Who’s The Best Driver in the Zodiac? Who’s the Worst?

Who is the best driver in the zodiac and who is the worst? I found this information off an insurance study…


1. Gemini May 21-June 21
2. Taurus April 20-May 20
3. Pisces February 19-March 20
4. Virgo August 23-September 22
5. Cancer June 22-July 22
6. Aquarius January 20-February 18
7. Aries March 21-April 19
8. Leo July 23-August 22
9. Libra, September 23-October 22
10. Sagittarius November 22-December 21
11. Scorpio October 23-November 21
12. And the winner is

Capricorn December 22-January 19

What do you think? The list makes sense to me. Gemini is distracted. They’re on the phone for sure possibly on two phones while flipping through a book.

Taurus is slow. I have Mars conjunct Mercury. I can tell when I am driving behind a Taurus because they just won’t GO.

Pisces is spaced. Virgo is worried and distracted like Gemini…

As to the bottom of the list, Capricorn. It’s a cautious sign. Capricorn doesn’t want to be pulled over. Scorpio, I don’t know. Someone on the board suggested their spider senses might be credited.

Sagittarius is a natural traveler. It’s no surprise they can navigate traffic, plus the sign is Jupiter-ruled. This offers some protection. And Libra?

Well Libra is polite! Libra makes things peaceful and naturally adjusts to balance others…

I have Mars conjunct Mercury in Libra. I think I am a great driver, however, I am the only one who thinks so.

With Mars Mercury in Libra I get there as fast as I can while still driving gracefully. I think (Mercury) I make art (Venus/Libra) or aggressive driving (Mars Mercury).

Are you a good driver? Tell us.

55 thoughts on “Who’s The Best Driver in the Zodiac? Who’s the Worst?”

  1. Aha! The Aries sun/Pisces moon Husband of mine can’t drive a tricycle without smashing himself and several toddlers in the process– he will never be allowed to drive another car. I don’t care about his Libra ascendant which seems to go into hiding when he’s behind a wheel. Even a wheel of cheese.

    As a Capricorn with Scorpio ascendant (Cancer moon) I am an amazingly good driver. The problem is that I am ALWAYS RIGHT and therefore every other driver is TOTALLY WRONG in every decision they make— which puts me into such an apoplectic state of rage over the stupidity of OTHER drivers that I stopped driving two years ago. Too stressful. But I was good….

  2. Well, arnt we all going to say we are good drivers? I know alot of people who think they are good drivers and they really arnt.
    It will be interesting the responses you get on this.

  3. hehee…oh my! I have to disagree!

    I’m an Aries with Pisces Moon (Sag Ascendant) and I think I’m a pretty good driver–and I’m very self-critical so I think I have a decent perspective. My husband (Libra sun and rising, Scorp moon) says he thinks I’m doing a great job and I made him promise to tell me the truth. Several other people riding with me have commented that I am a good driver.

    I’ve only been driving for about 3 years (I got my license very late after being traumatized since my family was hit by a semi in ’96 on an icy road in Texas-I believe I was 15 and a passenger). In any event, I am cautious, despite my Aries and Sag, and respectful of other drivers, and follow speed limits reasonably. I don’t think I’m the best driver in the Universe but I am pretty good, especially for only haven driven a few years.

    Who knows…I think it depends on a lot of things.

    Your Uncle,

    p.s. I would, however, agree that I am not the most graceful while on foot–I tend to trip and fall a lot–and slip on ice and such. I am not fond of kamikaze sports or anything involving heights, either.

  4. Oh, I don’t believe any of you. Not even you, Elsa. I agree with Cassie, no one is objective about his/her own driving. Everyone thinks s/he’s a great driver just like most everyone thinks they have a great sense of humor, a terrific sense of style and are great judges of character.

  5. Well speaking for myself, Marly. I was being facetious. Obviously I drive like shit, otherwise my friends would get in the car with me! 😛

  6. Double Sadge here too scared to drive now. Got my license 2 years ago (at 25) and after the first little bitty accident (minor) I haven’t driven since. I’m a walker, what can I say.

