Natural Zodiac: How To Solve Problems Via The 12th House

I don’t think theย natural zodiac is random. If you’re stuck, astrology can be used to get unstuckย and solve your problems. I presented this theory in 2007. ย People were intrigued so I made two follow-up videos, linked below. They’re all very short. Enjoy!

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64 thoughts on “Natural Zodiac: How To Solve Problems Via The 12th House”

  1. That fits with my experience. And with a loaded 12th House, figuring out how that worked started very early on . . . I don’t have anything in my 8th House but my father’s Sun/Pluto conjunction falls right smack dab in the middle of it. By just being himself, he taught me a lot.

  2. Interesting bit. I can see what you’re saying. I spin on a wheel and the repetitive motion is calming and allows me to sort of turn inwards.


  3. Yeah, more examples would be great. For instance I’m a Pisces, so the sign after me is Aries, does that mean when I get stuck I need to assert myself?

    I’ve got Gemini in the 12th house, does that mean I should analyze? *is confused*

    You’re great, Elsa, and I really appreciate these wonderful videos you’ve been making. But you’re talking about really complex archetypal energies and I don’t understand it yet ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. you need to know when to stand up and fight lest you be perpetually transcending the same crap.

    that’s the lesson, to me, of leaders like ghandi and martin luther king jr. stand up and fight for piscean reasons, in piscean ways. soldiering through transcendence…. but i have pisces and neptune all over my li’l aries mars, so of course that’s “obvious” to me…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Yes, I also want to know more!
    I have a 12th house Moon so I tend to escape to that place easily but it doesn’t make my problems any better, quite the contrary in fact…*blush*

  6. Finally I get to watch a video! *lol*

    I also have an empty 12th. No Pisces, either, so I guess I’m screwed. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But this makes sense, because even though I do transcend, it’s more in a detached, Aquarian 8th-house sort of way than trusting in the universe to make things alright. I just decide to not care anymore, then often can’t reverse the process.
    Hrmp. So is that really transcendence? Prolly not.

  7. Hey! I get this, and I don’t even have any Pisces. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I do this all the time, because I have mostly air planets but I’m surrounded by a lot of very complex water sign people and I often need to draw on what I call my water aspects. I’ve got Moon in 12th opposite Neptune, also trine Mercury conj. Pluto in the 4th.

    So sometimes I’ll just meditate on Mercury-Pluto or Moon-Pluto or I’ll groove on my Neptune, and that saves me a lot of times where my Libra Sun/Gemini Moon would just go thinking too much.

    So the idea is to just focus on what the 12th house represents and how to access those things in yourself? Does it help if you have a planet there?

    BTW, you look pretty in purple.

  8. I completely agree with you because I’ve been thinking about it, thinking about it, thinking about it! LOL ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. great advice- i live like this as much as possible and it is not always possible with this gemini mars that seems out of synch, but i have chiron in aquarius and south node in pisces both in the 12th house, so transcending and letting go comes somewhat naturally to me. it did get easier after i became a father at 23 years of age and also easier after some life altering challenges at age 30-31.

  10. I think for those with an empty 12 house it’s also the sign on the cusp of the house, so for an Aquarius rising it would be Capricorn/Saturn and the links of Saturn in the chart, the kind of acceptance required to access the 12 house. In the 12 house there is no duality and therefore no problems. It’s beyond thinking, planning and wishing. And I think “I” don’t transcend because the 12 house is transpersonal, but I can let the transcendence operate or act through me.

  11. I would say that this is probably the best advice ever. I know I’ve tormented you for yrs w/questions about my relationship, and I have to say…I’ve done exactly that – just released it…and I’m soooo much happier. We’re still together, but I don’t worry so much about what he’s doing or who he’s doing it with, and he’s more attentive to me than ever… Once I stopped worrying & fretting and just LET GO, it all fell into place. Took me long enough, huh?

  12. Hmm… I’m Cappy sun but also have 12th house/Capricorn… And I’m an Aquarius rising, so I look to Aquarius? Or, wait, …

    Is there like a formula! ๐Ÿ™‚

    But really, this has been my experience too – in terms of the only thing that works. And it works!

    1. I, too, am an Aquarius rising with a 12H Capricorn. I agree with Elsa, after I perseverate over a problem (Aquarius – air/thinking) I turn to western psychology techniques (Capricorn – earth/step-by-step) for a doable resolution.

  13. The whole collective thingy of the 12 house really helps me get my mind around whatever I’m suffering. Reminds me of that one Buddha story:

    “Kisagotami was a young woman whose first child died suddenly somewhere around his first birthday. Desperate in her love for the child, Kisagotami went from house to house in her village, clasping the dead child to her breast and asking for medicine to revive her son. Most of her neighbors shrank from the sight of her and called her mad, but one man, seeing her inability to accept the reality of her son’s death, directed her to the Buddha by promising her that only he had the medicine she sought. Kisagotami went to the Buddha and pleaded with him for medicine. “I know of some,” he promised. “But I will need a handful of mustard seed from a house where no child, husband, parent, or servant has died.”

