Mom Struggles With Eccentric Aquarius Child

Hey Elsa,

My son is having issues with his teacher, and with settling into being in a classroom, in general. He’s settled down tremendously recently, but my question is, will he settle into being in a classroom situation and make friends or is this a long term issue for him?

Wondering Mom

Dear Mom,

I’m not surprised you son has trouble settling in a classroom. He’s an intense, eccentric, intelligent, exuberant, unstoppable child. It’s obvious why he’d be struggling at seven years old, but I do not see a problem long term. On the contrary, he’s got great gifts. He’s bound to land on his feet, especially when you least expect it, and all bets are off.

However! You do have a problem in the near term. He’s overwhelming to others.You should try to curtail him, but in a way that is brilliant  and unconventional rather than restrictive because this kid breaks rules in his sleep.

For example, he’s strongly Aquarian. Experimentation appeals to him. So check the difference here:

“Don’t talk in class. You’re not allowed to talk in class,” as opposed to, “You could try (experiment) with not talking in class and see how the teacher reacts…”

He may be able to accept the restriction when it’s his choice. Because he’s also got significant Scorpio. He’s got a lot of power and he probably be interested in flexing this muscle. Basically he’d be changing his behavior to manipulate his teacher. I admit this. But everyone would win, yes? And you can’t stop this kid.

You can’t stop his energy. He wants to feel his power, so you may as well get used to teaching him how to use it, in a way that’s positive. And then when he grows up and realizes how tricky you are, he will love for  “getting him”.

Bottom line, I think he’s going to be fine. But forget about imposing RULES on this kid. He just doesn’t work that way. You’d have a better chance of convincing a bird to walk south, rather than fly and that isn’t going to happen, is it?

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6 thoughts on “Mom Struggles With Eccentric Aquarius Child”

  1. Yes! Ok, I’m only an Aqua sun with Uranus conjunct the ascendant so I’m not a super-Aquarius but you really have to let us have the choice. Or make us think we do. We always have the choice anyway!

    I really like this advice to the Mom!

  2. As an Aqua mom, I agree with this 1000%. Unfortunately school is very restrictive and it may take time before the kid has the opportunity to mold his world to himself. So yes, appeal to his sense of freedom! It’s a better way to frame it.

    Instead of “you need to learn to cook and take care of yourself” it’s “Hey, you don’t want to be stuck eating Hot Pockets all your life, here’s how to make your favorite pasta!”. Different goals.

  3. Or let him home school. My grandson is thriving in the home environment where he gets to choose his schedule and topics(somewhat). I know not everyone can do this but its worth looking into.

  4. I worked in primary & high school as a teachers aide tutor for close to ten years and I’ve seen mercury in aquarius or aquarian signature kids get misunderstood even as unintelligent which is untrue. They always have a unique type of intelligence, they just need a lot of room to move, maybe an alternative school. Also is the room too stuffy, eg air con or no open windows, the energy needs to be open and able to channel that electric type of intelligence.

  5. In England, the Pluto in Capricorn regime has brought a big focus on being authoritarian and instilling good behaviour in some schools. Kids being put in “solitary learning” for coming to school with the wrong grade of haircut, wrong colour shoes or not bringing a calculator to maths class. In some ways it’s good to have standards but you get the feeling that the headteachers – who are mostly of the Pluto in Virgo generation – are just flexing their muscles and missing the bigger picture.

    Anyway I think that consequently creates even more potential for strongly Aquarian children to rebel in some way especially those with Pluto in Sag.

    If they’re anything like my younger self, they’ll read the school rules and then do something outrageously/non-conformist in an area that isn’t covered!!

  6. Linda Goodman gives some advice in her book Sun Signs about Aquarius kids (Google: Linda goodman Aquarius child). One recommendation is to encourage the kid to do a sport on a regular basis. Of course this sign loves to rebel, so it might be worth also (if you haven’t already) Google how to deal with rebellious kids from a child psychology point of view.

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