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Seducing Women

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I'm curious, for those of you who are in long-term relationships or marriage. Do you expect your partner to keep seducing you?

Like do you expect them to keep showing small signs of affection/lust, like patting your butt or kissing you unexpectedly?

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If it's their personality, yes.  But if not, I think it's okay to move beyond courting.

I also think, if you want it from your partner, you should be providing it yourself...

But take, my husband and I?  We're earthy. We want to relax and be allowed to be authentic.

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More affection. Not seducing.  

do you expect them to keep showing small signs of affection?

Yes. And he knows it. But it's natural to both of us. Pisces sun him, Scorpio sun me... the King and Queen of cups. We are all about the affection. 

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