Why Did Scorpio Cut You Off?

scorpio moldThere is a good discussion going here – Scorpio Dead Zone, which I really should have called the Scorpio Kill Zone. I’ve written about Scorpio amputating people over the years (search). Typically the person who is cut off is left in a tremendous pain. They’re often bewildered as to why it happened.

I know this because, people have come on this blog for years after being cut by Scorpio or a person like me with a packed 8th house.  People hate Scorpio for this. They loathe them. They swear them off for the rest of the life and beyond, if they believe in such things. But I’ll tell you what they (virtually) never do. They never get it. They never understand.

This is not because they are stupid, or insensitive or anything else. You don’t know, because the Scorpio is not going to tell you! They are not going to tell you about their feelings. They’re not going to tell you a damned thing and they’re not going to care what you tell yourself.

I’ve said many times (Scorpio – The Least Appreciated Sign In The Zodiac By Far), people just don’t realize what they’ve got until it’s taken from them.  And I know that Scorpio gets tagged as “vindictive” and “unforgiving”…but only by a certain kind of person.

If you question this, just ask yourself – who doesn’t know a vindictive, unforgiving, Gemini/Virgo/Libra/Cancer, etc. See?

Frankly, I’d rather have a Scorpio on my ass than a Virgo!  Death by 1000 paper cuts, lol. Please, please, just cut me off! Scorpio Amputates…but How Would You Prefer Your Lover Leave You?

How do you feel about Scorpio? How does Scorpio feel about you?

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  1. When I cut people out, I usually have them a reason.

    When I had to do it to my dad (an alcoholic) I told him “I can’t contain more of your negativity, I need a break”

    When I had to break it off with my sister (we ended up only being away from each other 1,5 year), I told her “You’re so mad at me, I am scared of you and the anger you carry towards me, and I can’t take it anymore”.

    When I did it to my ex, I told him I didn’t feel safe in his company anymore (he dumped me on a text message after 8 months).

    When my mom cut me off, there was no reason. It’s probably a good thing. There is enough feelings you have to deal with in the situation anyway. But a part of me have always wondered why, even if the reason doesn’t matter really. Because she made her choice and even if I still struggle to accept it, I respect her decision. It’s hers alone, not mine, even if I still get that proverbial birthday card. This year I simply just deleted the email. I felt it was time to. While she is starting to reach out and perhaps maybe regret her decision, there is something she didn’t know about Scorpio: when you have cut us off, we don’t return. We do not feel safe with you anymore. So why bother?

    I once didn’t give a reason was an ex that was just such an idiot. I simply deleted his mail and did not reply.

  2. Scorpio is not the only sign who cuts people off. It always hurts no matter who is doing it. They don’t have some special power to make it worse. If anything, it’s actually better, being a clean break in the way you described.

  3. What a timing and so strange , I was talking to my aunt and she told me that her granddaughter who’s a Leo 29 degrees don’t know for sure moon in cancer or gemini, is doing that to her father. It saddens them. Makes me think, she could have her rising in Scorpio. So does she blames her father for something? I know him as a very nice father. But with moon in Aqua so I thought for instance since she’s Leo she blames him for not being enough for her. Also dad has sun at 29’degrees in Aries , is there date working here? I hope someone can tell me. She’s 17 and its sad what is happening here. Thanks

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    Sag with Cap rising

    With three planets in Sag and Venus in Libra, I (used to) tolerate a lot before I cut people off. But my Mars, Neptune, & MH in Scorpio will not tolerate betrayal. That’s when I cut people off; it may take time but if I know I’ll never trust them again, it’s over.
    I told my ex-husband early on “If you ever cheat on me, I’ll leave.” That sentiment was based on watching my father cheat on my mother my entire childhood. Apparently he didn’t believe me. When I found out he’d been lying, cheated, and had fallen in love with another woman, I divorced him and didn’t even have a job at the time (had been project managing a home improvement project). A neighbor told me I was “choosing to divorce him.” ➡️ People don’t get Scorpio energy.
    Spring 2015 I let a 27 year friendship go; I’d basically been her marriage counselor (for free) after listening to her bitch about her now ex-hubby for 24 years. I finally told her I couldn’t listen to it anymore; fix it or divorce him. I was going through my own job trauma then and couldn’t take the added stress. After working low paying jobs for a few years and accumulating debt, I was depressed. One day she said to me, “Just go clean houses; So & So cleans houses! Do you think you’re better than her?” (We originally met in a professional setting at a Fortune 100 company.) During same convo she said, “Your family has always been my entertainment.” I never spoke to her again.
    Pluto and Saturn transiting my 11th H then for the past decade12th H has been a killer in many ways.
    But it’s the betrayal in 2018 by a family member that’s almost done me in. I’m still standing – mostly alone.
    Conclusion: Once Scorpio sees the truth of the matter, if it involves betrayal, they cut and run, no matter who it is. Now the question is: Is it really true every person you meet will betray you? That’s what I’m chewing on right now. Thoughts?

