64 thoughts on “Which Zodiac Sign Is The Most Misunderstood?”

  1. I said Libra this time but that may just be because I’m very mutable and in the mood to agree.

    And maybe it’s because they project so much all of the partners in their world that they are hard to see.

  2. Virgos are seen as uptight and persnicketty, I think…

    I’ve dated two Virgos, and both men were wonderful to me. Absolutely wonderful. Warm, loving, very good with buying flowers and saying nice things, and actually very much the opposite of critical. Also excellent lovers. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I said Gemini because you never know which one will show up.

    But really, any of us can be ornery, thus misunderstood.

  4. I’m very indecisive, except I don’t have Libra anywhere.

    Sagittarius. I’ve heard a lot of people say that Sagittarius’ seem that they have no purpose in life. They are also seen as being indifferent and aloof, but their way of displaying affection isn’t mushy and over the top.

    Capricorns are really misunderstood as well. For example, my grandfather was ” cold ” and everyone thought he was ” cold “. However, with time I realized that he wasn’t cold, he was just a man who preferred to show that he cared and that he loved his family through actions and not repetitive I love yous. That’s something that I adore about Capricorns, their actions speak louder than their words.

    I think Leos are misunderstood too. Their arrogance is a constant, but everything is beyond pride with them. And to me, their egos are sensitive regardless of what they project because a person who automatically falls back on their pride hides behind that wall of defense.

    I’m not sure if I ever misunderstood Scorpios. I totally get them and I always have. I find it so weird when I read about their hard shells because I’ve never encountered it.

    Virgos are misunderstood, at least the women. Everything about them shouts stability and certainty to me, but they can really cover up their mutable nature with logic.

  5. I said Capricorn, but I also would have picked Scorpio and Virgo. All three have “hard shells” and can come off as cold and unreachable. But look underneath, and you find very complex people, hiding behind those hard shells so they don’t expose their vulnerability.

    ANY sign can be seen as misunderstood, but I find that the Fire signs, the “let it all hang out” signs, are the easiest to “get”. And I don’t say that to put those signs down, because I’m a Fire Sun with a Fire ASC.

    1. Perfect. I agree. I know Scorpios pretty well being surrounded by them. Love Capricorn. They are hilarious. I’m a Virgo. I dress modestly but inside I’m quite the wild child. My sister is a Virgo. One of 2 best sisters ever!!!

  6. I didn’t vote ’cause I really don’t know, but I figured Scorpio would be getting top billing in that department. Hell, I don’t even understand myself most of the time. 1st House Scorpio stellium – Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars & Neptune. Somebody help me!

  7. Are people with an ascendant opposite their sun sign misunderstood?

    Are there other common combinations that lead to complexities that are difficult to fathom?

  8. No sign (even Scorpio) has gotten more crap than Virgo. Even most of the “positives” of Virgo turn out to be backhanded compliments.

  9. I think all of the signs are misunderstood in some way.

    Had to laugh at “I hate astrology”. Who hates astrology that’s coming here?

  10. I really think Scorpio is most frequently misunderstood. Someone says, “Oh, you’re a Scorpio? I hate Scorpios!” I hear that a lot. People don’t realize a lot of the depth and various facets. It is very popular to think Scorpios are crappy human beings. As to Virgos, someone once told me that they were a Virgo and said “not that it’s very impressive since their servile, OCD, secretarial types.” I think the misunderstanding of Virgos is narrow minded, not as malicious. As to Pisces, I feel like they’re always being misunderstood not because of the sign description, but because they’re so hard to grab at. The misunderstanding of signs usually has to do with the belief that one or the other is “bad.”

  11. “he was just a man who preferred to show that he cared and that he loved his family through actions and not repetitive I love yous.”

    A great description of Capricorn dads like mine.

  12. i voted vigro. ppl see virgos as uptight perfectionists when virgos are often very warm and giving and helpful. yes, vigros see very clearly what’s wrong with things so they get rapped as critical, while totally dismissing the fact that virgos very willingly pitch in to right what’s wrong without cause other than to help.

  13. Cancer gets the worst rap. People describe cancers as if we were all women with perpetual pms. We get the label “domestic” which everyone knows is code for frumpy and boring. Check out this blog…where is the post for Cancer quotes? There is no post ’cause people think we are at home crying over the latest Lifetime movie. Leo got two posts. Virgo has multiple quote posts too.

    Yes, I’m a cancer and yes, I’m currently PMSing and being bitchy. I’m not helping my case any, I know.


  14. Replying again…

    The Scorpios I know are private people, and yes, they give off a frightening air. But they’re also very loyal, hardworking, and devoted to their families. My dad and my FIL are both Scorpios.

    My little Scorpio daughter is the most affectionate thing. You wouldn’t think this about Scorpio, even the little ones. (One book said they’re all outcasts and unwanted!) She’s sweet and lovable–but VERY bossy! ๐Ÿ˜‰ She has a Cancer Moon, Leo ASC, and she has a Grand Trine in Water.

