June 2015

Vintage card

Really Thinking About Things (Spiral Down Into The Abyss)

Moving beyond all the bitching about how a person can’t say this or that or the other thing without risking an insane backlash, I realise these days I really have to think about things.  I talked off the cuff for many years. I enjoyed it immensely. I did not enjoy this spiral down into the […]

Personality vs Character

My husband made a distinction between personality and character today. It was interesting. He doesn’t care about personality. He’s strictly interested in a person’s character. One is superficial, the other is not.

Pessimists vs Optimists 

Tonya wrote on Venus Inconjunct Pluto – Projection: “The bottom line is that not everyone is an optimist. There are those of us that are pessimists or what I call realists. The crap seems to keep coming and no matter what one tries to do to stop it, it keeps coming. Troubles are multiplying for

Jupiter god 1

Our Personalities Leak Out In The Small Town(s)

I’m adjusting to small town living and number of levels. There’s been so much going on, this is not a focus for me.  But sometimes it hits. For example, the other day the husband was standing on the highway, wearing black pajama shorts, a t-shirt, white socks and no shoes. He also had a dog

The Good Ol’ Days?

I promised to tell the story of this little house.  Seems a good time to do it, with the Moon (home) opposing Saturn (humble). That little house used to sit on the land that our house sits on now. It belonged to the family that sold this land to the father of the man we

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