    Slowly, Kisagotami came to see that hers was not a unique predicament. She put the body of her child down in the forest and returned to the Buddha. “I have not brought the mustard seed,” she told him. “The people of the village told me, ‘The living are few, but the dead are many.”‘ The Buddha replied, “You thought that you alone had lost a son; the law of death is that among all living creatures there is no permanence.”

    Kisagotami’s story resonates, not just because of our sympathy for the horror of losing a child or because of our fear of a world in which such tragedy is possible, but because we all, like her, feel that our situation is unique and that our emotional pain requires relief. In the privacy of our own minds, we are aggrieved and single-mindedly self-centered. We still seek absolute gratification that is intolerant of frustration.”

    and more here.

  14. This really struck home with me… my signs seem to come out the most powerfully when I’m in crisis. Gemini can’t stop thinking about it in multiple permutations, or talking about it, either. Leo rising craves attention like mad. My planets in Taurus have me eating everything in sight and curling up on a pile of pillows with a book and a movie and scented candles in an orgy of temporarily soothing comfort.

    And then my Saturn in the twelfth smacks me upside the head and says, “Eat right, work out, take your medicine, and make it to work on time! Help someone else! And quit trying to figure it out.”

    Saturn is always right, of course, but there’s no short-cutting my other processes to get there.

  15. I think this is true and great advice for control freaks everywhere. I’m virgo and I over analyse everything which never fails to just multiply the problem with every layer I create. Always best to give it up as bigger than me – maybe I’ll understand in the future when I look back, maybe not in this lifetime. Drop the load. Not saying I find it easy though.

  16. Thanks for posting this again, Elsa!

    I’ve been thinking about what you were saying regarding transcendence. In the last month, I was in a very dark place after I lost my job because I felt that not having financial security and not having a “purpose” made me feel that my life was worthless.

    About a week ago, I just decided to surrender – I just gave up and let the waves carry me wherever I needed to be. When opportunity strikes, I’ll take it, but I’m not going to try and control eveyrthing else around me.

    Thanks a lot for this ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Thanks for that Elsa, I’ve been struggling with the meaning of the 12th house for ages, and what you say suddenly makes it so much clearer. We always talk about the ascendant as the point of entry, but where do we enter from? – the 12th. It’s as if whatever is in the 12th are your marching orders, that were given to you before you jumped into this life, and whenever we hit a crisis or difficulty, going to the 12th reconnects us to that purpose, putting things in perspective according the life’s destined path, transcending the pettiness of the ego’s personal concerns. 12th house Pluto in Virgo.

  18. 12th house- transcendence? Wow, that’s tough for anyone without any Pisces, 12th house, or Neptune influence in their chart.

    Personally, I think transcendence should be the last resort. You should at least try to fix it in the 1st house by trying to physically fix it first.

  19. OH boy! I was just thinking last night while watching a program about peoples OCD issues and psychological disorders, how it realy scratched at my 8th house which currently has jupiter transiting, and is also the home of my north node/chiron in gemini. With Jupiter there to exaggerate and inflate, my brain is now working on figuring out itself and how my psychological make-up affects my life. All the dark issues that bothered me in my teenage/college years seem to be up for re-evaluation. Not fun, but very important stuff. Wondering how my Virgo 12th house will sort/analyze all this out, or if I can even make sense of it all.

  20. This topic grabbed my attention right away. I’d like to see a video for each sign influence in the 12th so we could then marry those ideas to our personal charts. This could also be a great colosseum topic!

  21. What does “transcend” mean, anyway? It sounds to me like it means “magically just get over it.” Beats me how you do that…I’ve occasionally gotten over things magically/inexplicably, but it seems to take at least a decade for me to just wake up and no longer care any more.

  22. “but it seems to take at least a decade for me to just wake up and no longer care any more…”

    At which point you magically got over it.

  23. Once again … this old post is a timely one. In the end there are 12th Houses. That’s all there is ..Twelve.

    As you said back then, “if the plane’s going down, the plane’s going down.”

  24. Synchronicity,
    I was just thinking about this in my half awake half asleep state this morning.
    I was thinking about all of the stuff I’ve learned so far in my 29 years here on Earth, but how I can’t exactly conjure most of it. So that means that when I have problems, I just need to trust my subconcsious to unravel it for me-because all the stuff I know is there, ready to problem solve. I’ve always felt that if I wanted to change, to become a certain way or gain certain attributes, then that’s really all I need to do, is want it. It’ll usually come around eventually….or it won’t, oh well.
    I don’t have any planets in my 12th in Sag, but I have Sun and Mercury in the 8th and Moon in the 4th.