  15. All Scorpios are evil serial-killing sex maniacs. Of course they are! And all Aquarians are wonderful people who mean nothing but good for humanity, so if they stole your car after inviting themselves to stay over at your house for a week (free!), that’s just their way of helping out; Leos are just generous and friendly… utterly self-absorbed narcissistic egomaniacs so just worship at their altar like they were actually sungods and everything will be cool; Virgos live to serve… themselves! but they can keep it undercover with that candystriper BS about helping others; Libras aren’t sure what their problem is, but it’s either your fault or their fault and it’s your fault so they’re willing to help you fix your problem; Taureans can’t see past the potato they’re stuffing in their face to read this to complain when I note that they’re a bunch of fat, greedy bastards; Arians are brave, forthright, steadfast, loud-mouthed morons; Pisceans are very spiritual and in touch with the universe, especially when they are really really high on the stash they stole from your house; Capricorns work very hard their whole miserable lives to uphold standards of destroying people and they’re going to explain it to you in detail, you stupid ghit; Sagittarians are sex-positive and open to new experiences, which is why they have to fuck (you) and run (away – but they will leave a note telling you, in complete honesty, why you suck!); Geminis are kind enough to lie and tell you that you aren’t an idiot, unless they forget because they got fascinated with some idiot toy and they just blab it out; and of course Cancers will eat at your heart until your chest is hollow because they love you just like Mommie Dearest would.

    1. Haha this is hilarious even though a blast from the past. Kind of love it — I needed a laugh; astrology can be snarky fun too, eh?

    2. Seriously though? I thought the general consensus was that Aquarians were aloof and internet trolls and completely emotionless arseholes. That’s my experience anyhow, and I don’t mind. They’re fun.

      Eww though with Sadges, I cannot relate to that _at_ _all_.

  16. *LOL* Take a bow, Max! That was fabulous!

    I totally need an “I’m a Libra and can’t decide” button. So instead I chose “I hate astrology!” ๐Ÿ˜› I just don’t have the archetypes down enough to decide who is the most misunderstood.

  17. Is there an option for astrology in itself is the MOST misunderstood? People(who don’t study it i.e. laymen) tend to think of it in terms of generalities forgetting that it is NOT one thing but a group of things coming together and manifesting itself.
    These people(laymen in terms of astrology) tend to think of Virgos as the stereotypical nitpicking idiots. So, I guess I would say that Virgos are the most misunderstood. Also, I think Pisceans are the most underestimated.

  18. My name is Brandon and I am totally a Virgo. I am pretty sure my sign is highly misunderstood. We make these spur of the moment decisions, that totally play out in our heads, but everyone else is still on page one like, huh? I dont know if some things are just more important to others, or is it just the virgo that scales out whats really neededed, and throws away the un usefull information. I am not arrogant, but then again I am, and thats only if I can know I can to your 100% with accuracy and quality. But thats just me. I may come off as a dick, or the world biggest ass hole, but if you ever got the chance to look deep in my eyes, youd see that I mean know harm, in fact, hidden motives are alot more sinister to me than blatent actions…It just me

  19. I think cancers are misunderstood. We are primal, not moody clingy and obsessed with food. although we may be that too. (Laughing)

  20. I say Capricorns but not in a good way. People think that they are upstanding citizens, etc because they project a successful appearance, but thats where we misunderstand them. Fact is they are a dark and evil people in this world and as soon as the rest of us understand that evil is amongst us, then we will all see them and their lying evil ways for exactly what they are. I understand them perfectly now.

  21. Diana –
    Couldn’t agree more about Capricorns. It’s refreshing, really. I just love em.

    Can’y wait to see “I hate Scorpios!” If I hear that one more time…..

  22. I don’t know who to pick, because I’ve seen different signs get bashed all over the internet, let alone in person. Sagittarius seems to be one of the least bashed.

    LOL @ max. ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. @ Becca..Whereโ€™s the โ€œI have Libra and canโ€™t decideโ€ option when I need it?”

    I voted Scorpio..libra? really?

  24. Spot on Max, and funny besides. As Elsa has pointed out on numerous occasions, we all have a dark side. My chatty Sadge self is constantly reminding people that I’m not nearly as nice as they think I am, but they never listen.

  25. Good one Max!!
    I voted Scorpio – I can pick one out in a crowd easily (plus I know one since I have Scorp rising). The thing about Scorpios is they are very misunderstood, give an air of “I don’t give a shit” (when they probably do), need space to collect thoughts (back to the previous point), and just could kill you with one look at 20 paces. I’ve gotten this ALL of my Life with “Why do you look so serious/pissed off” *surprised look* Me: “What?”

