February 2017

Scorpio moon

Vicious Women And The 80/20 Rule

If you’ve read this blog awhile, you know I think in terms of the 80/20 rule, aka the Pareto Principle which states that thing naturally fall in groups with an 80/20 split.  As an example I’ve written, if you are happy with your partner 80% of the time, this is a very good sign. If you’re

Instinct vs Intuition

My intuition is very strong. I’ll often act on intuition alone. My intuition has led me into some awkward situations. I can’t really say they were good or bad, though I can say they are never terrible. Because I’m being guided by something, or at least I sure think I am.  I can tell you this, I

Feeling Mortified

Recently, I’ve been part of a number of scenarios that left me feeling mortified. Capricorn is most inclined to to having this experience. Public image and all.

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