55 thoughts on “I Hate Scorpios, Virgos, Aquarians And Other Lousy Signs Too!”

  1. Well, doesn’t every gal do that with their mother? 🙂

    This reminds me of a time I was visiting a friend who had just broken up with his boyfriend and wow, what a rant I heard that day. He’s this, he’s that, he’s a pretentious asshole who listens to opera…
    Wait a minute.
    What are we listening to?
    Um, opera. But apparently there is annoying opera, opera that ex-boyfriends you can’t stand listen to. Different kind of opera…

  2. I used to hate Pisces – I didn’t hate Pisces as a sign but Pisces people got on my nerves so badly. Maybe it was because Pisces is in my 12th house, all hidden in my unconscious.
    But then I also have a Sun-Neptune wide conjunction, so yes, I have my head in the clouds all the time and I never really know anything…zzzz dreamy.

    These days I refrain from hating other signs because it’s like shooting your own feet.

  3. I have generally had horrible experiences with Aries men. To me, they have been headstrong, boorish, mean, self-centered, macho, tactless and closed-minded. The problem with this is, I know that what we hate about others is a projection of what we hate in ourselves (or are deathly afraid we will become) and I know I can be like that and it freaks me out.

  4. Dear Elsa, so well said… simple knowledge so full of consequences and very profound…

    This marvelous sense of relativity that comes from knowing that the wheel always spins, so to speak,
    is one of the reasons why I think the zodiac is so educative and such a useful tool in handling life…

    personally I had my biggest issues with Leos and for a while I thought I could never stand to have them around me… especially after a good former Leo friend of mine got so arrogant and so full of himself and insensitive until I just could not stand him… I also had very bad days with Leo women, let’s leave it at that. 🙂

    now I know better, and I know that, like you say, Leos’ energy is fundamental just like everyone else’s… and you’re right, that it is in me too.

    wow, life is such a freakishly mystery you can’t hate it.

  5. nonhocapito – thanks for the kind compliment and on Leo… well it’d another sign that gets dogged so I am going to post a(nother) defense of the sign!

  6. Thank you Elsa, we need all the back-up we can get..lol (Leos). I think we’re ((for the most part)) one of those “misunderstood” signs.

    The one and only person in my life so far that I just could NOT get along with was a Gemini. Now I know this is going to sound really “Leo” of me, but she was very jealous of me, all of our co-workers can testify. Her defense was to pick on me BIG TIME. She was our supervisor, so she used her authority to justify the way she treated me, which was flat out MEAN. Bless her soul because she passed away a few years ago, but she was really the only person on earth that I ever bumped heads with so much. And I can admitt when I am wrong, but I never did a thing to that woman. She was a compulsive liar and very vindictive. I felt bad for her actually, because it’s like she didn’t even live in reality. But I’ll leave it at that, because I feel odd talking about her since she has passed.
    But yeah, that kinda turned me off of Geminis for a while out of fear that they would all be like her. Oddly enough, my best friend in the world…my mom, is a gemini and so is one of my good friends. So I don’t know what else was going on in her chart to give her those characteristics.

    Oh yeah, one of her lies was that she was an astrologer and a “bonafied psychic”. She told me that my daughter was the only kid I was gonna have ever. Unbeknowst to us at the time I was PREGNANT with my second child. She told my good friend that also worked with us that her grandpa (who she is very close to) was going to get sick that year. She was devastated….yet he never got sick. She also tried to tell me all about my sign…which didn’t sound anything like a LEO, so I said “I think you’re mixed up because those are not Leo characteristics.” She replies with “You told me you were a Taurus.” I said “Lisa, if you knew anything about Leo’s you would know that I wouldn’t tell you that I was anything otherwise.” Aye, I could go on and on….

  7. lol, that is so true. I have always had problems getting along with scorpio (only males for some reason), but now I see that sometimes I do the same annoying things myself! aargh. My pluto transit has me learning this one down to the bones. I just can’t seem to purge these types. Soon as I meet someone “interesting”, it’s venus-pluto or some variation of it 😉 life is a mystery for sure!