    About the Virgos: Got one for a hubby (21 yrs.) and am surrounded by many female friends who are Virgos. Love these gals as friends – down to earth, ya know where ya stand. The guys – including my husband – well, they come across as know-it-alls and can be a real pain in the *** in conversations. Misunderstood? Nah……you’ll never win against a Virgo argument, they’re always right *smirk*

  26. I voted Taurus–people think all we care about is our next meal. You talk to people about Taurus and it’s like: they eat! And they’re stubborn! And…that’s it. LOL

    And I see from the poll everyone voting thinks they understand everything about Taurus, so this says something to me, anyway;)

  27. I don’t hate Scorpios (unless we start talking about several specific people), but I hate the general obsession with Scorpios not being understood. Really? Maybe it’s because I have known so many of them, but they’re really not that mysterious and difficult to figure out. A lot of the mystery is just an aire.

    Aries/Gemini/Leo/Scorpio/Sagittarius/Pisces are generally well understood I think.

    Virgo/Libra/Capricorn/Aquarius are the signs I think are generally misunderstood or broken down into idealistic (but not realistically fitting) stereotypes.

    Taurus/Cancer are the two I personally don’t get.

  28. Funny, I had to read all the comments before voting — not sure what that says about me, lol.

    The arguments persuaded me to vote Cancer. I agree with the other posters’ laments that Cancers are not, as the stock astrological descriptions define, a bunch of emotionally-driven domestics. I’m a Cancer sun myself, and most Cancers I know bare very little resemblance to the traditional definitions. I would call this “astrologically misunderstood.”

    From a personal perspective, I get Elsa’s pick of Libra — they can be difficult to “read.” My most trying relationships have been with Libras. The only way out of difficulties with Libra is to understand their ways — but it has been my experience that if you figure out one, you’ve figured out most of them.

  29. I am a virgo and I am the most Misunderstood person that I know. People generally look at me and think that they can read me all of the time. People try to tell me what type of decisions I may make in certain situations and everything. Then when I tell them my sign they try and gimmie a long list of how I am. It kinda sucks because people think they really know me just by looking at me so they tell me what they think about me and I be like “O u got me all fucked up.” I get tierd of people thinkn they know me alot. ALL VIRGOS ARE DIFFERENT!!!! I AM A VIRGO::: I AM NOT A PERFECTIONEST AT ALL, I LOVE SEX WITH A PASSION, IM NOT VERY CRITICAL, I AM ANALYTICAL, I DONT WORK HARD AT SHIT I DON’T LIKE, YOU’RE NOT GONA KNOW ME BY JUS LOOKING AT ME and the list goes on but im bouta get off here

  30. I have to admit, people born under the sign of Virgo do get a really bad rap. There’s this Gemini Guy I knew who fell head over heels for a Virgo woman he worked with. At first all he talked about was how sexy she was and that she was the best sexual partner he ever had. About a year later he it was a totally different story. He was then saying how all Virgo women should be killed at birth. Don’t ask me what went wrong, I couldn’t tell you.
    I’ve often heard from other men too, that Virgo women were Freaky in bed. Maybe he just couldn’t handle all that passion. LOL!!

  31. For me Libra’s are so easy to get along with. I get them. But they are dual and can be moody. All dual signs are moody. The other dual signs are Gemini, Saggies and Pisces.

  32. I vote libra and taurus.
    Taurus are so much deeper than people think!! I have a lot of friends who are taurus and most of the time they are just having too much fun inside those amazing heads of theirs!! People say they have a one track mind when in reality they’re thinking about too much too fastXD and they like to eat(indulge)

    Libras are also misunderstood on almost all levels, but what really bothers me is people confusing superficiality to admiring aesthetic. My girlfriend is a libra and she has so many interesting thoughts and really isn’t superficial, they know much more than what they show. try to get to really get past the 400 layers they hide under, its safe in there. She does hate it when things get messy around the apt tho

    Im a gemini

  33. Taurus without a doubt! I am tired of the “They love to eat” and they are “Too stubborn” lame labels. Maybe we are THAT mysterious that they can’t figure us out . The most entertaining and epic actors are Taurus (i can list them all and i will be here all day). Taurus is unique in the sense it has a silent allure about them….u don’t know what they will do or say. It just SEEMS they are quite-thus boring, and they eat when hungry (who doesn’t?) . Stubborn ONLY when information is bullshit and doesn’t make sense. Convince me and i will ease up. Simple actually. We are the perfect mix of cool and tough.

  34. I vote Sagittarius. Everyone misunderstands me. I open my mouth and people complain that I’m saying too much about stuff. But if I don’t talk, it’s weird to them. I can never find middle ground. And I’m always the scapegoat or the victim because I’m honest attitude.

    Libras are easily understandable and predictable. More boyfriend, my mother, my grandfather and my bestfriend have the same patterns. I know when not to say stuff to them (I do anyways because I have a chronic foot in mouth syndrome). I know how long they decide to make decisions.
    Leo and Sagittarius are practically the same, except that sagittarius teach others because they love teaching while Leos like to show off because it shows how much they know about their intelligence. They both do care and protect those.

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