Who Doesn’t Shower & Doesn’t Mind A Dirty House?

Dear Elsa,

I’ve been wondering about what astrological aspects can show that a person is ok with dirt. My most recent ex didn’t shower daily, despite having a tough manual job. He also didn’t mind getting his hands dirty with whatever yucky job needed doing. He didn’t mind dirt in the house.

I have a strong Virgo signature in my chart, and don’t understand this. What is it that makes people be ok with dirt? Could it be a Pluto issue?

CleanVirgoAsc, London

Hi, Clean!  What an interesting question. I’ve never thought about this before. I can’t give you a definitive answer but I can give you some ideas and put this up so others can weigh in.

First, it’s common that a strong signature in a chart play both sides of an extreme. For example, you are a clean Virgo, but there are many, many Virgos out there who do not keep house. They may feel, if it can’t be perfect, why try at all?  Or cleaning house may seem inefficient to a Virgo. It just gets dirty again, they may prefer to read…a lot!  So when you’re talking about signs or planets or aspects in a chart describing this kind of tendency, it’s easy to get it wrong.

Next, I think of a person’s upbringing. What were they taught or not taught, about cleanliness?

This is not, “blame the mom”.  It’s just in real life, I have seen a person’s history have a big effect. But even that can’t be predicted.  Some people are taught to keep themselves and their homes, immaculate. They keep up the family tradition. Others grow up in a filthy environment and when they get their own home, they keep it clean and organized.

Considering this, if I were guessing where in a chart you might look for insight, I would look at the moon or the 4th house.  I’d also look at the 6th house for clues around  a person’s daily routine.

I would not look at Pluto. Pluto is not dirty so much as it is obsessive.

Thanks for the question. Can anyone else weigh in?

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  1. My sister has a philosophy against bathing. She’s a hippy and smells RANK but she doesn’t care, it’s her philosophy. “The body actually cleans itself” (????) She has a lot of Sadge and Capricorn, very stubborn about it too but I don’t know if it’s astrology so much as her just being an asshole. I think, people who don’t mind dirt don’t have a particular aspect or sign, they just don’t have as much Virgo as Virgo would like, haha!

  2. I agree with you Elsa,I also thought the “other” side of Virgo could be into dirt but as you say I think family habits and upbringing have a lot to do with this, positively and negatively. Great question!

  3. HAH I have a super Virgo Mom and she is ALWAYS asking this. No birth time, so I don’t know her 4th. Anyways my home is a mess and I don’t care. If people came to my home I would, but no one is allowed inside. Even when it is cleaned. I clean MAYBE once a month. I take out the trash and do the dishes almost daily, but otherwise I just let it go. I honestly just do not care. My IC is Cancer, my 4th is Leo, my Moon is Sag. I’ve worked as a housekeeper so I know how easy it is to keep a place clean, I just can’t be bothered. Normally I place the blame on my Pisces Mars. I can’t be moved into action. The only time I DO manage to clean is when I set a 10min timer on my phone and vow to clean as much as I can in 10 minutes, and then I can stop. Then, once the 10min is up I almost always just keep going for an hour or two until it’s all cleaned. I just need to get started. An object in motion stays in motion, and object at rest stays at rest~ My 6th is Libra, and Venus is in it. Which you would think could mean I want to be surrounded by beauty so I should clean, but in reality I just want to lounge.

    I feel so bad for my Mom when I was growing up. Messes and disorganization make her feel physically ill, supposedly. She tried SO HARD to make me care and to make me see things, and I was such a lost cause. It’s all so mundane. You know Sag is King of the Gods. Do you think Zeus EVER once picked up after himself? Please. He probably wandered around Earth with wine dribbled all down his front while he was picking up the ladies and murdering humans and whatever.

    I do always shower though.

    1. My son was a pig, but now reports, he keeps his dorm room, immaculate.

      I am not that great at keeping house but try very hard these days. I don’t think I have a knack for it though.

        1. I don’t know. He just mentioned it. He said he was “head ass” (his words) when he was a “kid”.

          “My room was filthy. You came in and told me to clean it. I told you I was just going to do it, tomorrow. Like you were bugging me…”

          He’s 17 now. Orderly and thinks his roommate’s dirty clothes in the corner, smell.