  8. haha. i thought i hated carpicorn when i was younger. then i dated one. and a cap rising later and, well… there’s a lot of saturn in my life. it’s a really darn good thing, too. helped me get my shit together. still does.

    and i find myself having to wear it as a mother (see example a, cap fifth house) and while it’s really darn uncomfortable, it’s something i have to do or the kiddo will run right over me because he’s got so much pluto running around and needs major boundaries.
    well, all kids needs boundaries, don’t they?

  9. Ahhgh yes…good point Elsa.
    I have problems with Aquarian men. My Saturn is there and I’ve had two serious relationships with Aquarians…both ended badly. No more father figures! Oh but those blue, blue eyes. So I’ve got this attraction/repulsion thang going on. I try not to flinch when men tell me they are Aquarian and I try to discreetly leave the room. I don’t hate them…just simply avoid them at all costs! And now…My Mars is progressed into Aquarius and very soon my Sun progresses there too…lessons in detachment? oh yes.

  10. If I every declare a desire to avoid a given sign, they start showing up in droves. So I try not to call down the wrath of any corner of the zodiac onto myself.

  11. Leo makes me CRAZY. I blame my Leo mother and ex-husband, plus my Saturn in Leo. Also, my future sister-in-law is a Leo, as is my fiance’s favorite cousin. *lol*

    For extra irony, sometimes my fiance tells me I’m ‘dramatic’. Not MELOdramatic, just… dramatic. 😀

  12. Hi Alison,
    I too have Saturn in Aquarius and have been strongly attracted to several Aquarius men with birthdays closely conjunct my saturn but have had the opposite experience. All three developed into strong relationships–with the most recent being my SO–and I’ve learned so much from each of them. One thing in common: three three men influenced/caused me to “grow up and commit” and made me work on myself. In two cases, it was comitting to my career/creative aspirations (those two men are probably my biggest and most loyal fans/cheerleaders) and in the most recent case, it was comitting to a real relationship with a future–something that still continues to scare me at times. I think having one’s Saturn conjunct another’s Sun is very karmic and can develop into a sense of oppressive loyalty if one projects one’s fears onto the sun person. More than anything else, this saturn/sun synastry tie has shown me to work on myself rather than project my rules or fears or inhibitions onto the other person. Although one Aquarian acted a bit like the father figure, the other two definitely did not. I have never met a detached Aquarian either. Could it be because I’m a Gemini with intense Pluto-Venus-Mars aspects and just naturally ring their bells and turn them into very detached and amorous love machines? Ha ha.

  13. Ack–I meant to say UN-detached! These guys are intense. All three share Mars in water signs, all three have either Aries in Venus or Aries rising.

    I have “issues” with Capricorns. I find them intimidating but funny enough, I’ve been told I’m intimidating even though I feel like that is the last thing anyone could say about me.

  14. Reading the comments here, trying to figure out who I hate LOL.

    Sag cheerfulness gets on my nerves. Libra seeing both sides can drive me nuts. Leo needing all the attention… blah blah blah (or Leo rising for that matter)….

    Pisces getting directions wrong… Taurus always late… Aries being thoughtless… Scorpio breaking my heart…

    Virgo criticizing me harshly… Capricorn thinking I’m lazy… Aquarians too chatty…

    Did I forget anyone? Probably 😉

    Just kidding anyway. Love them all…. (as long as they have a sweet and well-aspected moon!)

    The Complaining Cancer Stellium

  15. Avatar
    hamster in zodiac wheel

    hey you Complaining Cancer Stellium, you’re right on!

    That clip was so funny, i sure did learn about the other shoes (its smells and then airing it out) with transits and progs. etc. but there’s another layer to this which to me is about hate’s connection to self loathing, cuz I can’t remember a time when those two are NOT happening at the same time. Just another facet to this.
    now I’d rather place my attention on what feels good! choosing where my awareness goes.

