Truth – When Everyone Is Wrong About Something

Mars in PiscesMy newsletter today was about truth – Truth 9.2.7. I’ve gotten a few interesting emails in response.

One person told me a story about a discussion they had with a person working at this house about “truth”. They man used the example of temperature being “true”.  The person who wrote me stated it was true at that minute, at that location.

Another man wrote me, responding or commenting about what he thought I was getting at with the letter. It was interesting but I wrote him back to tell him what I was thinking when I wrote it, which was that everyone is wrong about something.  He responded that this was true, which was smart and funny.

This post is brought to you by Mars in Sagittarius squaring Neptune. Remembering you are wrong, frequently, is a good idea. I will stop you from crowing about how right you were on the one thing which ignoring all your misses or mistakes.

What do you think?

10 thoughts on “Truth – When Everyone Is Wrong About Something”

        1. I think we’re talking about different things. I was referencing the content of the post.
          I wrote something with various things on my mind. People read it and came back with their perspective on it. I enjoyed both emails. They helped me to define what I was really trying to say, as featured in the title and the post. I’ve already written many times, I have learned I was wrong about everything… and I was! So I would like the truth to flow to me and also from me. My truth today is that everyone is wrong about something. 🙂

          I don’t get the scary part but I appreciate you breaking the ice with a comment! 🙂

          1. I get it…I should of clarified what I meant, the word ‘Truth’ in the title might have gotten glanced over quickly and not clicked on for full viewing due to that specific word. But hey moving along… glad I broke the ice ~ whoop whoop 😉

  1. Yes,its true that.
    Every one could be wrong about something.
    I have been wrong many times.
    And I also appreciate it if someone points it out to me.
    We learn something every day.
    Thanks for the pointers

  2. A couple of days ago I came across some YTUBE videos on the double slit experiment (again). And again it’s got me thinking about the nature of this reality and how behaviour aka results (hence “truth”) seem to depend entirely on the observer. Also saw rainbow recwntly. I thought about that Pink Floyd famous cover art of the triangle/prism through which light passes then manifests the very same rainbow aka colors of the electromagnetic spectrum that are perceived by human eye. It’s funny because I actually KNOW the spectrum of visible light is but a tiny portion of it. People (myself icluded) think they know. But there is a lot more stuff going on than what their physical senses perceive alone. We believe in wifi and microwaves but that’s merely because someone had to go through the trouble of proving it exists and manifested it into working for our human purposes. Im not sure whats the point Im trying to make here except that reality, or truth, is always subjective and requires a good amout of people believing it to make it so. Where do the outliers go, then? And isnt progress made out of their efforts? Do I conform, or do I follow my own light?

  3. A fixed position in Philosphy and Physics(and other disciplines) is that statements have a truth value. But the only possible values, since ‘true’ is an absolute value, are True and False. I.e., there are no degrees of ‘True’. ‘True’ is provable, and so is ‘false’. Neither is a contingent (dependent on time and context)value. There is a gorgeously accurate observation: A half-truth is a lie.

    ‘The man used the example of temperature being “true”.’ Now this makes no sense. Temperature is temperature. It is neither true nor false. But an instance of temperature can be measured accurately or inaccurately (worngly or rightly). There is no truth issue here.

    What I do not understand, Elsa, is how, or why, you leapt from ‘true’ to ‘wrong’ and ‘right’. ‘Wrong’ and ‘right’ are contingent, i.e., somehow dependant, e.g. on time and place.

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