June 2015

Vintage card

Punishing Good Deeds!

They were hooking up the fiber at my new house today. Imagine my surprise when my husband called to tell me that a detective from Aurora, called him looking for me. “What for?” “It’s about the Woman’s Club? You were the last President.” “And?” “Some hijinks with some money.” “What?!?”

pluto in a quadriga

A Corpse With Bad Makeup

My Lupus is flared at this time. I’m not sure if there is a reason (sun, stress…) or I’m just so pressured, there would be no way for it to not flare up. I am not too worried about. I simply have to get through the next week or so. Once I do, I can take


More Crazy Grace (Jupiter Uranus)

Really, I can barely believe this has happened. Once upon a time there was this couple, they lived in Texas.  They came across this insane deal on this beautiful, ultra-high end bedroom set. They could not believe their luck. They could not believe the price they paid for this furniture…this was back in the late

Unexpected Expansion! Jupiter Trine Uranus!

We took possession of our house today – this was unexpected. The seller called and said they were out. It was all ours! Within minutes I was loading the new pickup to drive out there. I called my friend, Yoko, to meet she. She showed up with two of her daughters.

Is Your Primary Relationship With Your Cell Phone?

I was reading about “pet bots“. No wonder people are depressed. We’re human. We have human hearts. We have human needs. Is your primary relationship with your cellphone or some other device? A Tablet? A Playstation? A TV? Seriously, I’m asking this. Are you primarily focused on something that does not have a beating heart?

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