January 2014


Things that make you insanely pissed off

“Is this the hill you want to die on?” “Choose your battles.” Those phrases are commonly used these days.  They have value but I want to take a deeper look. The things that irk my husband and cause him to react are rarely things that irk me.  Many things that infuriate me don’t bother him […]


Breaking Bad Habits

A young client asked me how to overcome a problem he has. I told him he might mature out of it. “When you evaluate what you get out of the highs and lows, against the price you pay to have them, after awhile, with maturity, you start to realize you don’t want to be doing

Stellium in Capricorn

The Sun, Venus, Mercury and Pluto are in Capricorn right now, pretty tightly conjunct (11-25 degrees).  Wherever the stellium falls in your chart, it’s safe (Capricorn) to say you have business there…or some kind of responsibility. The planets fall in my 12th house. I am running my business by intuition at the moment. I also

Saturn girl

What do you defend?

Yesterday someone told me about how their children defended their filthy rooms. If you have a teenager, you probably know what she means. The kid sits in the middle of all their crap and says, “But I like it like it this.”  Or they tell you that it’s their room. Anything to avoid having to

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