  7. I know I have zero sense of style, and my best friend knows she’s a terrible judge of character, so we’re not all oblivious to our faults 😀

    My mom is a Taurus and I can’t bear to ride in the car with her, it takes FOREVER to get anywhere. My Aquarius friend always makes me drive if we take a long trip, and I’m usually DD for drunken idiots due to my Capricorn responsibility. So I humbly agree…

  8. Did you know an insurance company did that study a few years ago? (Suncorp Metway, Ltd., a multi-faceted Australian Financial Service, according to one source) That just blows my mind – they were obviously at least considering using the information for “adjusting” premiums.

    Mars rules my chart (partile conjunct Mercury, mind you), and other drivers can drive me absolutely bananas. Especially the really slow, spaced out ones that stop for no discernible reason.


  9. LOL I’m a typical gemini in a lot of things, but I do try to remember to focus on the road when I’m driving.


    Maybe it’s a good thing I’m not driving right now?

  10. Hehe. I’m a Gemini, and all my friends believe I’m going to die in a music-changing-related car accident eventually. I’ve also got my mercury all tied up with my moon, which definitely shows in that I drive with my emotions. One of my friends was stuck in the car with my after my ex pissed me off so bad I could barely see straight – he says it was one of the most frightening experiences of his life.


  11. I think this list was from an insurance company so is this a survey about not getting into accidents or being a good driver b/c they’re not the same thing…

    I know someone w/a Sag sun, Jupiter in 1st. She’s never been in a car accident (save maybe one or two minor fender benders) but she is a complete space cadet on the road. Once, she even managed to drive a couple kilometers with a police car tailing her. The cop thought she was trying to evade him, the truth was she didn’t even notice THE WAILING SIREN. No, there’s no Pisces in the chart!

    I’m a Cap sun/Mercury – I don’t think I’m a good driver (don’t have the spatial orientation skills for it) but I do have an excellent driving record. Driving is a group project to me and in this project, it’s about picking up other people’s slack, others picking up your screw ups and everyone being alive at the end.

    Now the best driver I know has a Leo stellium, Taurus ASC. Mars square Uranus. If you can believe it. His attitude is very Taurean, very “I own the road”. He races luxury cars as a hobby, did the Autobahn etc.

  12. *lol*

    The only Capricorn I know well enough to ride with (I don’t drive myself) may never have been in an accident-of-fault, but is so timid and slow it’s frustrating. After driving for a decade, she still doesn’t know right-of-way protocol, and flatly refuses to drive to places she’s never been before.
    My father, who remains the best driver I’ve ridden with, was trained to be a military caravan driver (which means driving anything the Navy told him to where ever, when ever, with any amount of cargo). He’s a Cancer.
    The second best driver I know is a Gemini.

    I stil think it’s cute, even is meant tongue-in-cheek.

  13. Hey enough with the slow taureans already!! I’m a speed demon with points to prove it!! I’m a very impatient driver with quick reactions and everybody is in my way,so move! I’m pisces rising, virgo moon so yeah, i should be more passive but i love driving and i love driving fast. Maybe thats down to my venus in aries & mars in sag as 2 other speedy taurean friends are similar drivers and they both have venus & mars in aries. Would agree that Cap’s seem to be the most careful drivers but i get hugely frustrated when i’m their passenger..so cautious, get on with it!!

  14. I know I’m gonna curse myself with this…

    Pisces and Virgo stelliums – never had an accident, one ticket for driving through a non-visable stop sign when I was 18 (took it to traffic court and won!).

    Maybe I’m just blessed considering the incredibly moronic driving home while drunk incident a couple of months ago. It’s a miracle I didn’t kill myself or someone else. Not something I’d normally do.

  15. Pffffft!! I’m Aries with Aries Mercury and Cap Moon, and I’m a hell of a good driver. I would brag about being the best driver in my family, but the rest of ’em drive like crap, so that’s not really saying much… *lol* I’ve never been in an accident that was my fault (I get rear-ended a lot – bet it’s those Geminis!) though I do tend to be a bit of a speed demon. Even so, I know the limits of whatever vehicle I’m in and drive accordingly. I looooove to drive and can pretty much drive anything. Even if I have to sit in traffic, I’m chillin’ with the radio, happy to be on the road.

    Occasionally, the people in the car with me worry about the cars around us, like they think I don’t see them. But um… I keep my mirrors adjusted so there are no blind spots. If I try to slide into a small space, it’s because I know just how much space I need for that particular car. They gasp, I giggle, and it’s all good.