  16. LOL Im on the ground laughing, great post elsa and the comments everyone wrote have me in stiches.

    I suppose at the end of the day you cant like everyone or maybe you can if you have libra or pisces. I never had too many problems although I have had trouble with women who have aquriaus suns. Two friends have aqurius rising and I love them and I have many friends with Uranian aspects which are crazy fun but aquarius suns always get me…obviously I issues with detachment…Im am a scorpio sun with a packed 8th house…I dont ever know what detachment means!!! Maybe it has to do with my moon in the 11th.

    Thank god for transists though sometimes its fun trying on peoples energy…especially if its fun jupiter and you need a dose when you have capricorn.

  17. LOL, I love the stories you guys have. My mom, birth father and husband are all Gemini. I’m a Pisces. I love them all but sometimes I wish one of them would just sit still. They all act like sitting still would kill them. My husband can’t stand not to multitask.

    I’ve learned though that it’s best to try not to judge someone by my own standards. I am terrible at directions, I just am, but other things are way more important to me than they are to others like colors, and smells. I think we all have different priorities and challenges.

    Most of my peeves are things that I think have little to do with sign/planet energies but has a lot to do with how people are handling them. Does that make sense? Like bullies, know-it-alls, and rude people. Any sign could be one.

  18. Hi Anna,
    Interesting post about Saturn/Sun contacts – thanks. “Oppressive loyalty” deteriated into suffocation – however there are always other things at play…like Moon oppositions to the Sun/Saturn in Aquarius (my moon in Leo) and my Sag Sun…I felt like I had no room to move.
    Saturn is karmic ties and there is probably plenty of unfinished business…cause I ran away and moved to another state! I was young but it was the best thing to do. He hasn’t looked for me or found me cause… he owes me heaps of $$$.

  19. capricorn-slutty dishonest always worried about them selves F*c* the world

    scorpios-raw honest (even if you dont want to hear it! sometimes down right mean.

    libra -too needy sleeps around even if you with some one, clingy,

    cancer – to sappy sensitive to damn

    aries– liars freaks cheaters, and homosexuals deep inside esp males
    saggies ME!!!!

    detached once you lie to me im done with you cheerful but feel alone at times!

    aquarius- detached always worried about money friends and self, screw a girlfriend they cheap lie and leave with out a look back becarefull theses ones are real looser bastards!! stay the fuc* away from them they will mess with your head and leave and blame it on u!! scum sucking hores!

  20. No Elsa P, I have not found myself acting just like someone I’ve just dissed, and even though the explanation that one has all the signs in their chart does sound complex, it is something I understand very well through studying astrology. But giving the example of Pluto transits really was quite a weak one, since it won’t transit through all the signs in a person’s lifetime as it moves SO slowly.

    In that case, obviously people are going to get along better with some signs, and really clash with the energy of other ones. Do we not learn that all signs have different traits and that all charts have different strengths? If you were to see my chart, you’d see that Pisces is quite weak in my chart overall, whereas someone else might have Sun in Pisces with a stellium in Pisces and maybe a pretty strong aspect somewhere with Neptune and a strong 8th house. That person is likely to be very strongly Pisces, whereas I am very strongly Virgo, Taurus, Scorpio, and Libra. If someone doesn’t like the strong analytical nature of Virgo, they will gravitate AWAY from me, and may very well gravitate towards that Piscean person, given that the Piscean person is evolved and not a control freak.

    It is too bad your video did not elaborate on what you were saying, because the issue is a lot more complex than what you stated.

  21. “It is too bad your video did not elaborate on what you were saying, because the issue is a lot more complex than what you stated.”

    It’s okay Maria, because you came along to fix that for me. Whew!

