Is Intensity Good? Bad? What?

IntensityWhat if a person is “intense” because they don’t do anything with their energy?  Like maybe it backs up on them?

What if intensity is not favorable, but more like a fever, that comes up to cure illness?

I ask this because as I reflect, I’m most “intense” when I’m not at ease.

I dated some guy when I was pretty young. He was way better looking than I was, which was a problem for me, but beyond that,  he told me if I was not at ease, I was diseased.

I hate platitudes and there was the issue of his beauty. I decided in that moment, this would be our last date, but was he right?

What do you think about intensity? Exactly what is it? Where does it come from? Is it good? Bad? What does it mean?

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10 thoughts on “Is Intensity Good? Bad? What?”

  1. It’s power radiating from the chest that needs to come out through the mouth. I can’t identify it for myself but I know the exact intensity that you’re speaking of. That energy wishes to speak, to be heard, to assert. I don’t think that there’s anything inherently negative about it, simply like air pressure building up in some pipes ready to push the air through in one big gust. It’s just concentrated energy. Some people have a lot of it, some don’t. We all balance each other out.

    1. It could be healing and projected inward as well. It’s just concentrated emotional energy. Scorpio does it best as it’s fixed water.

  2. Intensity comes from the heart chakra…passion..Of course, what someone is passionate about doesn’t make it good or useful, or even just not demented….

  3. Intensity like intense heat. I hear some of you in the US are experiencing intense heat and some people are travelling to Death Valley to stand in it. 53 degrees!!

    And there are intense people. I had a catch up with a friend. Lots of Libra: Sun/node/Pluto and Trans. Pluto hovering over her Asc and her Venus in Virgo sextile uranus in Scorpio ) so l get to reflect on all of that as much as her.
    Saturn in Picses on my Asc atm opps her Venus. Get it?

    She is a demure. Quite beautiful Intelligent. Brilliant poet. She works and she has two children too. She is recovering from serious mental illness. She had ECT. What happened? She was in a relationship with a beautiful musician who played around. She had a baby with him…she was NOT demure then. She was INTENSE. I couldn’t handle it…and had to step away. I was still unsure, years later, when she contacted me again.
    She is more than this– but it is about my shadow work too.
    Part of her is me. I have experienced that level of intensity like she did with someone…it lasted years and only really ended when he died. Everyone after that…nup. But l am not a Librian and l dont have the same need for relationship.

    But she is a Libra and she has two speeds on this ‘safe’ like her first husband (bigger story there) or this new bloke a Sag…who likes ‘Open Relationships’…l said why after the last. She said it was about growth and learning new relationship styles and understanding attachment issues.lf only humans were totally rational beings…

    Yes, they had had sex: she said. Wasnt that exciting was want l got from her –no intensity there…but there is at least one other woman he sees…then l felt a FLASH when she said ‘but l got him to put her off…’ Then l got it it is a type of warfare– a hunt.

    Plutonians are intense they burn. The energy can be directed through sex and l remember dancing too for hours. And l learnt it can be transformed into the creative. I like intense nature too but not Death Valley. I would die. Winter here. I love the bite of winter.

    1. CONTEXTisEVERYthing

      thats where i love to direct my intensity too… the older i get, im just trying to drive it into practical things gardening for eating & design etc etc etc

      1. Yep. We don’t have to burn up like a grass fire.
        Just about to start cooking as it happens. Small pleasures.

  4. My take on intensity is that it’s associated with emotion and body/sensation. I see the experience of it as one of degree, proximity, and situation; therefore it’s relative and contextual. So inherently, it’s neither good or bad; mostly depends on the how and where. For example, a person may be inherently (by natal chart) inclined toward having strong emotions and/or noticeable physical expression of those emotions, especially depending on a situation or circumstances. From a distance, another person may experience an “intense” person as only mildly emotional and expressive. But up close, that experience is intensified to highly emotional and expressive (degree and proximity). Like fire, from a distance, the other person may find the “intense” person warm, inviting, even mysterious, etc. Up close, the experience shifts, maybe to a “break into a sweat” overwhelm and aversion (maybe it’s been an emotionally trying day), or conversely into further attraction because the other person loves or needs that heat and wants more (possibly for the same reason – so relative!). And this is the interpersonal level. On an intrapersonal level, how comfortable and “at ease” is the said “intense” person with their own internal state, experiencing and expressing, and the potential affect and influence they might have on others.
    Just some thoughts…

  5. Honestly the most amazing reactions I’ve ever gotten from people – accusing me of something I didn’t feel I was doing…in lots of circumstances by lots of different people – was when Uranus was transiting opposite my sun stellium. So, it’s not me it’s them? (Transits v Natal, I mean).

  6. I don’t know any intense people. I have a stellium in scorpio. We are supposed to be intense but I just don’t see it.

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