Black Moon Lilith in the Twelfth House – Gifts of Shadow

dark cakeIf you have Lilith in the 12th house of your chart, her themes will manifest in terms of isolation, the shadow, and limitation. She becomes the energy that stands in our way even as she offers dark gifts.

In traditional astrology, the 12th house is known as the house of Bad Spirit. This is where our own shadow meets the shadow of the collective. Our darkness reigns here, and is it very difficult to face and utilize the energies of any planets here directly. With Lilith in the 12th, you may deny or minimize your own darkness until it comes erupting to the surface.

The 12th house is also associated with hidden enemies. With Lilith here, it feels like there are forces working against you, coming at you from every angle. You may build up resentment and paranoia, which will prove to be far more corrosive to your soul than your enemies ever could be.

The 12th house rules limitation and restriction of all kinds. You may have found yourself at some point in life feeling stuck, or maybe even literally trapped within institutions like hospitals, prisons, or psychiatric wards. And if you have, it is likely that you were falsely confined and had no business being there. But either way, you have been isolated in some manner and have had to pay the social price.

While I could easily write a book on this placement, I will end here. The 12th house does just hold our shadow. It holds our gifts. When you are able to be quiet and sit with your shadow, a magnificent flower begins to bloom. You are able to build compassion for humanity like none other, and it is here that you begin to find your freedom. Let your gifts grow.

Do you have Black Moon Lilith in the 12th house? What is it like?

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    Hildegarde's Noviciate

    Lilith in Virgo in 12th with sun, uranus and pluto.
    Nothing shocks me regarding human suffering, evil or depravity. People might say “I cant Believe that anybody could do something like that…”. I simply look at them and quietly say “I can”.
    I draw attention. People open up to me and talk to me about their deepest shadow. I simply sit and listen and, before I know it, Im talking their walk. I get it…
    Suicide? Yup! Madness..isolation? Paranoia? Yup! I get it.
    My shadow is dark and on occasion Ive had to put my throat on it to show whose in charge. Hard to do when its running with that pack of demons we all tend to carry.

    Dont know if Im strong yet to sit down with it. But I DO sit and wait by the seed of that flower that will bloom eventually. As long as my old buried skeletons dont uproot it. I think Ill be fine.

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    Denise RUGGIERO

    I’m really confused about this whole thing. Help me please. 2/28/1983 9:18am Denise RUGGIERO is my name. Help me please.

  3. Avatar
    Denise RUGGIERO

    I’m really confused about this whole thing. Help me please. 2/28/1983 9:18am Help me please.

  4. Wow..this placement sounds intriguing; and a wee bit eerie ?. Yes, if you wrote a book on this placement, I’d read it (even though this isn’t my placement) ?.

  5. This was an awesome series, Midara. I was looking forward to this post for quite some time, and you did not disappoint.

    I have Mean BML and True BML in my 12th house, both heavily aspected but with different flavors. Mean BML is conjunct my ASC in Cancer – which is confusing when it conjuncts from the 12th house side. True BML is conjunct my Mars in Gemini. But it’s all a can of worms to me, and something I don’t think I’ll ever truly wrap my head around, along with Mars in the 12th. But I am so grateful for the nuggets that you have offered in this post, and I love your concluding statements, to “sit with your shadow” and “let your gifts grow.”

    Thank you 🙂 And count one more rooting for you to write that book!

  6. Greatful to Midara for the entire series. Concise, insightful and deeply compelling information. What orb would you consider to conjunct Moon?

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    Susan Steffen

    My BML is conjunct Uranus, NN, Regulus, and Ascendent on the 12th house side. I am constantly surprised that people whom I love within my own family are actually hidden enemies.
    I went to a psychic when I was 18, and the first thing she said was, “There is a woman with black hair that is trying to kill you”. My mom was the only woman I knew with black hair. She stopped me from accepting a 4 year scholarship to University, she testified against me in my divorce; lying to my ex that I was bipolar. It really worked against me as I was simply dumfounded that she would create a lie so enormous.

