Marry A Man Who Looks Like Your Father?

From the Daily Mail –

We Married Our Dads

Yow! Go look at the pics. This is worse than those people who look like their dogs!

Women, does your man resemble your father? If so, how comfortable are you with this? Where is Saturn in your chart?

42 thoughts on “Marry A Man Who Looks Like Your Father?”

  1. My ex definitely looked an awful lot like my father, and I really didn’t care. (Ex is Gemini, father has a Gemini ascendant/Mars). I have Saturn in Libra, conjunct Pluto in House 2… also trined to Venus in 10.

    I’ve always wanted a semi-patriarchal type, father figure boyfriend/husband. That’s probably kind of terrible but yeah…

    It’s too bad though because I really can’t stand taking advice from people most of the time… it likely would never work. But it’s what I want(!) 🙁

    My chart is weird.

  2. I was adopted, and I found out my birth story just shy of 19. My birth father turned cold after he found out about my birth mother’s pregnancy, and he took off eventually.

    I dated guys who were just like that–cold and cut off–for a few years, until I realized I was never going to make this relationship with “daddy” right.

    I was glad that I made that realization, because I could have wasted even more precious time on guys like that.

    Saturn in Taurus in 1st, very loosely square the Sun and opposite Neptune.

  3. omg this is hillarious.
    All the people Ive dated are the opposite of my dad. They were short, dark skinned, brown eyed, hairy and talkative.;-)
    Saturn in the 5th.
    Hey I wonder if the same goes for the men and their moms?

    1. Oh yes, it does! How many men have I seen fall for a woman, who looks just like their mom! It can get creepy.

  4. NO! My three serious relationships, two marriages and a 33 year partnership, have been with three very different looking characters, none looked/looks anything at all like my Dad, from my point of view. Although, oddly, people often said my first(disastrous) husband and I looked like brother and sister, and I looked like my Dad – so…..

    (Saturn in Aries in 10th house here.)

  5. My ex-husband was scarily similar to my father, not only looks-wise but also in mannerisms. It kinda freaked me out for the longest time until I realized that aside from some minor quirks, I’ve always wanted someone like my father. (Granted, he’s an ex now, so I don’t know what THAT says. ;-))

  6. I like dark haired men (my Dad has black hair) but if they have facial hair or a moustache like my Dad? No freaking way. I’ve been on a string of shaved heads for years.

  7. I did this in my twenties (part and parcel dealing with childhood divorce and absent dad??). Could just be my saturn conjunct moon…

  8. saturn in aries. My hub looks nothing like my father. But, they are both passive aggressive and have a knack for holding grudges. So, yeah.. I see similarities, just not physically.

  9. Well, my husband has dark hair like my dad, but I don’t think they look alike particularly. And my husband is taller and is built differently, too.

    But he does have some of my Dad’s qualities, such as concern for my feelings, gentle temperment, etc. which I consider a plus. My dad loves the hell out of my mom, and it shows. And my husband loves me, and it shows. 🙂

  10. oh yeah: i have a 7th house saturn in pisces. so maybe they look more alike than i realize and i just don’t notice it. 🙂

  11. I have Saturn in the 7th so that might happen and might have happened but I have to say that my Dad was really handsome when he was young. I’m not too in love with his personality though, lol, but I probably feel drawn to it in other men. I don’t want to, but it’s the way it goes.

  12. Nope. I’ve always gone for tall, lean, and relaxed, generally lighter in coloring (men who were natural blondes when they were little boys) though I can’t say the coloring is as important as the tall, lean bit. I also like a bit of a schnozz.

    My dad is about average height and in possession of dark curly hair and a mustache. I’ve never dated a man with a mustache and I never will (the thought sort of turns my stomach).

    My Venus in Virgo is sexile Saturn in Scorpio square Aquarius ascendant.