    Example – My bf, son, and I were stopping at a busy frozen custard stand last weekend. I was driving, in my own little car, which meant I was also parking. Well, there was a GREAT parking spot right out front, though it was gonna be a tight fit. It was also parallel parking, and the BF got nervous. Gasped a few times, asked a couple times if I knew how close I was to the cars in front and behind. Um, yes. But sure ’nuff, we got into that spot just fine, with no bumping, and quickly enough to get out of traffic and get some custard. 😀

    Now, you know who’s a REALLY lousy driver? My ex. Pisces, Sadge Moon (at least he doesn’t get lost), Aquarius Merc, Aries Mars. Road rage, accidents (from not paying attention), speeding tickets, and refusal to take advice about not driving like a dick through the ghetto. *facepalm* And yet, he thinks he’s going to be the one teaching our son how to drive. HA!

    Come to think of it, I know a Virgo of unknown birth time who also has the road rage-accident-speeding problem.

  16. My dad is a Capricorn. He is a good driver although he doesn’t like it, so my mom tells me, I think he thinks it’s his duty and doesn’t think twice about doing it anyway. He likes to drive pretty fast and cut people off before they can pass him. The funny thing is I trust his judgment on the news and other drivers, like my aunt who is a Cancer was driving and I told her, my dad would beep at you if you did that. She was veering around and not staying in her own lane. I think Cancers are pretty bad drivers because they don’t look at the rules of driving like Capricorns do in the same way as this example: a Capricorn wouldn’t be afraid to go up to me if I do something unreasonable and say “What the fuck are you doing, stupid!” in a certain way that has a bit of callousness or if they are cooking a chicken for only themselves on a community barbecue and therefore draw people to them who are curious to know what is going on they are not afraid to say “Hands off my food! No you can’t have any!” (this happened last week). A Cancer like my aunt gets sort of offended if you say “what are you thinking to drive like that?” The interesting thing about my dad is that despite going fast on hills in a way that is reasonable for a normal driver, i.e. if the speed limit is 40, he’s going 60, he sort of still plays by the rules in a way that is perfectly normal for a good driver. For example, I remember once my brother, a Taurus drove me and he drives pretty fast I remember feeling a certain kind of freedom and difference from when I’m in the car with my dad. You could kind of feel that my dad is going through the motions in a way while my brother is driving in a way that’s fun and reckless. I know an Aquarius woman who seems really absentminded and flaky anyway so you can imagine how she drives, sometimes without her seatbelt on not because she is competent like my brother, or yelling at people in the car as well as outside.

  17. I used to have recurring dreams as a child of my dad not being in front at the steering wheel and the car veering with mom and I trying to take control of it. We used to have a Ford Taurus. That car was pretty reliable 🙂 but maybe even a little slow and stubborn.

  18. I think I drive safer than most of my friends, but not well. I don’t have good spatial awareness, so I can’t park for anything and my sense of direction isn’t great either. But I do drive at or below the speed limit and always indicate… so not too awful. Oh, and my sense of style is IMPECCABLE, Marly…

  19. Pisces Sun, Scorpio Moon and Virgo Rising here. The Scorpio moon, in addition to the fact that Scorpio rules my 3rd house of transportation (and communication), probably makes me a much better driver than most Pisces/Virgos. One fender bender, one crashed car from hydroplaning, and a blown out tire on the freeway that did not hurt anyone nor the car. Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Sagittarus in the 3rd house may also have something to do with that (luck)?

    I am very good at anticipating other drivers’ next moves (Scorpio).

    Could my Mercury in Aries and Mars in Capricorn = lust for speed but no speeding tickets on record (all three have been waived, others given a warning)?

    My mum, with her Pisces sun and Gemini moon, however, is a horrid driver! No smooth transitions at all!

    I think if Geminis are not distracted, they can be excellent drivers.

  20. Scary drivers: an ex, Taurus, deaf as a post, who would ask me a question, and then turn all the way around to see what I answered. Another ex, Leo, who drove as if he had a flashing red light on the top of his car, all “make way”. Another Leo saw a dog crossing the road, and speeded up. I gasped, and she said: “You are not supposed to brake for animals, you might cause an accident.” !!! (It must be o.k. to give them a sporting chance.”

