Your Personal Propensities, Up Or Downgraded

venus marleneThis last week has revealed a number of things to me. Reading my Pining For Reuben story, I got thinking about the different ways my Venus Neptune square has expressed over the years.  In this particular story, it was used as an asset. It allowed me to experience pleasure while passing through a painful time.

We have these hard aspects in our chart. You read about them; it’s generally bad. In the case of Venus Neptune, we’re talking about deception, delusion, victimization and such.  The upside, if mentioned, will say something like, you’re imaginative.  It’s all pretty vague.

You may have an aspect in your chart, that’s generally seen as negative, but if you develop yourself… well, Venus Neptune is a terrific magic wand. I made pain disappear in that story, see?

Or how about the dot com crash. I lost 100K in a day, which was all I had at the time. It was everything I had every earned, after working from the time I was twelve years old.  Do you think I cried?

I did not cry. I sat there at the screen, looking at my portfolio and in less than a minute, I had this insight… that I should not worry about it.  It startled me, like I am going to FIGHT you! But whatever the ethereal force was, the logic came in like this: “You don’t need this money now.”

SO! was my thought.
The force responded, “By the time you need the money, you’ll have it.”

This insight was so powerful, I accepted this a truth… immediately. I recall standing up from my computer, to go care my kids. Four and one years old and I just screwed their security. I was going to beat myself up about this, but by some miracle, I was not able to do this.  Instead, as I walked towards the door, my mind overrode me with this: “You know it’s going to be okay…”

The implication with that was that I should not to be a drama artist.  My Venus in Leo.  I let it go and did not mention this for many years later… one day it came up on my blog.

This second phenomena cemented this to me. I just lost all my money and… it was irrelevant.

Now that’s some faith. It’s also exactly what happened.  Three years later, I needed the money for a larger house. I had it and I noted this.

My point here is these aspects show our propensities. What if God provides us with abilities like this, because we’ll need them to get through what’s ahead?

Now imagine learning astrology and having all your gifts, your tastes and other oddities, degraded to the point where they are defined as problems to overcome?  This, as opposed to getting up each day, to live as a creative individual, developing your skills and deploying them as needed.

Sounds like a nightmare.

18 thoughts on “Your Personal Propensities, Up Or Downgraded”

  1. “What if God provides us with abilities like this, because we’ll need them to get through what’s ahead?”

    Love this Elsa! In my opinion, life is all about mastering the art of perspective and having faith. We are like seeds; born with everything we need to live our particular lives to the fullest. So why stress? Things have a way of working out. We get what we need when we need it, but not always beforehand. That’s where the trust comes in.

    Although I’m certainly not perfect when it comes to this, I do try to avoid fearing the future as much as possible. One thing I often bring up to my clients is that it’s really important to avoid staying in the stress response for extended periods of time. It’s so terrible for us across the board. It’s usually important to ask ourselves. “Am I in actual danger this very minute?” The answer is almost always no. Then we can breathe and move on as best we can without all the stress hormones wreaking havoc within our bodies.

    It’s funny, I was just telling someone the other day that while I’m going through things, I can feel so incredibly scary and painful – often because of the uncertainty it brings around the future. Yet, on the other side, I always think to myself “that wasn’t so bad.” The blessing/curse of hindsight.

    “Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” Soren Kierkegaard

    Please keep sharing your thoughts with us. Not everyone will agree with you and unfortunately the people who tend to speak up are often the ones who vehemently disagree, but it’s so important to be exposed to other perspectives. Then we can choose what feels right to us.

    I really enjoy starting my mornings with your thoughts. It’s been a part of my routine for quite a while now, although I don’t always have time to leave a comment, and I would really miss it if it were gone.

    Sending hugs!

  2. Thank you what s great accompaniment to toast and tea to start my day!👍🏽

    This is how I look at my Venus conjunction with Jupiter in the 11th house when the sky is falling.

  3. People looked at my chart and said (this was online naturally), I’m glad this isn’t my chart.

    In real life simply being me is a problem. I have three neuro issues. In today’s workplace, these are a curse. I’m never told, to use an example, to use my hyperfocus superpower. They focus on everything but that.

    I don’t fit into any employer’s box. I never will. It’s too limiting. So rather than work with me and deploy my gifts (they were recognized only once, a blessing I was lucky to find), they get rid of me.

    What do people do when something goes wrong in a business transaction today? They take it to Yelp and social media. They don’t want to come to terms with the fact they’re pandering to stupid, ignorant and cheap people. I personally can’t stand this customer centered business structure. Stupidity took over and I’m tired of the whole thing.

    I’m taking a break from looking for a job because I realize now that I jumped without looking into bad situations to keep the income flow going. No more. I just can’t.