  13. Those pictures are scary, really.
    I like guys just the opposite of my father, in every way. The only time I was with somebody who resembled him a bit, the whole thing went down the drain incredibly fast, and I actually started loathing him without really noticing it. My dad and he got along well though ;-). A lot of hidden drama in that, thank you and never again.

    Pluto squaring my sun, I guess. All girls I know with that aspect have father issues. Well, actually it´s moon-saturn and pluto-uranus squaring my 7th house sun from both sides…

    Funny enough, I partnered with this “guy who resembled my father” just as transiting pluto opposed my sun (and his venus…)

  14. I wouldn’t say my husband is particularly like my father even though they share some traits.

    They have the same dark hair, same intense blue eyes, same Mediterranean skin tone. They have a similar way of moving sometimes, and most strikingly for me the same hands. But whereas my father was tall and semi-lean my husband is short and very very muscular (he has Taurus rising, and you can really see it in his build).

    Also, I think my husband has most of the characteristics I loved best in my father – the same sense of humour, easy laughter, honesty, integrity and energy.

    He is also I think someone my father would have liked and approved of (as much as he could accept or approve of any man I was sleeping with. ;))

    I have Saturn in Virgo in the first house.

  15. Nope, never dated anyone who looked like my dad.

    I will say that my in general, my exes’ personalities remind me more of my mom, but they don’t look like her either.

  16. My other half doesn’t look anything like my Dad but they sure as hell have a lot in common in other ways. More so as time goes by! Saturn 1st house.

  17. Only one of my exes had some traits of my dad (Scorpios and sickly). None of them looked like him or my mom. Whew.

  18. my husband does not resemble my dad in any way. He is balding red headed, blue eyed Taurus. He is faithful. He works with his hands. My dad has thick black hair and brown eyes. A scorpio, he was unfaithful to his partners. He is not handy in anyway.

    My saturn is sag in the 6th house.

  19. Hey Cassi, I also have Saturn in the 4th house, although it’s in Aries. My father was absent in my life starting at age 12.

    My ex was definitely like my father(and this is certainly not a comment on Virgo personalities or anything but they were both Virgo’s), kind of a candle in the wind in regards to his values etc…sort of into the self pity scene and not really showing a lot of strength.

    So now I find that if you aren’t stubborn as hell and you don’t have some strong convictions I am totally not interested. My mom has a Scorpio moon and I find that I’ve had a lot of Scorpios in my life, don’t know if that has anything to do with Saturn in the 4th or not.

  20. Guilty as charged. 110%. At least the last one. I pretty much mail ordered him in my mind and when he showed up he was almost a carbon copy of my grandfather who is my male imprint. Saturn in Aries in the 5th.

  21. I have saturn in the first house, challengingly aspected to venus and the moon… 🙂 only one boyfriend has ever had any similarities with my father… In general they always have something important in aquarius, which is where my moon is located, and in scorpio (my asc)

  22. While they share a few characteristics mainly dark hair , a sense of humour and handy around the house, physically not alike at all. My dad’s avg. height, thin wiry, (he’ll be 54 this year and has only gained a pant size since high school, a size 32 waist.) My hubby on the taller side and is more thick,cuddly, he (and I) could stand to lose 20 lbs. Personality wise they are a little more alike, though the hub I think is a more social type. Oh and way better with money.
    Leo Saturn in the 4th house.

  23. If a fellow looks or acts like my dad, it’s a clear indication that the relationship will not work. My parents separated when I was 5 and fully divorced years later. My father was in and out randomly but mostly not around. (Sun in 12H)
    My mother married again briefly, it lasted three years. He was pretty much the opposite of my biological father physically, emotionally, mentally. I never called him “Dad” but he was a constant figure when I was at an impressionable age and then, at my mothers prompting, he fell off the face of the Earth too.
    (A persistent Sun in 12H)

    When my mother meets my husband she says “Oh he looks like (the man from her second marriage)!”

