August 2008

Can A Person Be Born To The Wrong Parents?

SaDiablo asked on the Single Mother blog: “Elsa, you said in your response, “…I assure you that your daughter has the right mother, not the wrong one.” Does this mean that you believe sometimes a child *does have the wrong mother? Just curious, as I’ve kicked this question around myself a few times. I’d like […]

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Defending Leo… Others Who Attract Attention To Themselves (and who doesn’t one way or the other?)

Togi remarks on Teenager Shoes: “My Aries step dad wears bowties and bells on his sneakers so they jingle when he walks. So embarassing. What is that all about? Notice me, notice me!” Togi, yeah it’s “notice me” but I have a different slant on this. Leo is here to entertain.  Even if you do

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