  22. LOL! Anyway….I used to dog some on Virgos…all that controlling and I hate feeling controlled…oh wait…is that my Virgo stellium talking. Maybe I hate being controlled because that means I’m not the one in control. I just very recently discovered I was a bit of a control freak..who knew? I don’t want to control anyone outside of my spectrum, but I have ideas of what should happen in my little world and if you are a part of that, you better step lively. Thanks to Saturn, I’m realizing perhaps more self control is what I need and the rest will take care of itself.

  23. Funny Lalah, and others/

    Leo moon speaks on ‘misunderstood’

    “I’m just a poor girl whose intentions are good; Oh lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood.”

    (and by the way, don’t buy it, our intentions are Leo intentions, and therefore not necessarily good for You.)

    Maria, you refer to the ‘strong analytical’ nature of virgo. That is not a feature of strong Virgo energy that bothers me, I myself have a strong analytical nature, as a researcher, Saturn in 8th and all that good stuff.

    BUT, now that you mention it, people with a lot of Virgo energy really do try my patience at times (frequently) because of their nit-picking obsessive compulsive ‘get it right’ critical pick- pick- picky side. Painstaking detail to every little boring thing. Almost kills Pisces to deal with this crap in any kind of way, let alone ‘perfectly.’

    I have a lot of Pisces energy, my mother has a lot of Virgo. I am trying to help her right now, but you should see, for example, the detailed grocery lists she gives me. Exact quantity, brand, flavor, size…ungodly detailed. If I get one thing wrong, or, god forbid, get too much of something, or forget to use the 2 dollar coupon (which will never happen so she can forget it) then all she does is complain. Not “thanks for doing all this work for me.” But, “you got too much … whatever, too much.”

    Her house cleaning issue is so intense that I felt truely tortured as a kid, I felt like that’s all I did. I know it’s not true, an exaggeration, but that is my memory. And, she criticizes & picks at my choice in clothing, as did my Virgo ex-husband.

    Obsession with minescule amounts of money like 2 dollars 5 or 10 dollars, won’t go to the ATM because it costs 2 dollars, just fucking detail this pisces to death.

    On the plus side, Virgos are always cleaning my car because they just can’t stand it anymore. And like, they clean under beds and couches and stuff which would never happen otherwise. Only problem is that sometimes they find some of my sneaky pisces contraband.

    Aries people are bossy, bossy, bossy. I’m sorry, they just are. BOSSY. I tell them so to their face, and I have even nick named a couple of them ‘Bossy’ which tends to make other people around us laugh, cuz they feel it too.

    I have had a problem with Cancer energy being too clingy and absurdly domesticated and laying guilt trips on you like the stereotypical Jewish mother. However, like you said, Elsa, things do change, I may be changing, I can’t even really tell. My prog Moon has moved into Cancer, and my progressed Sun has been hanging at Gemini 29.5 seemingly, like forever. So I am getting ready to go all double Cancery I guess, Ewwwww! I hope I don’t try to guilt trip anyone or get really gigantic from hanging in the kitchen too much, but, on the plus side, maybe the time will finally come when I actually buy and own a house. That would be really cool

  24. I believe I have found the DNA of Astrology which would take me too long to explain here but please let me invite you over to my website which in a fun way will make it clearer. With regard to your thoughts on “I hate Scorpios etc” in my book I wrote up a brief explanation as to how I believe each of us lives through the twelve signs of the zodiac if we experience a full lifespan. Each sign covers 7 years and each of us is influenced by the traits of the sign we are born into being ‘challenged’ by the governing aspects that each 7 year cycle brings. For example, if you were born a Gemini this sign and its attributes covers the human period of experience of age 14 to 20 with all that it entails. So when you are living as a child between the ages of 0 to 6 you, as a Gemini, are having to deal with the difficulties of the ‘Aries’ period of you life. And you deal with it as a Gemini (i.e. the mindset of a person aged 14 to 20) After that you will move as a Gemini into the Taurus period of your life which is 7 to 13, and you will live your own perfect time in the Gemini period. You would hit the Pisces period when you reach 84 as Pisces covers the ages 84 to infinity. Another example might be say Virgo which covers the ages 42 to 48. So when you are in the Aries period of your life (i.e 0 to 6) you live carrying the mindset of a 42 to 48 year old in the Aries environment. So, if we live long enough, irrespective of our starting point (our birthsign) we get to experience the influences of each of the other 11 signs. That is why Leos act like they are king of the jungle because they govern the age 35 to 41 which is when we are at our ripest. It is the reason why Librans are reknowned for the ‘should I/shouldn’t I approach’ as they cover the age 49 to 55 – a time when people are at their most uncertain. It is the reason why Aquarians are so benign because they cover the period 77 to 83 – not quite gaga but the anger has gone.