    1. Avatar

      I get this. We have customers who say they can get something comparable cheaper. They are right. The cheaper stuff our competitors sell is made in china, probably by a child or someone not working there by choice.

      And our quality is better by far but it is running us out of business. The cost of materials sourced in canada and the US and the rest made in the US. We cannot raise prices enough to cover materials and labor costs. Right now i would probably make more if i took a job as a cashier at the local grocery store. I am on my feet all day making stuff anyways cashiering would be easier (except people).

      People complain at the prices but i am not making ends meet. Customer demands are insane and why we are where we are with pay and pricing. They need a custom made thing in days, well that means more people hired and trained waiting for that order or layoffs constantly.

      Business is backwards now. No one wants to pay for the skill because… China. Amazon which is just a trading spot for chinese goods.

  4. Exactly that’s why I’m done reading mainstream astrology for years and have turned to Evolutionary Astrology. It’s the only version of understanding planets, signs and aspects of providing both, gifts and obstacles. Explains why obstacles can turn out to be gifts and gifts can turn into obstacles. That’s just the truth.

    It hit home to me when reading about the downside of Jupiter and the true gift of Jupiter (I’m a Sag Sun). Mine is in the 1st house Libra and believe me, it can be a curse if everyone sees you as pretty and benevolent before you had a chance to say a word.

    Neptune was also described to me as delusion and confusion per se, until I noticed that it’s the basis of my intuition which has saved my life numerous times. It’s still square my Sun for a while longer and instead of being confused or depressed I’ve learned much about the ‚conversation‘ or relationship between mind and body, more and easier than ever before.

    I think it’s a huge difference to be born with an aspect, even a so called difficult one, and experiencing a slow outer planet transit to Sun or Moon for the first time when the transiting planet has no natal connection whatsoever to Sun or Moon.

    Natal aspects just are, if you are born with a conjunct, you have no idea what it is like to be born with the same planets square or opposing each other. It’s as normal and natural for the other person as your conjunct is for you. And you have a chance to make the best of that aspect, over time.

  5. “This insight was so powerful, I accepted this a truth… immediately.”
    Most people will call it madness. How can you ‘get over’ something like that? How can you ‘accept’ something like that.
    Talking about love partners of Venus square Neptune, it is the same.
    Like your story, VsqN lets you see beyond what is real at present and believe in what is possible.

    1. “Most people will call it madness. How can you ‘get over’ something like that? How can you ‘accept’ something like that.”

      Not accepting the thing that has already happened, seems like madness to me!

  6. This has to be one of my favorite posts ever. Such a wonderful alternate viewpoint, and yes, when I’m able to offer consultations in the future, I will definitely work on the alternate analyses as well. Huzzah!

  7. I had a similar experience at the beginning of the 2008 credit crunch and stock market drop.
    There was a lot of fear in the national ( Hell! The world’s) psyche, and I was wondering how much I should worry when I suddenly felt enfolded in what felt like a soft spiritual blanket, like I was literally cushioned and protected. I heard the words “Don’t be concerned. This lesson isn’t for you.”
    And it wasn’t! I had zero debt and other than a temporary dip in my savings, I was not exposed to the fallout.

  8. I love hearing positive spins on what’s otherwise referred to as a negative/challenging aspect. We can learn so much more (potentially good stuff) from people who possess these aspects and share their personal experiences. Great to read this Venus/Neptune one 🙂.

  9. “What if God provides us with abilities like this, because we’ll need them to get through what’s ahead?”

    Absolutely, I believe that we’d have set ourselves up like this!

    “Now imagine learning astrology and having all your gifts, your tastes and other oddities, degraded to the point where they are defined as problems to overcome?”

    I have a chart that really just triggers people (readers/astrologers) and it’s always, doom doom doom to me (which is short for exactly what you said, I’ll have to overcome my whole chart just to have a ‘normal/good’ life). For years I’ve worked to ‘do better’ to overcome these ‘problems’, then it dawned on me one day that I could show people that my life is not doomed to overcome these problems. But these ‘problems’ were actually abilities that I could use to get where I wanted to go. With my 1st house merc/mars, I have the energy to “getting up each day, to live as a creative individual, developing your skills and deploying them as needed” and with my solid 6th house cappy moon, if that took time, no problem, I can commit and stay steady. My heart is steady, that’s a hell of a boost to have in a relationship, so all these doom talkers that want to sh*t on cappy moons, need to get a little more experience before they come knocking on my door. The day I finally read about energy being neutral till directed, that was the day I was set free to live my creative life as I saw fit, no longer trying to overcome problems that weren’t there, but created by someone else’s opinion.
    From the bottom of my heart, thank you for that!!!

  10. Love this!
    That is what astrology should be about, how to use things for better and not to depress people.

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