    Saturn in Libra 10H
    -Squares my Leo Moon in 7H
    – Conjuct Venus (for what ever that’s worth)
    -Sextile Mercury and Ascendant

  24. My ex, yes. Both he and my dad were Libra suns w/Cap moons. Both had dark skin tone…were the same height and both sported shaved heads for significant periods of time. Yikes.

    Saturn in Cap in the 4th

  25. …oh and similar to cassi and kvk101, my father was absent from my life from about the age of 11-12, after parent’s divorce…again, saturn in the 4th.

  26. They only have the same hair color and both have prominent noses. My husband has long gorgeous hair. Where’s glasses. Complete geek, gamer, freak thing going on. My dad, straight up born again christian. The only things they have in common are old classic comedies (Marx Brothers, etc), sci-fi, and sometimes football.

    My husband happens to have a friend who reminds me a lot of my dad. I can’t stand him. Kind of sad. I try, but I just don’t like him.

  27. I admire my dad but my dad and husband are polar opposites in the looks dept. One’s tall and blonde/blue eyed & the other’s a couple inches taller than me & 1/2 mexican.

  28. ps also one cusses like a sailor & the other says “gee whiz” in an un-ironic way.

    …trying to think of what they have in common.

    Both were raised Catholic, respect women, have manners and are hard workers.

  29. No…my husband looks nothing like my father and I find this interesting because I absolutely adored my father and miss him so much!! He was so much fun and very funny and poetic… husband is the exact opposite….makes sense…my husband is a Virgo, my father was a Pisces. Maybe I thought that my father was not serious enough….I am a Cappy! and so I married a more “serious” man. Life was always an adventure with my father….I guess I was looking for more stability, because I got that. I find myself trying to inject adventure into my husband…hmmm….ay, these posts always get me to thinking…

  30. What happens if you never knew your/a father? Who do you choose then? On whom do you base your thoughts on what a man should be?

  31. Lexie my guess would be your observations of the positive traits of humans as a whole…
    Perhaps you were referring to the physical traits. Maybe there is something simply innate, but still mysterious?
    I think about this as it has happened that I’ve been unnerved/attracted/put off by another human because they invoke a memory of someone from my past.

  32. my man doesn’t look like my father at all! but he’s smart and capable, and a little bit zany, just like him…but in totally different ways. my saturn’s in the eighth house, sexile uranus and mars…not sure what that means. will you tell us what you get from the saturn placements? i’ve been looking for patterns in the postings but i’m not seeing ’em :\

  33. venusflytrap, my saturn is in my fifth house and so is my sun….I think I am my father’s child (as opposed to my mother’s). Between my husband and I, I am the more outgoing, fun one.

  34. Kashmiri…..what a great question! Yes, I have and it was the strangest thing….both my parents are deceased now, but I was very close to both of them. When I was dating a few years ago, I met this fello who reminded me so much of my mother….in his appearance….he had a very handsome face with beautiful eyes like my mother and when I found out he was a Leo, like my mother, I nearly fell over!

  35. …memory provoked through appearance. has anyone else experienced this?

    Hell ya. It is freaky. There is something very, very primal that happens.

  36. Uh-oh – I have Virgo Saturn in the 7th House and my dad is a Virgo Sun. I actually look very much like my dad. We are estranged so I am not too keen on the idea of being with someone like him, especially not personality-wise. I actually like men who are the opposite of him – he is super tall and well built, I go for guys a who are just few inches taller than me and a little on the doughy side.

  37. I have Saturn in Gemini in the tenth. Taurus MC so Saturn tops my chart. Wanted to marry my ex. He has a second decan Capricorn Sun and Taurus South Node moon in the seventh. Like my dad, he is a good-looking verbally abusive emotionally unavailable alcoholic.

  38. Mine is tall and built like my dad, thinner but not skinny. Both Cancers. The appearance thing doesn’t bother me, as long as SO doesn’t start growing a mustache. That would be creepy. SO’s personality is more like my mom’s, though, bulldozerish.

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