    1. I have BML in Pisces in 12th. I find that people with strong Pisces or Neptune placements usually end up being a hidden enemy.

  8. Lilith in Virgo 12H…definitely a pessimistic view of the world in terms of how dark people can be (including myself). It seems to conflict with my Gemini sun/mercury/MC, but I think it’s an incredibly grounding and realistic placement for someone who has a lot of air in their chart (like me). And despite really never having gone through something traumatic (like abuse), I can really empathize with the darkest parts of humanity and almost…understand what it’s like to be both the abuser and the abused. If that makes sense. But I can also tend to villainize the people around me, even the ones I love, because I know just how layered, dark, and manipulative people can be. I tend to get “stuck” within the recesses of my own mind, as I tend to pick out the “red flags” I see in people and have to actively pull myself out of it.

  9. I have little knowledge about anything, I only know that if you push me too far, I will invoke Loki, The God of Fire… and I so do not want this to happen but my real question is how to embrace my powers for the good ? Anyone?

  10. Lillith in the 12th.

    Lillith in the 12th, is very repressed with one’s own power, however..when it surfaces it is a volcano which surprises everyone, including said individual.

    Lillith in the 12th…is very hardcore. It is not repressed due to lack of ability, or one’s belief in oneself..per say.It is more about seeking a path ideal, a higher plane, but it is easy as others have said, to become paranoid of others.

    Supposing it is worked with, and properly balanced, it could be a powerhouse of secret force to draw upon. Left to natural course without direction it is hold it in for LONG TIME, then explode like atom bomb. As most things, with great power comes great responsibility. Good ol Stan Lee statement there, but it holds true.

    Blessed Be

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      Jocelyne Van Loo

      This is exactly how it happens to me. Thank you it does feel at times like a volcano erupting… It gets my own body in problems bc I do not wish to use that power on another… That being said I need to find a way or ways to let this volvano just air a bit. Speaking up for myself is something forbidden or so I was indoctrinated… 40 y later I still do not temaster that… tx again

      1. Life is a journey, with repeating, and changing cycles. Every day is new. The beginning of a new cycle is the awareness of it.

        In all life there must be balance. Many have been told that the higher path is to hold back. That is not..always balanced. It can often become one sided to everyone but oneself.

        How, and when, to manifest that a journey we shall learn all life. But one must start somewhere, and in turn, learn as well, from how that transpired.

        The beginning…is speaking earlier rather than later, in a spirit of balance. Wishing blessings to you, in your journey.

        1. Well, I messed up.
          Was going to thank you for the welcome. And separately reply to Jocelyne Van Loo. Ended up sending you that one. My apologies…and thanks for the welcome 🙂

          Blessed Be

  11. My natal Lilith is strongly in Scorpio (Pluto) and in the 12th house… therefore I apply to your potential book’s theme and would encourage you to write it :)…I hope I am not too late with this post as I’d love to answer any questions or receive insights.
    Side note: I can honestly say I have not had the issues with addictions and specific “overindulgences” that every other site seem to describe but past traumas beginning in early childhood (sexual abuse included and repeated through adolescence …)are correct [thank you for not stereotyping all of that regurgitated predictive type of astrology here :)]
    I don’t want to clog up the comments but want to say I am not a morbid person, I have been told my intuitions and predictions are spot on and I have so much love for all people and most living things in general. Many Blessing to all here- hope everyone is surviving the pandemic- and I look forward to interacting more. Cheers! Becky Elizabeth

    1. I have Pisces lilith in 8th house if you are interested. I have so many hard experience in my life from both closed ones and less ones but I don’t experience sexual abuse. It is such a disaster and hard experience. I’m sorry to hear that from you. Wish you a best distiny.