  21. spaced out Pisces here with Mars in the 9th in Scorpio square Pluto on Desc.. and Aries Moon conjunct Jupiter.Sounds dangerous? I’m told I’m a safe driver, but I acknowledge I have no great skill.
    I’ve never hurt anyone but did shunt into one person who changed her mind about going at a roundabout.
    When Uranus transit squared my Moon, to the exact day, I was nearly killed by a (charged with reckless driving) guy stuttering onto a busy dual carriageway in front of me. Ah,no I’m exaggerating as usual,I wasn’t near death, I walked away with some bruised ribs from hanging upside down on my seat belt is all, but seriously the emergency services said that I should have been killed by the severity and drama of my tiny car being toppled and spinning and rolling, sun roof popped out, sparks flying at my face. I walked away thanks to an amazing set of circumstances, including a breakdown service guy acting fast, punching in the emergency service number while using his truck to block oncoming traffic..(what a hero!)How Jupiter lucky was I?
    Jupiter rocks sometimes, guys. I was done for minor speeding in an urban area once, but let off as the cop was someone whose chart I’d done.

    One of my sisters is Jupiter ruled, Sagittarius, as is her husband, and they go faster than anyone I know, so competitive on the roads, he was a motorbike speedway racer too, but they scare everyone who goes in their cars. Yet they never seem to get done for speeding. Her husband was stopped once and he actually dared to challenge the cop by saying, you can’t do me, and cited the legal technicality that actually, meant it was true. He has Leo rising, so maybe that fits with your Leo experience, October27!

  22. I love this! Heheh.

    I think 7th worst driver in the zodiac definitely is accurate for me. We Aries people have the need for speed… And when I’m in a bad mood (aka… Road rage) I get too… Fast and Furious 😉

  23. not when i’m distracted. but aries does all right, particularly nowthat i’ve toned down the adrenaline driving with motherhood.

    i dunno… if mercury’s driving, is the third house driving? i have a scorpio there playing with mercury… which gives me, i guess, some uncanny instincts at times (i’ve narrowly avoided all kinds of stupid driving on other people’s part because i knew something was going to happen) but there’s that saturn t square… with mercury. let’s say i drove without my glasses once as a teenager and i’m never doing it again… it helps the aries in me to remember not to take stupid risks… bad things happen.

    i can see how saturn makes for a good driver.

  24. I am a bad driver. I daydream the entire time, but I am never in accidents. The few that I have been involved were caused by other people and I could not avoid the crash. OTOH, my honey the Taurus Sun with Scorpio Moon is accident prone. He has hit so more cars when backing up, it is appalling. He drives too fast. My dad the Scorpio is the 2nd worst driver that I know. The worst driver ever is my Sag brother.

  25. In Nebraska, the best drivers, according to research, are Leos, and the worse are Libras! Maybe it’s different in different places.

  26. The worst driver I know is an Aries with Mars in Pisces (Aquarius Moon). Always distracted, dreaming, fucking around, speeding, bumping into things.

    She once got a ticket for TAILING A COP.
    “Um, what the heck are you doing?”
    “Well you were under the speed limit.”
    “I’m. A. Cop.”
    “So? Why are you driving so slow?”

    We never let her live it down!

  27. My Capricorn husband is a bad driver, or at least a very uncomfortable and pretty nervous driver . . . he didn’t learn until he was in his late 20s, though. I (double Sag) wasn’t one of those teenagers that sped out to get her license, but I like driving, generally and he tells me I’m a good driver on a regular basis. My Sag ex is quite a good driver generally, although a little heavy on the stabbing of the brake and accelerator pedals (used to make his daughter car sick!).

  28. I’ve read reports like this before. I think driving would be more influenced by mars than the sun. That would be an interesting study. Ive got mars trine neptune and can’t drive without music.

  29. Oh geez, Mars/Mercury Pisces, Gemini Moon.

    I am VERY distracted when I drive. My mind wanders off, I daydream… I’ve had a few near misses from not paying attention and it’s scared the fuck out of me. Oh, and I hate driving slow,too :X

    My mom’s a Libra and she IS so damn polite on the road. Careful and polite. Never gotten a ticket for anything in her life lol.

  30. Just wondering: Wouldn’t Mercury be the single most important element in determing how one drives, since it rules the traffic ?

    For instance, I’ve been studying the charts for some of the most successful F1 raising drivers, and in those cases the exact birthdate is known there seem to be an aspect between Mercury and MC. For instance, the 7 times World Champion Michael Schumacher has a Mercury conjunct MC, and so does the 4 times Champion Alain Prost. The 3 times Champion Ayrton Senna, who ultimately died as a result of a crash, had a Mercury Square MC.

