Mars Retrograde – Pent Up Anger

Mars city in ruins cardI spoke with a raging client last night; he’s got Mars in Aries. He was super-pissed. His anger was mildly justified, but a peer had fed the fire. By the time he called me, he was contemplating quitting his job, in a furious fit, over something that had not yet taken place and probably never would.

Have I made sense? The man planned quite his job in a rage, if and when his company did something to him, which his company would never do. His fury had become spun up, like a fire the rips through a row of building leaving nothing in it’s wake.

I talked him down, I think. I was pissed off myself. I was pissed at this peer who had fed the fire…

“You realize, if you quit your job, which is a great job, by the way…you’ll immediately need another one. And this kid? The kid who’s got you in an outrage? He’s not going to have your problem. He’ll still have a job…”

Cut to this morning, I woke up to a slew of angry comments on the blog. None of them were directed at me, which is almost a miracle. But this is when I realized, this Mars retrograde period is going to be something else.

Right now, Mars (anger) in Sagittarius is squaring Jupiter (enlarge) and Neptune (diffuse). A person can be infuriated at a hologram. Because in the example given, the thing that had the guy pissed off had not even happened.

But Saturn is also in Sagittarius.  Good judgment will go a long way.

If you have someone feeding your anger right now, you might want to avoid them. Rage turned inward (retrograde) wreaks havoc…and often results in depression.

I’m a cool head right now, how about you?

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  1. Thanks for the good words of advice!

    It’s my 1st, 4th, 7th houses. I need to just deal with additional work to help the family and around the house this week. Just get on with it ?

  2. It’s funny, I have mars retrograde in Aires natally, 12th house to boot, and the kind of getting worked up over something that hasn’t happened (and probably won’t) which you describe here is one of my weaknesses. Definitely something that benefits from having someone who can listen and talk you down, if you’re not able to talk yourself down.

  3. “this too shall pass” has saved me from imploding, exploding and just plain destroying relationships. I appreciate the heads up Elsa more than I can say. I know that this coming Thursday is supposed to be especially stressful, it happens to be the day that I spend with my Mother. She is pretty much self absorbed, always has been. Beneath her holier than thou persona I know that there is a soul in pain, so caring for her and helping her out is easier most of the time. I thank the powers that be daily that I have an abundant garden to tend, grandchildren to play with, and my 5k activities to keep me centered. It also helps to be 63 and to have lived through plenty of trauma, and had the good fortune to be led to astrologers and healers and friends who have lightened my load and shared both my sorrows and joys. Lordy I a wordy this morning. I am choosing total acceptance and love beyond measure for myself for the duration.

  4. No, ….I’m silently raging (Pluto conjunct mercury in 8th house square moon saturn conjunction in 12th house aries (internal combustion is what springs to mind) BUT venus is conjunct my moon saturn conjunction today and I think I’ve made it across a very big abyss. The shoving, prodding and pushing of the U-Pl square is beginning to make sense and the road ahead is actually where I haven’t been looking until this week. A beautiful day really – that’s what I call light at the end of the tunnel (the light was of course the raging internal inferno. . . but it’s that light (pain) that has shown me the way out. That’s what plutonic transformation is about.

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    Southern Cross

    Ha! Ha! Ha! This is a revelation! That’s the beauty of being in the field, so to speak, Elsa. You get a chance to observe what’s going on then pass on the information to everyone else. This sort of happened to me; a woman, whom I discovered has Mars in Aries, is really pissed at me! It’s over something diffuse, religious, and possibly imaginary. I’m just laughing. But I have decided to avoid her, for reasons which I won’t elaborate here. I say bring it on; all that energy could be harnessed, like for clearing out rubbish in the garden!

  6. Perfect post for me today. Yesterday I shared an idea with a friend and felt that she didn’t really support me and also said something to discourage me from going in a certain direction. As the day wore on I found myself in a vortex of hate toward her, feeling like ending the friendship. It felt a little over the top. The reasoning wasn’t completely off but the emotional swirl around it felt like it belonged somewhere else. Fortunately I didn’t say anything and this morning I got a phone call from her that she’d had a nightmare that she’d said something to ruin our friendship. By then I realized she was absolutely correct that I didn’t have the time right now to put into the second thing and we talked a bit about how I felt unsupported about the first. I guess the best thing was that it upset her to drive me away so I know she cares! That’s my (first of many?) Mars retro 2016 story.

  7. This is pretty timely! I was sooo irritated with my hubby last night, I chose to sleep in another room instead of beaning him over the head with a hard, common object.

    He hadn’t done anything, really, I was just on edge! And this morning? I am calm again. Riding the waves…..

    Thanks for giving us the overview Elsa!

  8. One thing that works is when I push back when hurt. But this has made me over aggressive to compensate. Because I’m more responsive to hurt by strangers. So I lash out at randos.
    I think as a kid I was dominated and not allowed to express my anger in a healthy way. This was because my parents couldn’t hit or discipline me. I feel it with my new boss who tends to block all exits for me to push back. I’ve learned to not allow him to push me into the ground. He’s curbing my ability to exert a boundary when he speaks.

  9. When I let myself show anger I was gruff and angry all the time. Because my colleagues don’t understand me. We have Mars Saturn synsstry. But I feel it has so far been positive. As an experience. Probably because my coworker and I have other aspects. He forced me to talk to him about politics because he doesn’t discuss personal life. This has been fruitful for me

  10. I read that passive aggression comes from someone overpowering you and not making you feel it is safe to express your anger.
    It goes deeper than that. As a kid I was spoiled and scratched and played dirty.
    If I didn’t curb my innate evil who knows what an immoral type like me could do
    At the same time, when I get angry I mean stop what your doing to me. Stop your behavior. It’s a boundary. Asking decisively helps.

  11. I think I was also angry that my family kept me so close. The family unit felt fragile and depressing I think I had too little moral sense to treat them well so I was afraid I would bolt

  12. Not cool enough me thinks. Lots of pressure. I’m surviving and coping. If it doesn’t kill me it will make me stronger.

    1. Never have been able to reason that phrase, or the phrase that is used by AA – god gives you no more than you can stand or cope with (or something like that). There are plenty of people in sanatoriums/asylums who have taken too much crap of life. It may not kill you, but it could damage you permanently.

      1. I think that phrase is personally for me. I’m a fighter. A survivor. Don’t really know if I have a choice in the matter. It’s always been do or die for me. Captivity is not an option. I’m a wild thing. One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest was just too painful. Like I’ve said before each individual has their own special journey as I am sure each individual in the sani or asy (too lazy to type it) does. I speak only for myself. But thanks for the reminder to keep it that way.

  13. Good post. That explains yesterday for me, which was not my best of days. I used to have a team that worked for me (four guys) two of them liked to get the lead spun up like a top. Just to see how far he would go (head spinning). I told them to cut it out as I needed him on the project. My brother used to be like that as well.

  14. I am with the boundary-ists. Am holding my own ground. Taurus has big shoulders I think: just my observation from the Taurus suns and moons I know. It’s the head games that wear me out. That’s another kind of load. And it is not easy having to be the ‘bigger man’.

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