  12. This is an awesome series – as well as the comments! Lilith in the 12th here in Taurus smack dab on my North Node with transit Uranus dancing back and forth all over it the last few months. And she makes a Grand Cross – opposition with Pluto, square Venus, square Midheaven + Jupiter. With Chiron on my moon/Asc – and I’m a Virgo lol (South Node in the 6th) – Service for fuckin reaaaaaaal lolol. Feel like my heart is getting ripped out of my chest, purified, and rebooted almost every other day these days – and it is an amazing process – but fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck lol.

        1. My natal chart has Asteroid Lilith, Mean Lilith and True Lilith all in Scorpio/12th house…we could share stories!

          1. There is something about that Lilith + Plutonian energy that brings the shadow aspect of Persophone’s descent into the Underworld into full throttle mode lol

  13. I have Lilith in 12 Cancer and I do often feel isolated in life. Strangers often find me pleasant and are drawn to me, but anyone I become close with eventually turns on me. How can I not feel paranoid (about intimate relationships) when that is my life experience? It has been quite disheartening. and I have been writing memoirs of my life. some astute comments in this thread.

  14. I have BML in Pisces and 12th house. I have paid the social price of having this placement. Projections from others, having others cast aspersions on my character, all the while being able to understand what they were doing and why. This started from around the age of 11 and continued on until I left my small hometown. Did I enforce isolation on myself? Perhaps. I was unable to defend myself. BML squares my Gemini mercury. So I did myself a favor by distancing myself.

  15. I have Lilith in Scorpio in 12th house.
    I’ve been told that it might be possible I was burnt at the stake in a previous life.
    It makes sense if I look at the challenges I had to face so far in my life…
    One thing I know, Lilith and the 12th house fascinate me a lot!

    1. We have the same placement and I have always had a fascination with the psychology/ sociology behind the witch trials…so much so I did a partial thesis on it in grad school.

      1. Just a note – I forgot about this post and over the years I have studied and worked in Genealogy…that said- I did find one of my great gr-gr….grandmother’s was Mary Easty, one of the original women burned at Salem for being a witch. Not to mention a long direct line to another great grandmother, Countess Balthory (creepy) and a multitude of women who are famous / infamous for “hauntings” as well as those who were inducted into Sainthood! If interested I am always willing to help with this type of work as well

  16. Thank You. H13 is in virgo in the 12th,3°from asc and 2° from Jupiter. Also Sun and Mercury in the 12th. Im a visual artist, and have done plenty of skeletons and investigated dark side of humanity pretty much ever since Pluto started to transit my 4th house. Asteroid Lucifer is at 22°in cancer next to Venus in the 10th, and Ive made a piece called Sympathy for The Devil with more than 1000 pictures of killers. I read all those true stories and really sank into cruel truth about humanity. And eventually I forgave myself, and humanity. It has been a long process, but now I know my light, and my darkness. They are one. Bests to all, lobe yourselves.

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        Jocelyne Van Loo

        I grew up knowing nothing abt astrology so if you would be so kind and willing to take me down your path, I might be able to understand the post-apocalyptic dreams and such… This longing to go home… I get it now, Lilith is no more… I just feel this need to understand…???

        1. Hello Jocelyne. How are you doing? I just read Lilith in the 12th house can began to heal by being in nature. And Ive always enjoyed being in nature, alone. It is where I feel pure and basicly myself. Around other people energy gets mixed. Of course I have plenty of earth energy, and I am nowadays mostly very grounded and balanced. Mercury is strong in my chart, and Moon in gemini, and I had issues with over thinking that simply causes trouble. The cure for that has been practical self care by eating, exercising, sleeping and basicly doing everything enough, and nothing too much. I have found self worth and love and my truth with balancing my energies. It takes time and patience, and some strenght to walk your own path. Have you studies numerology? Its one pretty simple way to understand your essence. Id say its easier than astrology, but they go together. I have karmic life path number 19/1, and it suits very well together with my chart and my experiencies. I feel I did time, and cried(if not ocean, at least sea) for some past things in order to pay my debt. This life hasnt been too challenging, except inside. And that is challenging, but externally Ive felt guarded, so I can proceed with my inner work that is the main thing during this life. And I was partly blind for all the blessings in my life earlier. Attitude of gratitude is my holy mantra now 🙂 Take the best care and have fun.

