September 2019

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Love, Parents And The Saturn Return

I responded to a thread in the forum, regarding men and their relationships to their mothers: “I wouldn’t go near a man who dogged his mother. Even if she is a first rate nut job, he still better show some deference and respect otherwise – out the door! That said, a man enmeshed with his

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Mercury In Libra Square Pluto In Capricorn: Manipulative Speech

Mercury will square Pluto today at 20 degrees Capricorn. This is stressing Mercury-ruled Gemini and Virgo. These signs are already tweaked by Neptune in Pisces.  That aside, it’s interesting to observe the mental processes and various communications that are occurring at this time. Mercury in Libra enjoys polite discourse. The mind weighs things. It often struggles

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Venus In Aspect To Pluto – Scary Or Misunderstood?

Dark Venus asks: “Are Venus-Pluto aspects really such a ‘scary’ thing to have natally? Or are we just a misunderstood bunch?” Good question!  I’d say, you’re scary to some and compelling to others.  It depends on how comfortable a person is being uncomfortable because you’re guaranteed to consistently put “the other” in their un-comfort zone


I’m Sick Of Feeling Stuck And Unhappy In My Life!

The feeling you get when you break through some kind of block or barrier in your life in incomparable. Uranus transiting a Fixed sign is going to help people break our of ruts over the next six years. I wrote this for a client: “You’ve got to move beyond stating what the problems are and start

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