  26. Benign? That doesn’t sound too exciting! I don’t know about you guys, by I have many, many senior family members, and the good the bad and the ugly notwithstanding, I would hardly call them benigh.

    I would fall into the Libra run circuit, I don’t see it, but anyway, what about the age range between 56 and 82, and what about all those very vivid people that I know who have lived well into their nineties?

    We don’t want to leave anyone out do we?

  27. You’re absolutely right MZ.TEE

    As for the age range between 56 and 82, Loonsounds, I mentioned Aquarians being benign covering the period 77 to 83, I should have said 71 to 77. In Astrology I think we all understand things better than they can be expressed in words. Words no matter how carefully chosen by the Transmitter are apt to be interpreted differently by the Receiver. Hence the reason for
    wars. Th suggestion I am making is in response to the observation that life changes every seven years as reflected by the adage “the seven year itch”. There are 12 signs in the Zodiac and 12 periods of 7 years makes up 84 years which is consistent with a normal lifespan. Some never pass months, others live to be a 100 or more. But in those years above 84 we do not exceed beyond the Piscean influence which has a child-like quality that becomes more akin to an infant the further into our dotage we go.
    Here’s the list:
    + Birth to 7 Dynamic Aries time – Baby me comes first
    – 8 to 14 Laconic Taurus time – Earliest uncertainties and challenges aris
    + 15 to 21 Dynamic Gemini time – sex, drugs and rock & roll
    – 22 to 28 Laconic Cancer time – life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness
    + 29 to 35 Dynamic Leo time – Jack the lad; Jill the ladette
    – 36 to 42 Laconic Virgo time – “Let’s do responsible”
    + 43 to 49 Dynamic Libra time Am I coming or going
    – 50 to 56 Laconis Scorpio time – fresh fields pleas, that’s just the way it is.
    + 57 to 63 Dynamic Sagittarius time – Hey! look at me. I’m top o’ the world.
    – 64 to 70 Laconic Capricorn time – Oops! Is that a landing strip I see down there?
    + 71 to 77 Dynamic Aquarius time – Ouch! Whadya mean ‘retire’?
    – 78 to Infinity Laconic Pisces time – That’s it. Ready and waiting Mr Zulu.

    This is only a small area of my work more of which can be read about on my website http://www.thesoulmatecode.com If you click on the two heads on the opening page it will take you to an area where if you scroll or link down the page you will have the opportunity to enter some dates of birth and see the level of their electromagnetic compatability, the key to all astrology.

  28. Ardo Ci, Thanks for the clarification.

    I am glad to see you removed the word benign from the list because that describes neither Aquarius no getting old. One confusion about the wording now is that I would never describe Capricorn as laconic, so that is a little confusing to me.

    Is this typology something you created yourself, as in, it’s totally new, or have you derived this from something, someone or some book in the field, or from history of astrology, or based on ancient theories or something like that?

    The reason I ask is because I have never heard of it used in Western astrology. I have heard of planetary rulership age groups in Vedic astro, but never heard of this signs rulerships of age groups in either branch of astrology.

    So, reasing you right, my age group, (53) I am ‘laconis’ Scorpio, what does that word mean please? I am not familiar with that word. Fresh fields pleas? You mean, getting rid of the old and bringing in the new? What I have to look forward to next is dynamic Sagitarius time, well, I am definitely all down with that! Love that sag energy.

