April 2016

Is There Hope For A Person, Unlucky In Love?

Dear Elsa, I’ve lived a very humble life for the most part. I had my son as a teen, and I worked while going to school to get college educated…the result is I’ve worked myself into a position that is quite impressive within my company after 28 years. The one thing that still eludes me […]

Holy Progressed Stellium In Libra!

I wrote about progressed charts in my newsletter today.  A gal bought a progressed chart report. I found myself staring at this huge stellium in Libra, pictured.  Can you believe that? In the first house, no less! This just goes to show you what can happen when you’re not paying attention.  Can you imagine how this

Crippled Again

Saturn square Neptune. Saturn will hobble a person. Neptune will obscure the cause. I’m back to not being able to walk again. I’m so pissed. I had this problem last year and figured it out. It was such a shock. I’d get out of the car, and quickly realize, if I didn’t grab onto the car,

Mars city in ruins card

Mars Retrograde – Pent Up Anger

I spoke with a raging client last night; he’s got Mars in Aries. He was super-pissed. His anger was mildly justified, but a peer had fed the fire. By the time he called me, he was contemplating quitting his job, in a furious fit, over something that had not yet taken place and probably never would. Have

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