          No Virgo by the way. He’s a Taurus.

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            Miguel Melchizedek

            Look for a changed Progressed Ascendant and/or Sun – that’s a 30 year period. Or maybe the new girlfriend 🙂

    2. I’ve recently started making a commitment to clean for twenty minutes a day. The difference is so pleasing to me. Normally I would just let it pile up, wait til I had a day off and do it if I felt like it and only if I felt like it. It’s been easy to commit to just a little time every day though. It comes naturally now and I do it automatically with very little energy expenditure.

    3. Hi – Sag here with Pluto, Uranus, mars in Virgo! My mars is in 12 H so I understand about lethargy and the tedium of housework. However, I’m now into minimalism because having dirt and clutter around me really really bothers me and I can’t progress my life until I get rid of my shit and instil some discipline in my life. This is, of course, my trip, but do you mind my asking – when you say ‘no one is allowed inside’ do you mean you curb your social life due to not letting people into your home? And, why is this? Are you embarrassed? And if you are embarrassed, is that not a starting point for wanting to change your habits? A lot of questions- sorry!

  4. I have a big Virgo Stellium, with Virgo Sun in the 6th. I can’t be bothered to clean, until it gets to the point that I would be embarrassed if someone came over and saw it. My mother was obsessive about cleaning. It was incredibly anxiety-provoking for me as a child because she screamed about every little mess that me and my 3 siblings created. When I was old enough to hold a vacuum, I was put to work. I know everyone in a family needs to pitch in, but when you have a mother who makes you RAKE your shag carpet every day so your house looked like Home Beautiful, you start equating “cleaning” with “misery”. I clean my kitchen decently every night and my toilet bowl is always clean, but other than that, if I vacuum every 2 weeks, pfffft… good enough.

    1. I can totally identify with you! I’ve got a Virgo stellium too in 8th house plus Vesta-Sun conjunction. I love cleanliness in my bathroom and kitchen but I don’t vacuum or dust frequently and I’m not into order very much. I was brought up in a relatively chaotic environment and this had an impact on me. I’m a picky eater -I avoid meat,I filter my drinking water and I use eco friendly products. I bathe and shampoo whenever I feel dirty and that is every other day usually. Face and other parts(!)washed twice a day. Cheers!

  5. I spent a lot of time as a child on my grandparents farm playing in the dirt and cow sh*t. Dirt, to me, isn’t dirty. There was a period towards the end of college where I wasn’t washing my hair and taking a shower every day to conserve water. It was a small and personal way to fight global warming. I’ve also been known to have a notoriously messy room as a child. I would be organized up to a point and then… very messy. I’m a Virgo Sun, Mars and Mercury. Although, my Moon is in Scorpio in the 4th conjunct Saturn.

    THEN, I moved to Brazil. The land of the people that take AT LEAST two showers a day. Climate makes a difference in the way people live. My ex-husband, who is Brazilian, is also from a very clean military family and he is a Buddhist monk. He appreciates extreme cleanliness and no clutter for spiritual and habitual reasons. He also grew up in the city without animals and has a very different relationship with and perspective about dirt. I was definitely influenced by my ex husband in positive ways, though I seriously doubt I could ever be comfortable living up to his standards.

    Culture does play an important role in cleanliness and since living in Brazil I have drastically changed. I wont go to sleep without taking a shower and I take at least one every day. I am a lot more organized and I imagine myself in the future as minimalist, clean and organized. I’m three fourths of the way there already. In a hot climate you can’t be dirty. There are diseases and insects galore that kill.

    As a child I moved around a lot from house to house (Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents) and had very little routine and maybe that was one piece of the unorganized puzzle. BUT, my brother has always been very organized.

    I fight tooth and nail to change myself and transform when I see a benefit. Being more organized and clean is something I actively look towards being but I didn’t have those habits as a child.

    I vote for culture and the persons relation to cleanliness! As far as the Moon, mine is in Scorpio and I transform my cleanliness.