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            Jocelyne Van Loo

            I seem to be a n° 1, where-ever I turn I am told I am a “leader” but I am NOT nor to I ever had the desireto be that… (Quite the oposite, I work better in the shadows 😉 ) I once took a test on “16 personalities” and I am a campaigner there and no leader and tbh what they write really is who I truly am <3 Gotta say I have a number of houses and conjuctions in Scorpio and my soulmage is a scorpio – I really could use some help on this… I am an Earth sign (yep my God is Gaia and yep I am a tree-hugger 😉 ) 12th house meaning the end, as I believe (only got 12) I honestly do not know what to make of it all.

            1. Well, well. Im not eager candidate in leading either. Leo NN in the 11th, and strong 1 in numerology, and Ive come to conclusion that its actually lead by example. Aka being true self, honestly what core is externally also, and let that be what ever it is to others. It may lead to inspired acts and that is very fine. Ive Saturn in the 1st, and its not quite the same as Sun, Mercury&Jupiter in the 12th, yet all in virgo. My trial is to listen to my emotions and act on them instead of analyzing them to death… There has been strugle with Moon and Mars energies. My second house is fairly plutonian and its effect is here and there cunningly. I got infj/infp. Have you tried Human Design? Now there is good simple definition for reason to live in one detail there (there are loads of things there). For me its basicly to be energy wise. That is to stay in balance because imbalance is exhausting.

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                Jocelyne Van Loo

                Virgo, virgo (Moon, Sun ) but cusp 20th. I struggle with the over-analizing… Grounding is no problem as soon as I am outside lol Sure my Mother Theresa-comlex is in my charts but it has also been indoctroned (being 50 that means it got slapped and kicked into me lol) tx

              2. The best way to help others is to help self. Virgo energy (all earth)is under transformation. Have you payed attention to transit Neptune in pisces? It may oppose your natal placements, and that can cause… Confusion. I may very well be under the greatest confusion because its soon opposing my asc. Anyways, if its dream, its a wonderful dream?(I see rainbows all the time). But second house is tricky. Its self worth right there, and if not healed there are issues. Ive many friends with strong second house, my ex for instance. My best advice to anyone and for any problem is:Love yourself first. You are your most precious gift in this life. And when your cup is overflowing, share from that. If sharing lack, it only creates more lack. And this is important for virgo energy, that is told to be of service. But its harvesting season sign, if harvest is bad, there isnt what to share. Therefore, tend for your energy, and it will grow. And thats why its important to choose what sort of energy is grown. And not to let mice eat the sowing seeds…

        2. You have post-apocalyptical nightmares as well? I am so happy I am not alone. Here I seem to always be in charge of a group to survive, but they never seem to listen, so they always get killed one by one… waking up shaking and all sweaty and those dreams are in full bright colours…

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    Erika Hamilton

    Yes I have black moon Lilthe in 12th house also Saturn in 12th house. My life has been compared to something out of a sociology book.

  18. How I appreciated your post! I have Pisces Lilith in the 12H conjunct my Moon at the apex of a Yod squaring Mars/Saturn in Sagittarius. Late in life, I have resolved to be solitary and use this energy to plumb into the mysteries. As a journalist, I have uncovered some of the biggest media hoaxes and just published a physics paper on…Lilith! Definitely contact me if you write a book on this placement!

  19. Sagittarius lilith in the 12th, and I have sagi rising sign, too. I feel it is overcompensated: craving so much for freedom and transcendence, while I run from commitments. But I am understanding that running away doesn’t solve shit, it just avoids it… so the challenge here is to really look at the things I am afraid of. Not easy! But I am willing to learn.

