunct each other… In SCORPIO, 9th house.

    Greed, gluttony, weight-gain and thirst for knowledge, not being able to “let go” or “snap out of it”, the insatiable need to understand THE WHY in order to either fix it or PERHAPS let go/forgive. Insatiable need to explore hidden realms, or perhaps expand the horizons, learning new stuff, not being able to know when to cut it.

    I have learned to practice gratefulness. It’s the only way to combat this unending appetite.
    Sometimes I dig around so much that I cut mental wounds into my memory, and every time I revisit it afterwards, it can sometimes hurt me, almost to the point of being physical pain, to think about the topic. Then I know I need to give it up, let go and put it to the grave, it’s no good anymore to make myself feeling so insane pain about it.

    Yeah, Scorpio Jupiter and Venus… Potent stuff that!

  6. No offence to all those lovely Caps out there, but I have known a few Capricorns, who become gluttonous on their manipulative gifts.

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