  6. Dunno but digging in asteroids and hygiene can be a clue there in my opinion . Also look for laziness in signs , in that sense Taurus does have this aspect in addition to being ok with dirt and earth !

  7. I’m a Scorpio and my husband is an Aries both our charts are pretty heavily loaded in the 7, 8, and 9th houses. His is more evenly distributed than mine but that is not the question here I believe weather a person’s daily habits are linked to their up bring and if they ever spent any time in the military. Both my husband and I were military he spent 6 years straight with no break and made the rank of Sargent in 2 years. I have a collection of 10 years of duty but have a number of breaks in service. We are both fairly no non-since when it comes to the house. Clean, neat and organized is the preference. However I have a Cancerian daughter who is like the female version of the peanuts charter pig pen. She is really not dirty but the clutter is astounding we have no idea of where it all comes from. I try not to think about it as she is currently living with us due to an industrial injury she experienced just before she was back on her feet. She has had 3 surgeries to repair her injury and is back at work should be moving soon we all hope. You would think of all the people in all the world her being a Cancer she would be neat and organized but not so.

  8. I also like clutter because i prefer cozy close spaces to large empty spaces that are all edges. I dont clean enough because i seem to like the cleaning to be cathartic. Or like dont want to feel like some routine spinster. I had a lot done for me as a kid.. i only washed the floors. I have roaches.

    1. Aw man I can’t do insects. Nonononono. I don’t mind dirt but I don’t like sharing my space with creatures that crawl and shit wherever they want. Roaches are so disrespectful. I have had mice in the past. I thought they were so cute until I found a bunch of poop in my underwear drawer. I’m territorial like that.

        1. I’ve read that roaches actually like a clean environment. I think it’s the nooks and crannys that they like though. I feel for you!

          1. Lots of times the roaches are just in the walls building and have nothing to do with being clean. Or maybe someone else has them and they come in. I had an apartment that had them. I keep a clean kitchen but they were there ??? I don’t mind most bugs, spiders, etc but I hate roaches. We called the landlord who sprayed. *shudders*

    2. Here in Brazil we have to be SUPER careful about roaches because scorpions eat them. If you have roaches, then there is a big chance you will have scorpions. The scorpions here are venomous enough to kill children!

  9. I’m a slob by most standards. I don’t mind a dirty house. I can look at a mess for a while before it bugs me. I have venus in Virgo and I do like to use my energy efficiently. Why wash one dish and use my energy on that one dish when I can let them pile up and get a bunch done at once.

    But my body is clean. I don’t like feeling dirty or being smelly (although I do like my own natural scent, I don’t assume that everyone does). I shower daily cause it feels good. So fresh and so clean:) That must be the libra in me.

  10. I am a Pices / Virgo (asc). It is interesting how the simple action of washing and putting things away can be the stage of fixation, obsession, fear, perfectionism, criticism and control. It also can be a “way of life” or offer “right relationship” for a sacred lifestyle.
    I do think that the location, times, one’s biography and astrology plays into whether you are a friend or foe to Mr. Clean.
    My Grandmother (a Capricorn) grew up in a one-room sod home and shared it with the cow. She had a puritanical lifestyle with a constant, determined fight against dirt and clutter. As an adult she never had an indoor pet. Later her husband (my grandfather a Cancer) got the flu and in 3 days died. As a result my mother (an Aries) raised us with cleanliness associated with health and death! There was a lot of unresolved fear and over-the -top responsibilty she carried for our well-being that rested on whether the dish towel hanging in the kitchen was clean. I guess this was life before Penicillin.
    For those of you who have watched “The Great British Bake-Off Masterclasses” on PBS you have seen Mary Berry (Host) looking in horror at Paul Hollywood (Host) with his hands covered in the wet dough as he demonstrates mixing the water, eggs and dry ingredients together. No spoon, he sticks his hands deep into the goo. Then he moves on to other processes with his hands covered in wet dough.
    “What do you do if the doorbell rings?” Mary Berry asks incredulously. Two different types of bakers, two different people.

  11. This is the only sore subject in my home. I am a fanatic about things being orderly and clean (especially because we have dogs) and my husband could lay in a garbage dump.

