February 2017

Who Doesn’t Shower & Doesn’t Mind A Dirty House?

Dear Elsa, I’ve been wondering about what astrological aspects can show that a person is ok with dirt. My most recent ex didn’t shower daily, despite having a tough manual job. He also didn’t mind getting his hands dirty with whatever yucky job needed doing. He didn’t mind dirt in the house. I have a strong Virgo […]

Communication Blackout

I haven’t been able to call out for almost a week now.  I reach for my phone and realize it’s pointless. I have no service. I’m not sure what the problem is.  I’m not even able to make a call over wifi.  T-mobile sent me a huge router last week. It was no help. They

Can A Person Learn To Be Less Self-Centered?

I have a client who is aware of his self-centeredness. The tendency is shown in his chart. He grew up with tremendous privilege which probably encouraged his proclivity to put himself first. I think he is trying to overcome this but he may just be trying to learn how to appear that he’s thinking of

red flag

Astrological Red Flags When Dating Men

A reader asks: Regarding the opposite sex: what is the number one astrology aspect or configuration that you stay away from? As in, what, if anything stands out as a ‘signal’ or red flag for you (for you personally), and is this due to personal experiences?

Mom Struggles With Eccentric Aquarius Child

Hey Elsa, My son is having issues with his teacher, and with settling into being in a classroom, in general. He’s settled down tremendously recently, but my question is, will he settle into being in a classroom situation and make friends or is this a long term issue for him? Wondering Mom

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