  20. Maryssa here with my BML in Leo in the 12th house– recently learned about Lilith in my chart and it has been a place of huge revelations pertaining to the ‘feeling stuck’ feeling, and repression especially.

    I hope to find power in this placement and to heal with it in mind moving forward would love to read a book if you ever write it on 12th house Lilith.

  21. I’m reading about my daughter’s birth chart. She is Virgo, Gemini (M) and Aries (R).
    Her chart reads that lilith is in Aries, and lilith in 12th house. Can someone please dumb it down for me to understand better? Tia.

    Ps. I’m Aquarius,, Leo (m) & Aquarius (R). Someone told me that was interesting. I’m wanting to know what’s so interesting about it. Lol. Thank u

    1. I’m interested in difference between Scorpio Lilith in house 12 and Pisces Lilith in house 8 (which is my Lilith), if we can share information..

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    Karoline Celis .

    I have Lilith in Scorpio on my twelve house. My aspects to Lilith are sun inconjunct Lilith, Mercury inconjunct Lilith, and Saturn opposition Lilith, and Neptune square Lilith. As someone with Lilith in twelve house there are times my relationship with my dark side is healthy or unhealthy

  23. This clears up a LOT for me. I have BML in the 12th house, in Cancer. I’ve read before that it can translate to conforming to outdated feminine traditions and staying in toxic relationships longer than need be. Manipulative partners and self sabotaging and self destructiveness. Addictions too. I’ve struggled with all of these. In addition, I’m with a partner who has his Mars in my 12th house, which scares me. Emotional manipulation, anger. I feel like just his personality is not good with my BML and Mercury both being in Cancer in the 12th. I’ve read before that it is very difficult to heal this position of Lilith as its subconscious and from people who have healed it, they all said it involved very heavy, decades long therapy and in one case having to basically fully destroy the old person and the values and backgrounds they were brought up in. This placement honestly reminds me a lot of Venus Square Pluto but without the obsession and deep need for control. It feels more like a hidden, fogging, destructive force that I didn’t even fully understand until very recently. I don’t like this placement very much. I hope one day I can heal it. Someone mentioned a good healing source for 12th house Lilith is to be in nature and I fully agree with that. I feel like my truest self when I’m out on nature alone or with a person I really trust. And I’ve also had apocalyptic/prophetic dreams for as long as I can remember. For awhile they got so bad that I started using recreational drugs so that I could stop having to go to battle every night or be trapped as a slave and have to fight my way out or kill people in horrific ways every time I lay down to sleep. Unfortunately that also led to other problems. Someone else mentioned the abuse potential for this placement and I have experienced that as well, both physical and sexual. I tend to spend long periods of time alone and isolated too. Like months. I hope one day I can escape this placement and the terrible ramifications it has had on my life.

    1. Thank you for sharing. This placement must have been really difficult, though transformative, with the Pluto opposition in the 6th. Therapy, purification rituals, fasting…Your partner with Mars in your 12th must have been sent by Pluto to confront your sexual dependencies.
      Sending you healing power from my Lilith Moon conjunction in Pisces in the 12th!

      1. Come to think of it, during the opposition with Pluto, Neptune and Saturn in 2020 during the pandemic and still ongoing now, I went through all of that. I just felt like I had to otherwise I would go crazy. And I just ended therapy recently, but I plan on getting right back in. That is extremely interesting about Pluto sending me a partner to confront my problems in that area. It makes sense. Thank you for your kind words and healing wishes Lisa!

      2. Hi Lisa. I’m also Pisces lilith but in the 8th house. I always unconscioucely seeking peolple with Pisces in their chart. Especially moon and ascendant. Do u think what the difference between the experince of Pisces in 12th and Pisces in 8th is? Which one is more severe? I see many people with lilith in 12th house had sex abuse but me have another kind of abuse (mentally, phsically and metaphsically) which always leading to catching my strength. I’m surprised how a human can endure all kinds of adversity.