    He is a Pisces and has no problem just leaving crap wherever it falls. In our marriage never once has he ever touched a vacuum, mop, broom, cleaned a bathroom, cleaned a kitchen…he earns a fabulous living, but does nothing inside our home.

    I remember going to his parents house one day….and we walked through the open garage door to go inside. What a catastrophe. And, if left up to him this is how we would live.

    I have a Taurus moon, which is probably why we live in this big old house with an attic full of antiques from my grandparents but big or not, if its a mess it drives me insane. And dirty….yeah, I would leave. I couldn’t live in it. I am not going to live with mice, bugs or any sort of dirt or mess. It would make me a special kind of crazy……

    This used to be a reason for argument early in our marriage but today I know this is not something on his priority list but it is on mine. So, I clean it. And, to take the weight off me I have him do other things that he doesn’t mind doing….like, I cant stand to go to Walmart or Target…so I send him with a list and he does the shopping. I loved working in the yard, tending to my vines and bulbs but today…I wont touch that yard work. I had to let it go and its all his now. He doesn’t like it…the weekly mowing and clipping…but he has a choice and that’s what he picks. I miss it but quickly realized that I couldn’t do it all unless I wanted to be angry and bitter…so the work had to be divided. The dusting alone in this place is enormous. And, I should probably hire someone to come in and help me out. Actually, I cant wait to downsize into something more manageable.

    My kids are clean freaks. They were raised in a clean and organized home and they are the same. The problem is…their wives are a mess. So, now they have the same battles. I explained to my youngest son one day….pick your battles and stop sweating the small stuff. This life passes in a blink. Don’t use up your time screaming because a bed isn’t made. He was in the Army…and still Army folds his clean laundry ….you would faint if you say his closet and drawers. If you open my DIL’s closet…nothing is hanging. Its all thrown in the floor. It makes him crazy. I say…then stay out of her closet. Find something real to argue about.

    When my oldest (was in the hospital) nearly cut his foot off, I had to run to his home and get him some clean clothes. I don’t like to enter my kids homes without them and headed straight to his room to gather what he asked for. I had to stand there for a moment and giggle…his clothes lined up in his closet all facing one direction, short sleeves with each other….then long…then pants. And worse…sorted and hanging by color. It’s amazing what a child picks up at home while they are growing up. So yeah…both my kids are freaks….clean freaks that is.

    None of us have a birth chart that compares to the other. I am heavy 4th house…husband is heavy 1st house (of course!!!!) Both my kids have stelliums – one in Libra, the other in Gemini. They are as different as night and day…but both organized, clean control freaks…and I suppose this is my fault 🙂

  12. I don’t know any Virgos who are very neat and orderly and I know a few. I know a Pisces who lives in a super dirty home and I can’t be there long. I can see the spaciness of a Pisces being able to shut off the disaster around then. I am as neat and orderly as one can be. If my space is cluttered and dirty my mind is in shambles. I’m thinking it has to do with Saturn and North Node in Virgo in my 6th house. I’m a little extreme and I hate it. I’d like to be a little bit more balanced. I can never relax because there’s always something that I need to organize and clean.

  13. I have Gemini and Pisces…..utter chaos in my head an heart, therefore I’m pretty OCD about order. It gives me that sense of structure and security. I’m very cardinal as well plus I have huge Saturn. I don’t know, my brother is a super Scorp with Cap as well. I expect from him to be very orderly, yet his nickname is BRAND CHAOS. If he steps in a room it takes him 5 minutes to create chaos around him and he’s very loose with order, but clean and fresh everyday. Clutter makes me heavy

  14. How about a person who grew up in a pristine household and decided that when they got their own they were not going to be so picky? And being a four planet Virgo, I am not overly picky about a clean house, but everything has its place and I don’t like anything out of place and I can’t stand wearing dirty clothes or being dirty. We Virgos are picky about at least one or two things. And as far as the sign that can be lazy? Try Taurus. I have a Virgo pal who has a Taurus Moon and is very particular and nitpicky, however, his personal space is a MESS! It is really shocking.