  31. Not this Taurus! I have been told by quite a few they are very relaxed when I drive, and I sure as hell am not a slowpoke!

    In fact I love speed as long as I am in control. I have a good 6th sense on radar *knock wood*

    I have drag-raced my motorcycle and the boyz have always had a hard time keeping up to me on the highway >:>

    Actually these tendencies likely have more to do with my Mars in Gemini on the MC.

  32. I am a perfect driver. I follow the rules, rarely make mistakes. I do have this weird thing that always happens in traffic though: I disappear. I swear, it’s like I no longer exist! People will switch right into my lane like I’m not even there, in my giant SUV and sometimes still don’t notice as I squeal my tires as I try to pull off the road to avoid being hit! I’ve had people aim directly for me as if I was not there at all! It’s like if I am in traffic, some spirit takes over the souls of the people around me, they become totally absent minded and boom! I am swerving to avoid being hit in these ridiculous circumstances that should be perfectly safe. Scorpio rising must be masking me from the gods or something. Taurus sun, pisces moon.

  33. “Speed averaging?” Wow… pretty nerdy! This is hilarious, and yes, my ex Gemini was the WORST driver on the planet. He was also a backseat driver, and so is my Gemini loaded Leo mother who also seems to think she is a GREAT driver. She is not!

    I have the mars-mercury thing too, and you’re right, I seem to think I drive like a gazelle – BUT I also know that I’m a scary city driver and that’s due to my having been born without depth perception.

    My thing with highway driving is this: there’s a flow, and so you want to go with it. A lot of folks just don’t grasp this, hence the idiocy that abounds on the road.

  34. I’m with Belle. I tell my little boy what the other drivers are going to do and there they go! Scorp Sun, Merc in Libra, Mars in Leo

  35. Elsa, I come from Nebraska and in Nebraska Libras are the worse drivers!

    And Leos are the best! I guess it depends on the state.

  36. OMG, I’m a sadge sun, sadge mars, sadge neptune, sadge mercury, sadge moon and I STINK at driving. As I told a friend of mine after I backed into a recycle truck from a parking spot: at least I insure accordingly.

  37. Hmmm. My closest friend, a Capricorn, drives too fast.

    My other Capricorn friend follows the rules, but will slow down to 10 miles per hour if some a-hole is tailing him. One time, he came to a stop on a highway. I heart this friend very much.

    I don’t understand why Virgos are #4, though. Doesn’t make sense. They’re Earthy. I’d imagine they’d be pretty cautious on the road. At least my Virgo sis :).

  38. LOL I think I’m a good driver, too! Well, I am. Some people think I drive too fast. But I am careful and super-aware and focused. I have a Mercury-ruled chart. Mercury in Capricorn, too. I’m Aquarius sun but it trines Mars. And it’s a first house Mars. Scorpio in my third house (short travel). Neptune is there but I ignore it. Also it’s opposite Jupiter in my ninth.

  39. I have a Pisces husband and the high insurance rates that come with him because he is a terrible driver (head up his a$$) And …it makes me crazy!

    I have no tickets, no accidents (Scorpio)….. and we pay high rates because he isn’t PAYING ATTENTION…. uggggg

  40. I’ve actually heard that the way you drive is based on the planet that rules your 3rd house. I’m an Aries with a Virgo rising, and have SCORPIO as my 3rd house ruler.

    And I totally drive that way — ruthlessly. I have a little car that dodges in and out of traffic, I get to where I want to go pretty quickly, and try not to cut people off. My attitude always is, “Well, if they’re not using that space in their lane, I’m going to take it, and move myself ahead.” Not good, I know, but I just feel like it’s a battleground out there, and I’m in a hurry.

    The third house-ruler thing really also does seem to apply to others I know.

  41. I’m a capricorn (sun and mercury) yes, I’m pretty stable and cautious but I have gemini rising and an aries moon! So there’s plenty of impatenience and distraction. I’ve had one crash – not my fault but it could have been avoided. personally I blame it on Uranus who was conjuncting that aries moon at the time. I was raging with myself, arguing with my gemini twin and didn’t see that the crazy nutter driver doing 120 kph overtaking me hadn’t seen my indicating light (that had been flashing for oh-so long – the cappy part.) For the most part I’m a follow the rule driver.

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