    It’s fun working with typologies and theories, isn’t it? Good luck in your work, Ardo Ci, and thanks in advance if you can answer these other 2 or 3 questions.

  29. Thanks for the comments, Loonsounds.

    Whilst you’ll know the true meaning of the words dynamic and laconic indicate action and terseness respectively I use them here loosely as words to stand-in for periods of our beingness like breathing in and breathing out. Eveything has an opposite in or of itself – duality. So as we live for a period of time “breathing-out” we must therefore follow it with a similar period of “breathing-in”. All those born in the Laconic periods share the value associated with “breathing-in” and conversely all those born in the Dynamic periods share the value of “breathing out”. You’ll notice I have used the symbols + and -. These do not mean Positive and Negative traits in people (we all ahve our own life experiences and personalities) but represent an energy movement of outwards and inwards. Each of us has 4 poles and the configuration of those poles determines how you interact with others. This is what Soulmate is all about. Your electromagnetic polarity code (EMF) is revealed by your gender and date of birth. This demonstrates how at base human level there are 4 types of each sign. For example you said you’re a Scorpio (53). Scorpio polarity is “-“; male Scorpio polarity is also “-” whilst female Scorpio polarity is “+”. From your age I guess you were born in the year of the Goat. Male Goat coincidentally is also “-” and female Goat is “+”. That would make you 4 Receivers type (- – – -) which is very big EMF. The people who you will really connect with have 3 Transmitters (+) or 2 Transmitters (+). Do go to the website and enter some relationships data and see the synoptics. I think you’ll be surprised.

    It is fun but it’s also a little frustrating. I am trying to show, particularly to the scientific community that there is a scientific basis for astrology. The data I’ve collected so far shows that we form relationships in accordance magnetic law. But I need to obtain a great deal more data to be able to show this conclusively. Perhaps you are a 2T2R type rather than a 4R type but here’s a thing about 4R types. 2 people with 4 (- – – -) do not attract each other as there is no magnetism between them. The same is true for the other pola end 4 Transmitters types. 4 (+ + + +) do not attract each other but actually repel each other because they have the same polarity.

    I hope that has made some sense and you will want to know more about it but in any event I wish you well on your journey as you look forward to your dynamic Sag time but you should be enjoying your ‘own’ time too.

  30. Man, all the signs get dissed, but I would like to speak specifically on behalf of Cancer (being that I have a few planets including the sun in Cancer):

    We are very sorry that you all don’t like your mothers. But that has nothing to do with us.

    Of course, not everyone does that. And Cancers CAN be annoying (one of the most annoying people I’ve ever met was a sun Cancer, and she was exactly the stereotype – clingy, passive-aggressive, the whole nine yards). But we do get the whole mother projection thing. Especially from men whose mothers were smothering. I’m sorry about that, but don’t project it on me! 🙂

  31. Well. Me myself am a Pisces. I hope you dont hate ALL of them 🙂 I will chang e ur mind…..(3/2) Well, its kinda corny to go round Like “Wahts ur bday? Oh i HATE Aquarians.” And anyway,those people vary. A LOT. I have 2. they are not soo that alike. But same Aquarian influence… and welll the Cancer description of compatibilty, etc. (gurl.com) sounds really nice…..Makes me wanna date one lol. I;ve met some that arent all aggresive. and Ive met some out os zinc Geminis. I mean, Andrew criesEVERYNIGHT. and is WAY TOO SERIOUS. But I love fighting with him online. Its diff online. Id never cause him pain to his face. or near him for that matter. Hes emo to the max. Some Geminis turn out that way with emotional abuse…weird huh?? lol

  32. Skye,

    haha, i have four personal planets (including sun) in aquarius all in the 8th house with 5th house scorpio pluto squaring three of those planets.

    i think you wouldn’t bite my head off because i’ve tons of plutonic energies!

    yeah, detachment i’m great at that; but i’m dying inside & i’m okay with that, too 😉

  33. Sagittarians… Anyone who really knows the Sagittarius nature knows why…

    On the other end, I best get along with and highly favor Capricorns. I am protective of that which is dear to me which presently includes the whole of Capricornian kind. I would probably take a grenade for a good Capricorn.