  25. 12th house Moon here thanks you Elsa. Chiron in the 8th house…Working on what that means for me. This puts some color to some advice I received from you a long time ago.

  26. Oh damn, I got Chiron bleeding all over my 12th house *pout*

    But I get what you mean, it’s hard for me to reach transcendence. Preceded by a long grieving process, but the liberating feeling afterwards is very much worth it.

  27. i have a full 12th – sun, mars, mercury, venus, and my moon is in the 8th. and i just realized that i really am able to let go of my ego, my opinions, things i like, but having an enormously hard time with letting go of my emotions and attachments towards family, home town and friends – anything moonish. ha! cool :), thanks elsa!

  28. I was just getting ready to send a PM to Elsa asking: “What the heck did you say? Go to what?”

    Then I read the 1st message here and it clicked. Sometimes…. I swear I need another person watching / listening , so I can say “Did you understand what she just said?”

    Or maybe plug my computer’s sound out into a really big amplifier. ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. I started this now so I will finish it but I am thinking at this point, I just didn’t know how to convey my thoughts very well. It’s either that or what I am saying is too remote, and not accessible to people.
      I have been told I write in code or whatever and I guess this is what happened here. It’s embarrassing now, but I will post the other videos.

  29. Elsa,

    I didn’t hear the word: “Twelve” clearly. I know many years around heavy construction equipment (and military rifle ranges) had distorted some of my hearing. That was what I was referring to.

    Then again…. I don’t always hear what someone next to me is saying. Sometimes…. I have to hear the same thing over a few times before it makes sense.

    1. Well, I muddy the water tomorrow, Glenn. Three videos and half the people who watch them don’t understand what I am saying – that’s my problem, not theirs.

  30. Jilly, someone said something to me unrelated to this, several days ago. Two people, actually.

    I now see this series of videos as an example of what they were talking to me about and as a result, I feel embarrassed.

    But I will load the other parts, since I started this.

    I pulled this up randomly this morning because I was too busy to write. Clearly, it was so I could put these two things together and better understand what these people were telling me, about my thought process.

    Er…Saturn has not left my 9th house yet. I still have work and refining to do. But thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Mercury into Taurus. . . .

    Yep I get your communication style Elsa, you don’t talk in “code”, I’d say you live, breathe, sleep astrology and it oozes out of your skin pores.

    I mean that in a great way. It’s your commanding integration with astrological terms/phrases which is just so powerful.

    12H (Aries). I’ll transcend my I AM.

    Thank you heaps.

  32. Sag 12th, so i’ll transcend teaching, philosophy, AIMING.. and start doing?? hmm 8th house Leo is ready for action!

    1. Avatar
      Warped by Wuthering Heights

      I have the same — 12th cusp is Sag, 8th Cusp is Leo. Easiest to transcend when I can shine, a la “What would Auntie Mame do?”
      My Cap Mars is in 12th — I used to call it weak and self-sabotaging, but perhaps it’s actually my life raft, the goat who scrambles to find his footing and rise above…
      This is all really helpful, the 12 houses of steps in healing, the 8th of one’s psychology, the 12th to transcend — Thank you always, Elsa!

  33. Exactly. Gemini here. So, Iโ€™ve been thinking about it, thinking about it, talking about it, writing about it. But when I go to the 12th house then there’s chart ruler Mercury in Gemini…..

    The 12th house itself is in Taurus. Should I give possesions away as a way to pay off love-sickness?
    Give up being persistant?

  34. very true! Great video! ๐Ÿ˜€
    i’m at this point with my parents, my mother is very religious, but i worry about both of them alot. her comfort is always on God, and i forget when they pour their worries/problems on me, I tend to carry the weight, and i have to remember to let/allow God, he’ll take care of everything.

  35. I have Sun, Mercury and Pluto in house 12. And anything in my horoscope is related on this house. All of the lines indicate go there. House 8 is important in my chart to.
    Even as house 4 and 11. I have the experiece that what Elsa say in this video is the truth.
    Not easy but … the truth.
    It seems you can be lost there.
    But you also can find peace and happynes there.
    And: it helps when you don’t smoke, don’t use alcohol, don’t use drugs.
    I am sure no Saint!!! But this I know, life learnd that.

  36. Thank you for this Elsa! I’m suddenly very thankful for my 12th house Jupiter. You asked what to implore when Saturn goes rx –well, it *has* to be this. My belief system is all based on outdated notions and emotions that no longer serve my life and it’s been wreaking havoc in my health (Pluto transit 6th)

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