    1. I have a scorpio stellium. I have been betrayed by so many in my life sometimes I just think its the nature of the beast.
      I have cut so many people out of my life that there are so few left. Basically just my children and grandchildren. I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters and only stay in contact with one of them. She lets me know whats going on. Maybe this will change as Saturn and Jupiter enter my 3rd house. Life is just too short.

  5. I love the scorpio intensity. I like the power. I like coming up against it, meeting it. Would I be romantically involved with a scorpio? No. That’s another thing. I ain’t messin with that. I like em just the way they are. In a scorpio man, I find a brother, not a lover.

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    Scorpio cutting Scorpio. Been cut by my own family. What to do. Just moving the eff on. This year was damn painful.

  7. Love the truth in the sharing here…I’m Aries Sun with Mercury in Taurus square Pluto exact. Gee I put up with stuff for years then Bam! Had to amputate a Mars in Scorp Libra lady who treated me as a guru. I’m nobody’s guru. It was lovely having a devoted friend, but eventually she admitted that any pithy insights in conversation between us were written down and repeated like a town crier. I’m an extremely private person! I explained, I threatened, then after many years I cut.

  8. Scorpio, Sag rising here. I cut people out for a variety of reasons. Used to kind of agonize over it but just over a 3rd of the way past my first Saturn return it’s gotten much easier if even with no less trepidation. Of course I cut off for the usual betrayal, general bad/toxic behavior and such. But also when my emotions aren’t matched. I tell others all the time, I don’t collect people and I’m just fine in my own company, in fact I prefer to be alone 90% of the time, my happy marriage not withstanding. With that said if you’re in my life, you’re in my life for a reason, either you’re in or you’re dead – meaning you don’t really exist, mob rules. I grow to care for and love people very deeply and far too many people that have been in my life take that for granted and don’t keep that same energy. I’ll feel the desire to reciprocate and all of the love and feelings boiling in another person, I’ll feel their energy directly, yet they won’t speak up, they won’t say or show what’s really good. They wanna stay all aloof and breezy. I think the way we Scorpios make others feel, especially when we really love them scares them. Thing is I only have so much patience before that doesn’t fly anymore and I end up having no choice but to disconnect my energy. Sometimes for a while, sometimes forever, not many second chances given. They’ll freak out, they’ll ask about me, they’ll talk trash, send the occasional “hey” message, but still won’t do anything to maintain the connection. I ain’t got time for that, what is it about us? It’s like do you realize what you’re damaging? What you’re giving up? How many passes you’ve been given as many here have said? Still never ceases to amaze me. Treat your relationship with a Scorpio outwardly with the same energy and appreciation you feel energetically and tell us how you feel, so simple yet so hard or impossible for so many, SMH.

  9. I amputate people. Lots of water and fixed signs.I see no point in a relationship that either full of lies Or backstabbing.
    Or just a pure head ache. Or going nowhere.
    I finally walk off. 0
    Pisces sun . Saturn scorpio.

  10. Add note. I have never carried a torch some lost love. I really do not get that.26 years later they still checking up on them. What the point.
    They become dust to me

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    Shimmering Light

    From my perspective (Scorpio Stellium) it’s quite simple. I make an enormous amount of effort, I really do. I’m very, very loyal. I give people the benefit of the doubt. I rummage my soul, heart, brain and gut as to how to improve or change things. When I realise that nothing can be done I withdraw my energy. That’s it.

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