    1. I’m one of those people who grew up in an immaculate, organized house and was taught to shower and do chores on a schedule. When I moved out, the first thing to go was a sense of routine. I was always taught to do-things-a-cer-tain-way, and inwardly, I guess I rebelled. Nowadays I’m trying to do better, but I still don’t bother with a routine. Just sort of clean up when things get dirty. ::shrug:: Progressed Jupiter in Cancer went retrograde in my 6th house shortly after I left home.

      1. I wonder what the perfect way to do this with children is.

        My idea is it’s best when they pitch in and maybe are assigned stuff to clean up but it’s like.. fun

  15. This is an interesting discussion, when Pluto went through my first house, opposed my 7th house Sun and squared my 10th house Pluto/Uranus conjunction I suffered the most horrendous body odour problems despite showering twice a day. People hated me for it (opp 7th house Sun) and I was notorious for it (square 10th house Pluto/Uranus conjunction), and It was always a surprise to me when it manifested (Uranus). I must have smelt like death (Pluto). I showered twice a day and still had these problems. Now transiting Pluto is in the 2nd house – I don’t smell anymore but I do have money problems. Amazing how astrology is so strong, stronger than science it seems to me.

  16. I’m Virgo with a strong Scorpio moon. I love to clean, it relaxes me. However, I can let go of a dirty dish here and there. I know I’ll get to it and don’t expect anyone else to.

    I don’t set my hopes on any help when it comes to cleaning. I always feel dirty even though people more often than not comment on how up kept I look.

    I think this one is more about projection and virgos expectations on others. I’ve learned to let this go!


  17. I know this Pisces who is cleaner than clean and always stays organised and I know a particular Virgo who NEVER cleans anything and is completely disorganized. I don’t think you can tell this by a sign. But maybe as Elsa mentioned, it’s something to do with the 6th and 4th. 6th=clean 4th= home. Maybe a good aspect between the 2 rulers?

    1. Actually my 6th and 4th rulers are conjunct on my IC. I’m not the cleanest but I go on cleaning sprees. I have Pluto involved as 4th 4th ruler..so when I clean, I do a thourough job. My 4th/6th rulers are opposite Venus– I married a clean husband!! He is VERY clean and organized.

  18. we don’t have many visitors over except close family, and when his friends come over, I have to really clean. lol Otherwise, I am not a very thorough cleaner. I get everything put into place, change sheets weekly, launder every other day, my husband bought me a dishwasher so it’s heaven for me. before I had to wash by hands and I hated that. I sweep every other day but I should do it daily, and my man wanted wooden floors because he hated carpet and it’s so convenient for us too. I have to put my glasses on to see the dust on top of the bookshelves or between shelvings. or small spots on the kitchen cabinets.my mother was one of those mentioned above, neat freak and clean, organized, and never allowed us to do any help. so, we were spoiled in that way.

  19. First house Virgo stellium. Empty Sagg 4th. Aquarius 6th house with Saturn in Pisces. I hate a messy kitchen, dishes in the sink, I don’t like a dirty floor. I hate dusting, though. I mean, I like when there is no dust, but my husband has every kind of knickknack: rocks, minerals, coins, pins, antlers, interesting things from his travels, things from his childhood….The stuff is cool but I wanted to put it all on display behind glass but he wasn’t having it. ? My husband is neat so I like that.

    My stepdaughter is a Taurus stellium. When she was living with us, she always left dirty dishes in the sink and the floor dirty. Even after her dad and I came home from a trip, the place was a mess. (She was almost 30 so we’re not talking about a 16 year old.) I was so pissed.

    Anyway, I guess it could be a number of reasons as everyone suggested. I do think that people have varying levels of tolerance. And some people care less about mess so when I’m in their homes or spaces, I do honor that (unless it’s harmful, as it was with my mom a few years ago).

  20. I am a minimalist and I like my things clean. It’s not so much a matter of aesthetics as it is a matter of energetics. I simply feel better in a clean environment. The ritual of cleaning is like clearing the energy signatures that people leave on things, including my own emotional imprints. Whenever I experience a major shift in my attitude and mood I feel this strong need to clean the space and to get rid of things that no longer “represent” me.