    And, perhaps I’d take a grenade to get *away* from a Sagittarius..

    Hami = Virgo

  34. Hami :- Intrigued – can you say a bit more about Saggitarius nature? I am really struggling with two of them at the moment (that isn’t to say they aren’t also struggling with me 😀 )and have no idea how to handle it…

    Best wishes

  35. i used to think Pisces drove me nuts, all lalala and nothing logical or sensible in the mix…imaginary worlds and martyr stuff. Yuck. Except I didn’t get that having lots of Virgo also gave me the Pisce vibes, which I utterly and totally denied and projected for years. Me? A marytr? Not dealing with reality? Uh….

    A pluto transit activated some of my natal stuff and forced me to ‘fess up to myself about all the stuff I was denying myself and the things I was doing that made no sense whatsoever. It was in my found a little more humility and a lot more tolerance in the process. And I am now more in touch with my inner Fish.

  36. I could never stand Virgo and with my sun at 0 degrees Libra I was pretty relieved to have escaped that one until it turned out that my mother had the wrong birth time and my sun was at 29 degrees Virgo…

    Funny thing was that everytime I asked people which sun sign they thought I was they would look at me as if I was slightly mental and say ‘UMMMM VIRGO!!!’ Hmmmmmmmmm…

    I love it now though.

  37. Think I have met good and bad of all signs – I used to have problems with Aries females, but I work with 3 of them now, and I have not had any big issues with them – we for the most part have a good time together.

    The sign I have seen and known the best and worst of for sure is Capricorn. My mother, mother-in-law, father-in-law were all Capricorns. Out of all of those my mother was the most difficult, my mother-in-law was rock solid, and would give anyone the shirt off of her back. I have a Capricorn nephew, and I adore him – he is an amazing musician who I hope is on the verge of success, and I am hoping Pluto will bring this about for him. But I have worked with a Capricorn for the past 10 years, and she is a miserable, miserable bitch. She is a bully, a pathological liar, a sneak, and in her case, I am hoping Pluto blows her world apart. Only time will tell, of course.

  38. elsa, i wonder, is your progressed ascendant in pisces or aquarius now? Because i noticed we have the same [short] hair length, i just got mine done today and the hairstylist meant just to do layers.. my natal ascendant is in capricorn

  39. Cancer,Pisces and Scorpio men top my list! I am a Valentine’s day bday Aquarian.I have so much love to give baby! Capricorns are Bo-Ring to the MAX! My dad and first boyfriend and grandfather are the sweet Aries,you just let them “navigate” and they’ll do anything for you….the mean Aries like rough sex and I don’t!…..Leos will always have a special place in my heart ,my second bfriend…but he never tried to hide his wandering eye and it pissed me off,i mean,i know they love beautiful things but c’mon…….too jealous and temper-tantrum-throwing for me…..i attract Sag and am having a hard time getting one extremely handsome and everything i want one out of my system but i can’t leave him alone,it’s REDICULOUS,but they have no loyalty,i dont trust them….Alas, my fellow Aquarian love is all
    I need.He is my best friend,hes the SWEETEST thing EVER,he rubs my hands and feet,hes Mr. Nice guy with some sexy bedroom tricks up his sleeve….if i could only leave my young Virgo lover alone….i love his inflexibility because he possesses the characteristics i want…and i love sex with him because hes SUPER clean and always makes hygiene a TOP priority…..I never thought a man could talk so much til i met a Gemini…sexy as hell,but i had to stick a nipple in his mouth to shut him up…and you KNOW how freaky they are!

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