Weekend Love Forecast – Sun-Saturn Ego Challenge, Mars In Libra


The other shoe has dropped. Perhaps the other shoe “dropped” with force… on a flaming bag of poo. But whatever the action, with Mercury retro in Virgo and headed back to trine Jupiter – we’re eager to grasp its meaning!

Big thoughts are racing, and we want to know more. We’re heading back to turn over some mental blocks, so make another plan to listen and pay attention to your senses. It just may be that we’ve got some attitudes to unscroll and rework. All those details we sorted are dumped back in the bin to be resorted and reassigned. It’s a shot at getting a better understanding of the true, bigger picture. Gaining ground in hindsight!

Some things will settle right back where they started, but many will have a dramatic turnabout in narrative.

Friday night, the Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius Moon squares retro Mercury and goes on to square Neptune in the night, a wide-wide-wide t-square. It’s a mood to find out, with no thought to the eff-around part. Safety is an issue if you’re snooping in full sight. Be aware you may be watched. Who knows what you’ll learn!

By Saturday afternoon, the Saturn-ruled Capricorn Moon trines the Virgo Sun and sextiles ruler retro Saturn in Pisces. That’s a solid push on the DRAMA swing, but maybe swinging’s fun.

The Sun opposes retro Saturn all weekend, exact early Sunday morning. All this meaning making is exciting, but taking things slowly advances the plot. In order to get our ducks in a row and make it STICK, we got to go back over everything and make sure it’s right, clean, sober. Keep looking for your own, right path. We’ll find it when it’s time.

Sunday morning’s Cap Moon trines Jupiter as Mars moves into Libra (ruled by retro Leo Venus). Slowing down when things are falling into place is a good thing, and the mood is steady and buoyant. Slowing down doesn’t hurt an airy Mars that seeks balance in action as well. If what we want is in flux, we need to weigh our actions with projected outcomes. Be nice, be polite – be kind; but never, never, never be a pushover.

The Capricorn Moon then squares Chiron, and we’re faced with humbling adjustments to the collective mood. By evening the Moon forms a grand trine with Uranus and retro Mercury – earthy, solid, forward thinking… in looking back? Overnight, the Moon conjoins retro Pluto, a mood to intensify the clearing ground of a powerful foundation for change.

Do you have any weekend plans? Are you feeling this Mercury retrograde?

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  1. We are quite busy this weekend but fun stuff. Shipping up to Boston late morning tomorrow for a Red Sox game. Then a fair on Sunday. Fair season has begun 😌🍁🐑🐇

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