    Taurus Moon
    Capricorn Mercury
    Gemini 6th House

    With Gemini 6th House I am really picky about information I collect and digest. Healthy mind leads to a healthy body they say. Judging by my own experience there is certainly a link between the two.

  21. I think a tendency to neatness/messiness has more to do with aspects than the sign. I have Sun in Cancer conjunct Jupiter and I’m quite messy. I don’t like dirt but mess and clutter don’t bother me. I’ve noticed that others with the same conjunction regardless of sign are also rather messy but not necessarily dirty. I also have a stellium in Gemini so I hate routine especially housework. I solved that problem by hiring someone to do the heavy cleaning so periodically I have to put things away. I file by pile. My dining room table is a receptacle for all sorts of paper. Knowing astrology really helped me to deal with these issues and accept me as I am.

    1. That’s funny. I call my organization system “the pile system”. I’ve recently added bags to that system because I’m doing more out of my car. No one else would be able to make any sense of it. But I know where everything is. I know exactly what I have and where it is.

  22. My mom (Cap Sun) and sister (Pisces Sun) both have Virgo Moons, and even though their houses aren’t always picture perfect, everything (kitchens, bathrooms, children, laundry) is always scrubbed CLEAN. They have a continuous reserve of energy to get things around the house done. I on the other hand (Scorp Sun), have Pluto Virgo Midheaven + Pisces 4th house and Cancer Moon. I fall into a literal, energy drained heap if my work/home life is out of balance and my house is a mess. Saturn Sag paired with all of the Pisces transits (Neptune especially) have made it particularly tough since 2015.

    1. Julie I’ve got both moon and Pluto in Virgo, I so much understand what you mean when you say you feel out of sync in a messy house. And I’ve strongly felt Neptune in Pisces wreak havoc in my 6th in recent years.

  23. I was an OCD clean freak the decades I worked and had a scheduled life, but now I’m retired and maintain a moderate level of sanitary efficiency. I like the line from Minnie Pearl, “Why clean house today, when it’ll just need it again next month?”.

  24. I would say Air signs. I know quite a few Air dominant people and they aren’t organized or neat at all. In a way it makes sense to me because Air signs are the least physical and “earthy” of all zodiac signs and they can often be caught up in their head.

  25. Thanks Elsa and everyone for so much food for thought! It seems that it’s a very complicated matter, and probably people can be dirty/messy for different reasons. E.g.people who are too airy are not concerned with mundane matters, cleaning might be ‘below’ Leos, and Tauruses for sure can get very lazy (I’m a Taurus sun so I know…).

    Similarly it seems that people can be clean for various reasons too. I’ve got a stellium on my Virgo ascendant, and the moon is there too. I can’t relax or function when I’m in a messy and dirty environment. My sister is clean too but I think for her that’s down to Saturn and Mars in her Libra first house – it’s a duty.

    The dirty ex I mentioned in my question to Elsa has a Sagittarius 6th house, and Neptune is there too, plus his moon is in Aquarius, in the 9th. So maybe his reason is that cleanliness is just not that important to him, he’s cool about it. Interstingly, he’s a VERY tidy person – his 4th is ruled by Virgo, so maybe that’s why.

    Elsa you’re so right when you say that this is a large part of someone’s upbringing. What our parents taught us, combined (I believe) with how much we clash or not with our parents. My mother is a super messy and dirty hoarder, who never taught me even how to mop the floor. Feeling repulsed by her evil character was an extra incentive for me to learn to be clean and uncluttered.

  26. I’m a twin, 11minutes apart, and we were raised by the same parents at the same time. We are polar opposites. Like my Mom, I keep a clean house and like things ordered and organized. My twin, could care less about a clean house, unless someone else is doing it for her. As for being organized and keeping things in order, she’s more a procrastinator and pile maker.

    Going by that, I’m not sure if you can pinpoint this one, though I’ve given it A LOT of thought over the years (as my husband is more like my sister and I don’t understand this, so I think on it A LOT).

    1. Avatar
      Miguel Melchizedek

      Twins are a special case in which each of them try to play half of the star chart so as to diferenciate themselves and become more individualized.

