Who Gets Tricked & How?

Mercury trickster“Could a person’s chart suggest ways they might misidentify people like that? Or other, and what kinds of people? Towards what kinds of people a person may be more blind?

Lamari on Cause Of Immense Suffering, Terror, Oppression, Genocide & Decay:

I’m sorry I wasn’t clear. My angle here or rather, what I see, is people enamored with the very person or persons who are causing them harm. This is not because they are stupid.  It’s because the psychopath is a charming and skilled liar and the person falls under their spell.

I equate this to the legions of women who I watched fawn over my father. They were hopeless and clueless and I will define that.
Clueless, because they had no idea, his character.
Hopeless, because even if someone were to tell them, they were so dazzled and beguiled by him, they’d have never believed.

People also tend to consider themselves to be “aware”. It’s very hard and nearly impossible for some, to register, they’ve missed something.

I’ve tried to explain this before (my own theory), it’s the OPPOSITION.  Picture someone looking at an object, thinking it is fabulous and marvelous. The truth is opposite. 180 degrees.

I’ve found that you can perhaps get someone to adjust their gaze 10 degrees, one way or the other. 20 degrees?  This falls far short of what is needed so the liar is safe!  I admire the cunning on one level.  The psychopath is aware of  your limitations. He/She’s got you!

To be clear, it’s about getting a someone to admit they are a little wrong. This is possible. But utterly wrong? Not likely.

“Could a person’s chart suggest ways they might misidentify people like that? Or other, and what kinds of people?”

Maybe. I mean, I can blame Neptune here, but when the majority of people are deceived, what does that mean?

I understand this because I grew up with it. Not sure this will translate, but I was soaking in it.

I am suggesting, while I do have the chart of a discerning person, the social factor is enormous.  Nature and nurture, and also life experience. Mine is out there. Plus I talk to zillions of people and I’ve done so all my life.

It’s the same with someone who is tricked (and I was someone who was tricked).  You can be gullible but honestly, I think it’s easier to un-trick a Neptune person than to apply correction of any kind to a stubborn, inflated person.  God, Himself has to deal with that, lol.

Towards what kinds of people a person may be more blind?

You ask really good questions and I admire this about you.

Each individual has their jam, so to speak. Some people like to be told what they want to hear, for example. I like secret knowledge / deep insight, so I can fall prey to fake versions of these things.

Talent is a big draw as is physical beauty.  Basically, the person has some quality, the viewer or the listener wants to adopt or develop in themselves.

It’s really no different than falling in love.  Ever try to tell a woman her new, hot man is a POS?  Same thing.

The person believes they are getting something special from the person.  They will fight anyone who threatens their situation, even if in reality, they’re being mauled.

Also, a large percentage of people simply hide in the mainstream. They go where others go.  I am not sure, but I think the stat is 80% followers in any given population?

There’s also this:

The Advantage Goes To The Liar

You see how stacked the deck is. Also, some of what goes on is overt, but the real power is in the subtlety of how this operates, as well as how pervasive it is.

My view? Like Madge, up there, everyone is soaking in it.  Might want to figure out what you’re actually immersed in. If you can snap out of it, it’s a very different world.

9 thoughts on “Who Gets Tricked & How?”

  1. i ddidnt understand the whole ‘ you get something from denying reality’ until i woke up and saw my part of the deal. the unspoken negotiation I made. you arent being lied to, you are lying to yourself that you dont know any better. a part of you ‘knows’, you just chose not to listen to it and give it space.

  2. this reminds me of ‘the work’ by Buron Katie. 4 questions about wether something is true can filp your whole damn life upside down!

    1. Byron Katie’s Four Questions
      1. Is it true?
      2. Can you absolutely know it is true?
      3. How do you react – what happens – when you believe that thought?
      4. Who would you be without that thought.

  3. I was following the terrain /germ theory and viruses don’t exist. I catch myself. The possible biological gain of function gurgled up from suppression and I took a double take and a “whoa”. I caught my mind turning a page and going forward. Now I understand the lyme disease controversy that has devastated millions. Biological warefare doesn’t drop everyone instantly. That happened. I accepted a repeated narrative on alternative media and was swept away. I thought I was safe from the tyrannical collective force to vaccinate a fast track predetermined protocol. Then a war breaks out. I see the trip and the slide.

  4. My take – mind and its capacity is totally overrated. Everywhere and from all angles we are told that words are our best tools, decide about good and bad, truth and lie and therefore our thoughts become so important that we believe them, no matter what. At the same time we are told that our body is ‘just a vehicle’ and our ultimate goal is to leave it behind to ‘be free’. It has to be disciplined, criticised, imprisoned so it doesnt get in the way. Half of the ‘wellness industry’ banks on teaching people how to torture their body to ‘function’ and the other half teaches them to ‘get out of their body’ into illusionary dreamlands.

    What’s that to do with how we receive other people ? Before anyone thinks a thought, one that can be remembered or expressed, a whole lot has already happened. Our body, via the senses, has seen, heard, touched and smelled and looked for analogies and synchronicities in our emotional memory bank. That rises up subtly and unconscious to constitute a ‘feeling’ Now, people only recognise a ‘feeling’ once they can categorise it with a label and if its diffuse, mind jumps in and closes the lid. ‘He is ..she is’… It is a process of seconds and we hasten it because we rely on mind to ‘tell us’ whats real and true – generating a sense of safety and control: ‘I know’.
    Meanwhile, we know nothing. We project our own past experiences onto another person based on sensory clues, there can be some truth to it, it can be utterly wrong. But once the mind has closed the lid with a decision, we begin to search for clues to confirm our feeling and the resulting thought and dismiss what doesn’t fit.

    I’s say question your thoughts, stay open for new experience, recognise and change habits, connect to your body in a grateful and loving way. It’s an inside job, to recognise and change projection and transference/countertransference and it starts with healing the mind/body relationship. Dismiss the notion that those are separate, they are not and never were.

    Astrologically, I disagree with Neptune being a malefic influence per se. The ‘confusion’ it might bring up is a way of reorganising priorities and doing away with a false sense of mind based security and control. I agree its unsettling and can wreak havoc, but what do we know about the inner workings of our senses, our brain, the synapses, neurotransmitters, hormones ? They work together just like the planets in the universe, we can see some of them and follow their path but no one understands the universe. Neptune is our lifeline to the vastness of another reality that the mind can’t grasp.

    The ability to stay open to learn, to revise, to reflect, to be patient, to tell the ego to be quiet, to listen to our body and discern between intuition and reaction to clues and triggers is helpful.

    As a child – without the emotional memory bank of years of life experience – I was able to viscerally feel people and environments being safe or unsafe/ threatening. It saved me many times from harm, yet I was told there is something wrong with me that I dislike a person or a setting. I began to question my senses, thinking that the adults know more than I do They didn’t.

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