        1. Bravegirl: … you found me (Lilith/Moon 12H in Pisces…consciously! How is that for progress!? Seriously, with Pisces & 12H the key is consciousness, because the tendency here is sabotage from others. T The more you evolve your psychic energy and keep track of your dreams and synchronicities, the more you will be forewarned of danger. Pisces Lilith in the 12H has to cope with projections and establishing boundaries. I would say the opposite of your assessment – Lilith in 8H is hidden rage regarding sexual/financial/energy abuse (possession, financial swaddles, etc.) & 12H is other kinds of abuse resulting from not being seen. Yes, that is a huge issue for me, the lack of recognition of my gifts, to the point of needing to retreat. Your identity, Bravegirl, and your final sentence seems to sum up a difficult Lilith in the 8H for me. Reminiscent of the famous Nietzsche proclamation: “Whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.”

          1. It’s so familiar that keeping track of synchronicities makes uncounscious. I feel that univers plays with me in finding intimacy. First shows something then shows opposite. Univers makes you feel wage and meaningless. It’s beacause of Pisces lilith. I also feel that so many times people don’t really understand me and what I did. So many times feeking alone that nobody woud really understand your personality. About lilith in house 8, I have problem with money during my whole life. My family use money as weopen to make me dependant to them. But I don’t like any kind of sex abuse. Exactly beacause of Pisces in 8th house, I like tantric and intimate one but never found it, thanks god loool. I see jeoulesy of people toward me everywhere I enter no matter I don’t have anything to be jeoules about. Thank you so much for sharing about 12th house. Isolation is so hard. Maybe art is a healer beacause of your Pisces moon. People with Pisces moon are so compassionate. Thanks god we have them.

        2. Bravegirl: … you found me (Lilith/Moon 12H in Pisces…consciously! How is that for progress!? Seriously, with Pisces & 12H the key is consciousness, because the tendency here is sabotage from others. T The more you evolve your psychic energy and keep track of your dreams and synchronicities, the more you will be forewarned of danger. Pisces Lilith in the 12H has to cope with projections and establishing boundaries. I would say the opposite of your assessment – Lilith in 8H is hidden rage regarding sexual/financial/energy abuse (possession, financial swindles, etc.) & 12H is other kinds of abuse resulting from not being seen. Yes, that is a huge issue for me, the lack of recognition of my gifts, to the point of needing to retreat. Your identity, Bravegirl, and your final sentence seems to sum up a difficult Lilith in the 8H for me. Reminiscent of the famous Nietzsche proclamation: “Whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.”

        3. Bravegirl: … Pisces Lilith in the 12H has to cope with projections and establishing boundaries. I would say the opposite of your assessment – Lilith in 8H is hidden rage regarding sexual/financial/energy abuse (possession, financial swindles, etc.) & 12H is other kinds of abuse resulting from not being seen. Yes, that is a huge issue for me, the lack of recognition of my gifts, to the point of needing to retreat. Your identity, Bravegirl, and your final sentence seems to sum up a difficult Lilith in the 8H for me. Reminiscent of the famous Nietzsche proclamation: “Whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.”

  24. Black Moon Lilith in the 12th, conjunct Venus, both just a couple degrees before my ASC, and both opposite Eris & Part of Fortune (seemingly always bad) at my DSC. Lifetime of rejection, abandonment and isolation both in family life, from what I thought were friends, lovers and various communities of practice – both professional and social. Which is an even bigger kick in the teeth for me than it might be for other people because of my Leo Sun (as well as a conjunction of Pluto/Mercury/Uranus in Virgo) all in the 11th House of community (in opposition to Jupiter conjunct Chiron in Pisces in my 5th house). Leo Sun is also directly opposite Aquarius Moon in 5th house too. The theme song of my life seems to be: “Alone Again, Naturally”. I absolutely hate it, but I am well used to it by now. I just wish I knew how to make it stop, but I don’t.

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