      1. I can absolutely see how this would work out, and in most cases (for us) it does. There are a few overlaps, but for the most part, we each play an opposite role in regards to our chart (which is compounded by it being a full moon chart).

  27. My sister is a Virgo Sun, with Virgo Mercury and Venus.

    But she is super messy and doesn’t care about cleaning or keeping things tidy. Even when it gets really gross.

    She has Mars in Gemini 4th house and the Moon and Jupiter in Leo 6th house. Pisces Rising.

  28. Avatar
    Miguel Melchizedek

    All signs and planets show their positive trait if they’re not afflicted in which case they’re negatived and behave the opposite.

    Earth signs/planets are hands-on practical and organized – and earthy. So they may like getting their hands in the dirt and consider dirt their friend not foe – would you say that’s good or bad? I saw the child of my Cancer with Aquarius Asc friend eating stuff from a dirty rug when a tiny kid. She said “don’t bother, it’s good for getting his antibodies ?

    I would say clear/tidy and clean are separate things.

    I know people who are very demanding in terms of hygiene but are, on the other hand, hoarders with clutter all over. This particular person has Moon in Capricorn, very neat and clean, but Mars afflicting Saturn – and vice-versa! – so can’t just throw anything away, disease style.

    Water signs + Neptune and maybe Jupiter (rules Pisces) tend to be confused and have little stamina and hands-on power. They’re dreamers and are usually in other worlds, can’t cope with this one much. Unless they have a Capricorn Moon or Capricorn Asc. So it pays to see the final balance between Air, Water, Earth, Fire. Cos a lot of Earth can dry up and balance the excess Water.

    Fire likes the outdoors and can’t be bothered. Air chats and analyses, thinks things and sometimes consider them done out of thinking them only.

    I mostly see cleaning professionals as Capricorn/Saturn people. Which is not to say they’re the best organizers. I would say a Capricorn/Saturn person would be very humble, organized, minimalist. But if afflicted can be disorganized, chaotic, hoarder.

    Tauruses are very lazy, like the bull under a tree in a hot summer afternoon. They’re likely to hire someone to do the cleaning and the goal is to have a pretty good for showing house. Paintings. Pretty stuff.

    Virgo’s are neurotic and OCD, they invented the word aseptic, wash their hands 20 times a day, eventually become doctors in their white immaculate (virgin) gown. But, being dualistic, they can be a Saint by day and a W**** by night. Afflicted they can be nasty unclean. Once I was appalled by seeing a Virgo friend’s poo dirty knickers in the bathroom, disgusting ?, house was crazy chaotic too.

    PS: Saturn may negative where he is. So say for instance, Saturn is in Virgo – this person may be OCD on cleanliness and immaculate magazine cover like home or just couldn’t care less, too high a bar to reach. It depends if Saturn is afflicted or strengthened.

  29. i can’t stand stinky and dirty but for some reason i’m quite messy and like disorganization. It feels safe to me.I had an ex (aries stellium with aquarius stellium capricorn moon) that was abusive and he was a clean OCD neat freak. he had a Virgo sun mother i remember, due to celebrating her birthday once. She claimed she is half indian (american indian, cherokee or something) and she mothered 4 children from different fathers. She hated the father from my ex which is why she abused him and not the others. but my ex became this crazy PTSD clean freak and if i didnt get everything spotless and organized i was abused and hit alot. had a broken arm once, and another time broken cracked skull so i wanted to go to the hospital but he wouldnt let me because he would get in trouble. So maybe in my mind due to the trauma, i like messy and it feels safe but certainly i hate dirty.I like things clean and smelling nice so i always make sure to clean with good cleansing materials and also set some fresh smelling scents around the house. all my clothes are clean for example and they are stacked up in a messy pile on the laundry basket.

    1. oh i think personally when people turn very elderly and dementia sets in, and can’t clean, they turn very dirty and gross. I saw it when doing searches online with elderly not being able to have any help with cleaning. their homes get so gross it’s like stacks and stacks of hoarding and immensely inhabitable environments. so i think there is a mental illness somewhere there too and the extreme opposite the mental illness is super neat freak that becomes abusive. no balance, mental degradation.

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