July 2007

Plutonian copyright

Pluto Transit To The Moon – Mine: Your House Exposed To The World – How Would You Like It?

I’ve been mulling the idea of Frontline profiling my family (Moon)… camera crews in my home (Moon) etc. It’s inordinately disturbing (Pluto) although I’ve every intention of following through… I’m on the phone with a pal here: “Well I don’t like it that’s for sure. See, I don’t live in the kind of house people

Aquarius Man Carries Torch For Aries Woman

Elsa, I’m an Aquarian man who is hopelessly in love with his ex-girlfriend, an Aries. We broke up over two years ago and we are both seeing other people… but I still love her dearly. I’m not one for divination or tarot cards or astrology, but recently I have started reading into the zodiac and

Leo Square Scorpio – An Endless Dilemma

My daughter and I will meet with producer of this show (Frontline) today and I feel very sorry for her because I can see she is deeply ambivalent around what to do. We both sense we can get on this show if we want. It is a matter of sussing out what they want and

Astrology and Jealousy: Let’s Take A Closer Look

The comments on the jealousy post were interesting. I had little awareness that jealousy took so many forms. For example, I have never in my life been jealous of another person’s accomplishments or of their hair, their body or their husband. And so many people mentioned jealousy in this context I actually started to wonder

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